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I claimed and was awarded PIP (higher mobility but no care) last year, for COPD, however I have since been diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, which makes doing some things more difficult than when my claim went through. Do I now notify DWP of the changes, or do I have to wait until I renew the claim in 2018?

I was only 2 points off getting the standard care component before.

Any advice please.

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hi if your health gets worse you don't have to wait until the date they say you will get re assessed. you can call them and ask to be re assessed.


Tam is right, notify DWP now of any changes. xx


You have to have had the condition for three months and likely to last more than nine months.

Seak advice a claim may go down as well as up?

They don't make it easy.

Thanks. Hospital consultant says it is mild osteoarthritis in hands and wrists Marcello be reviewing again in a few months to see whether treatment is necessary, or just painkillers.

hi can i ask wot stage you are at with your copd

Not sure but after 23 chest infections in last 26 months the consultant has put me on nebulizer antibiotics twice daily for foreseeable future. Also have nebulizer Ventolin and other drugs.

i have severe copd had it for 3yrs my consultant put me on antiboitics one mon one wed one fri they are called azithromycin they are good

I have been on those previously, but no good for me. Tested positive for pseudonomas bug so had to be given nebulised Colomysin as this is supposed to be more effective.

Inform them of any long lasting deterioration and they 'Should' reassess your case - good luck Plumbob

Hi Mgharris01, you are supposed to notify DWP of health changes however this often results in changes to your existing grant rather than just reassessing the changes. So you could end up being put through the whole process again. I have arthritic hands but only get low rate DLA but would be entitled to higher rate of pip but don't want to risk having to go through all the hassle I had getting DLA and possibly loosing my mobility component too . Get help before proceeding from someone who is conversant with disability rights & benefits. I retain my DLA because I am an OAP. Good luck for the future.

I can only answer my case when I went for ESA (PIP to COME) I was told that they would not look at new conditions after the claim until the claim was found? Which is an ass they state that you have to inform them of any changes as soon as possible?

I wish you the best of luck I would send them a letter saying your condition has become worse and you understand you have to contact DWP of any changes. Don't be surprised if they find you fit for work a women in ICU was found fit for work by Atos

Hi my dad suffered with chronic broncitis and Copd.I was wondering why you get no PIP care? It all depends on how your illness affects you with PIP. If you get very breathless its going to affect things like getting in and out of bath/shower and washing yourself also dressing yourself, preparing meals, etc tiredness and breathlessness can be caused with the effort of doing activities of living. It all depends on how it affects these activities and any aids you use. I would see a welfare rights advisor about your conditions including the arthritis as well. My dad was getting the enhanced rates for care and mobility with just COPD alone so I would get a welfare rights person to go through the points you may get for care with you first and apply if you think you may get the care side. Only thing is that you are taking a chance but depending on how severe it affects you, you could be successful

Can any one help I have just been removed from pip after 7 years even though my condition is worse now no matter wat I say they seem to think I'm okay and can get the bus to work even if it is 15 miles away ??? Xx

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