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Our Little Dog...Eilis remember her...the small fat dog I bought for five punt years ago at a horse fair. She was tied to a decrepit old donkeys leg with a bit of blue baler tiny she fitted in the palm of my hand. I'd have bought the donkey, but to be honest it looked as though it was seriously on its last legs...

So Eilis came home and settled in and grew up to be a demanding and exceedingly shouty small dog...

We had her spayed after she gave birth to one enormously fat puppy...heaven only knows who her boyfriend was or when this gross baby was conceived because all of our dogs have been spayed and neutered the minute they're old enough...she didn't like her baby much actually and only fed him because I practically sat on her with the puppy held to her nipple...

But long before Eilis came to be an unmarried mother, she chased a flock of sheep straight up the mountain of Knock Na Shee...the mountain of the Faerie. I was at the bottom shouting at her to stop now this instant, while she was oblivious and kept on running...then there was one sheep left. The ram.

He stood his ground and lowered his head and made a run at her...she fled.

Straight back down the mountainy arrive at the bottom out of breath, with her eyes starting out of her head, her tongue lolling...she collapsed at my feet.

We learned the hard way that we can't take Eilis out in the car...she eats the wiring and the seat belts and renders the car virtually back lights and no passenger side seat belt...not to mention the snot covered windows and the hysterics she has if she happens to see a dog out for a walk.

Her nails grow at an alarming rate and our floors are that pretend wood so you hear her all the time clicking and clacking as she goes between kitchen and sitting room...she throws the most appalling tantrum when I trim her longest nails...wailing and crying and we took her to the vets to have them done and she sat quietly and didn't need a muzzle and lifted her feet up in a dainty manner and I could have cheerfully throttled her...she licked the vets hand and gave her a smarmy sort of look...

Eilis loves coffee...there was a time when she was younger than she is now when you couldn't leave your mug on the table with coffee dregs in it...she'd be up there the minute your back was turned slurping up the bit in the bottom...

She's lovely and warm though, on a cold winters night when she sleeps beside me snoring and twitching with dreams only she can see...

Now her muzzle is more white than black and she's quite stout and can't jump up on the table anymore...she sheds vast amounts of hair and loves to snuggle with Himself in the evening...wriggling about on his lap until she's comfy...her nose in his armpit.

Bit odd to recall that tiny scrap who shook and shivered in my hands all those years ago.

You might not know...Eilis is pro. Eye leash.

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I love your little Eilis she is so sweet. I miss my dog Rex, wish he was still with me. When the big fellas away at work it's so quiet here. We were thinking of getting an Irish terrier, do you know if they are any good at catching rats? I still have my lonesome dove squatting in the wrecked caravan and I think he's been sharing his corn with a giant rat. 😕 huff xxx🐭🐭🐭🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐕

I think if it's a terrier it'll catch rats...mind you Eilis is hopeless...I've seen mice run straight past her

A pair of Jack Russell Terriers will catch rats. I wouldn't let one do it alone. You would need to make sure they are vaccinated against rat diseases.

I would also recommend you have either two males or a male and female (neutered) Two females can turn on each other and will fight to the death.

I had to rehome one of my Jacks many years ago because they were intent on killing each other. After that, I found out it isn't uncommon.

So our George has remained an only dog. He would love to catch rats given the chance.

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Yorkshire terriers are brilliant ratters Huff, they were used in the cotton mills to keep them rat free.

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Hi Vashti

I love it when you share your stories of Eilis. Shes such a head strong gal.You gotta love her. Right?. Is she your only pet? Like to see some photos sometime

When you get a chance. Hope your weekend is good Vashti.

Rubyxx 😊 😊

The photos I have are too big for here...I'll have to take some more of her...we have two other dogs...two cats...two donkeys and a rabbit!

I asked my husband how you could resize your photos, he says it is easy to do it in MS Paint, MS Works or Word. They usually come with your computer.

He says you grab the corner of the photo and drag it. Another way is to upload your photos to Facebook. Then download them. They will be smaller then.

Morning Vashti, What a bargain little Ellis was, 5 Punt,not sure what that is in today's money, She obviously is a character and gives you both lots of love. A bit cheeky to get pregnant and then not want your baby, Have a good Sunday, regards, Bulpit

I'm not sure what that would be worth now...we've had the euro for ages...

What a character! Reminds me of the many times our own dogs became very "deaf" 😄😄

Jan x

Ah yes...the selective deafness...mind you Himself also suffers from

Love your stories keep them coming x

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Thank you Rose xxx

Lovely story Vashti...Ellis sounds as though she's great company :-) x

And she never fails to amuse

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Bless her,and bless you for saving her,you have once again given a great description of a very much loved dog, know what you mean about the nail clipping,we have two just the same,but Lady who is very cuddly and loves lap to lie on,has to have a muzzle at the vets she hates her feet and her mouth looked at,she becomes a real terrorist.

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Mmmm...funny how they behave quite differently when they need to go to the vets...

Hello Vashti,

Do you secretly tailor your posts to acheive the most unusual links by any chance? If so then that was definitely the prize winner! Just take a look at the weird and wonderful links listed at the bottom of your post!!!!

For heavens sakes...I hadn't realised!!

What a lovely sounding dog she is and so full of character. She seems to have a very naughty streak though but you would forgive her anything and probably have. Animals can and do make our lives complete, along with family too of course but then they are family I think. xxxxx

She can be a perfect pain but we still love her!

What a fabulous story. You should get published!!! I was right there with that pup!

My Jack Russell George, absolutely hates having his claws cut. He was co-operative when the nurse trimmed his claws, looking at her all big eyes and innocence.

Last two visits it has taken thee people. Two to hold him while another trims his nails.

He is due to go again soon.

He hates being brushed too. he is so strong. He is 8;5 kg (around 17 pounds) As his coat grows so thick because his grandmother was a Westie, we needed to find a way to thin it a bit. (Daren't go to a groomer) The answer was a gadget called a Furminator you can get cat sized through to large ones.

We can use that on him without too much of a battle. What it does is remove the undercoat and stop shedding. Very useful for people with chest problems. Some dogs really love being furminated. I have recommended to people who are thrilled with the

results. You can get a carrier bag full in one sitting from a big dog.

Love to you and yours xxx

Update: George was a good boy at the vet, it only took two nurses. He growled once, then resigned himself to having his manicure and pedicure.

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