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Oxygen Part Two

Hi there,well my oxygen arrived yesterday three great big tanks that would,nt look out of place

on a scuba diver,how they can say they are portable I don,t know,left me a backpack thing to put it in,

I,m 5 foot and 7 stone soaking wet no way can I carry it,it,s too big for the doggy stroller,surely there

must be smaller versions,i only need it for going out about two hours tops.

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They are portable in that they don't need mains electric. Yes there are different sizes. Most common is Freedom 400 but there is the Freedom 200 which are easier for some folk. Ring your supplier and explain your problem.

There are also trolleys that you can pull along with the cylinder on if that is more suitable.

Regards Rib


Ask to have paediatric cylinders which are much lighter, fitted with a conserver, a bit of kit which makes the oxygen flow breath activated so you don't waste oxygen with continuous flow, e.g. when you're breathing out.

Tell your medics, nurse whatever, that you need to be able to carry the cylinder on your back and that since you are an active person, you need to be able to maintain as much activity as possible in order to maximise your health and fitness.

Reply waiting for that to arrive ,oh no far too big ,I need it more to go out ,I can mannage at home ,I bet they won't listen to me ,oh I'm dreading it. Oh well I suppose I don't have to use it ,go by car and not get out ? I sympathise with you.


Hi Malie, I hope you can get lighter ones to maneuver around because its the best medicine you can get, you'll feel so much better for it and you will become accustomed to it in no time I'm sure.My Grandson Ronnie who's 8 said "mmm gran, so you find it hard to walk without it, then they give you heavy bottles to carry to make it easier?" 😊 huff xxx



You have to speak to respitory nurse, or the person who completed you first order.

They will have to change the prescription to your requirements, ask for a trolley plus the bag.

The bag fits inside the trolley then the cylinder.

If you find the large cylinder to much.

Ask the nurse to change to the smaller ones.

Remember you will get more use out of the larger cylinders, more so with a conserver, which means less ordering.

It took me a few goes before i got it right.


Chat to the respiratory nurse who put the order in for you there are some that are a bit smaller but please remember we are not on the oxygen to help us breath its to keep our main organs healthy if we dont use it we will cause damage to them x x


I hope you get it sorted out soon!


I'm with BOC. They supply me with a 300 small cylinder, just right for your needs. I'm using my phone at the moment so I can't give a link but if you Google " BOC za cylinder " it should show you a PDF file you can download.

ZA is the small cylinder and I think you have the CD cylinder which is the next size up.


I use liquid oxygen and its so portable,I carry it like a shoulder bag gets me round town and back, I am very pleased with it.

Hope you get some satisfaction soon. Xx


Hi malie..if I recall from earlier notes, you are an American as am I. I need O2 24/7 and am very small person. 100 lbs, 5' 1". I carry a "c" size tank which is enclosed in a black bag that you can hang on your shoulder. It lasts about 2 hrs. on constant flow set a 2.5 LPM. I have my friends carry extra bottles for me when we go somewhere. It is annoying but I hate dragging the cart. I made a special cover for the cart out of plastic and put sticky flowers on it. I did get lots of looks and laughs...good laughs. You can make it a new fun excursion in your life by trying to figure out how to handle it. As for the long tubing we use in the home with the concentrator, I gave mine a name. "Dick" .....Have lots of fun with his name especially when someone steps on the tubing! Call your 02 supplier ...they will help. Good luck.....


Thanks for all the comments I will phone the nurse tomorrow and see if I can get any help,Huffer Puffer love what your grandson said,what a bright boy,Mooskie sorry to disappoint you but I,m not American .love to all xxxxx


it depends on the doctors prescription, He or she should have faxed over the correct prescription to get portables with a conserver and a bag for them, there is a small trolley but I had to pay £45 for mine. speak to your doctor


I cannot understand why you guys have large cylinders for oxygen, I have a large one but I only need to use it when we have a power blackout. I use a oxygen consentrator that runs by electricity 24/7, and when I am out I use a small portable consentrator that runs by batteries I have four batteries and each battery lasts three hours, I can also plug this charge into the car and if at a restaurant club etc I just plug into a power point a great machine easy to use and handle.




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