Like Really talk about getting it in context a Collage should know better

Like Really talk about getting it in context a Collage should know better

Anyway seen great artiacal on TB but i wont talk about resurgances of PUBLIC LICE as is all to much but both was eradacted in uk.

But like lots of things is making a come back in UK .. and thats one thing you wont read in uk holaday brouchers but is one thing your sure to take back home with you as UK LONDON is EU Capitail

Anyway here is artical .. also see if you can see what a mean about context as i thought description links was TAD raciest inept.

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I thought TB was spread by people with it spitting phlegm on to the streets...maybe I was wrong but I do know it scars your lungs and its bad news that its returned with a vengeance. ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜• huffxxx

yeah it is and a lot more

When people with TB in their lungs or throat cough, laugh, sneeze, sing, or even talk, the germs that cause TB may be spread into the air. If another person breathes in these germs there is a chance that they will become infected with tuberculosis. Repeated contact is usually required for infection.

This is a link to gov report on tb

Great link Mandy!

I spoke to a ex policeman that got TB from a raid and had to leave though the effect it had to his general health and is still affected by it still.

Something we really need to be aware of Daz especially with the incurable strains beginning to grow too.

Sara xx

Sarcoidosis was often mis-diagnosed years ago as being TB but it is on a parallel with it. Not nice to have back in the UK. Thanks for the post Daz. xx

I knew about the return of TB, we all know why. What caught my eye was the public (sic) lice. Not sure if you mean the return of body lice or the epidemic of nits in schools.

There aren't any nit nurses these days. But I doubt if their periodic visits would make much difference. Kids get reinfected daily.

Interesting article thank you - nb. the link is not I believe racist in the way we would now see it and seems to come from the description given to tb in the 18th Century although not sure exactly why it was called that - possibly because Europeans spread it across the globe ???? but just a tentative thought- anyway hope you ok xx

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