Fed up and miserable

Laying on sofa with yet another infection, can't make it upstairs. I am 63 with stage 4 and FEV 20. Been finding it really difficult to do the most menial of tasks for a while now. Anyone go to sleep thinking it'l be better in the morning? Denial i suppose, it's no good looking back at what we once had. Feeling useless does'nt come close. I would love to hear any tips anyone might have to make life a liittle easier.

With love Sheila

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  • Oh Sheila its always harder when we have an infection...Has anyone looked into getting a stair lift fitted, i have one and it makes a huge difference

    Are you getting any support at home it sounds like you could do with a helping hand x x

  • Hi Mandy, thanks for prompt reply, think a stair lift is going to be next on the agenda. Xx

  • You may be entitled to having one fitted free and having a split level shower ..i dont know about you but bathing was a nightmare for me and having the shower made such a difference.

    I dont know your situation honey but when your better get in touch with your team and get an occupational therapist to call out and assess you....there is a lot they can do to make life just a little better...but until then get plenty of rest drink lots of fluids eat little and often and make sure your taking all your steroids and inhalers and medication to get you back on your feet. x

  • Hi Mandy, sorry to burden you with my woes when i know you've got a lot on your plate. I will certainly take your advice! So thank you so much. Xx

  • You are certainly not burdening me !!!!

    ...thats what we are all here for to support each other so dont ever think that x x x x x x

  • hello , regarding getting a stair lift in, so much depends on your own circumstances, we live on the out skirts of london, when we enquired as to getting some help with a grant etc, we where told by our local council that there was a waiting list for such help / grants /, which would need a visit from the council to assess our needs, we own our own home, the process was likely to take about a year !!, so making life very differcult, so we decided to get one in ourselfs, so we looked at various companys etc, and had " acorn stairlifts ' come out to us, well it was just like having a double glazing man in your house, the moment my husband opened the front door the salesman said to him " thats a narrow staircase" we'll have to get one imported costing £7.000, all this without even doing any measurments ! my husband said to him if thats what it is he can get back in his car & go, so he duly did some measurements and came up with an install cost of £5,400, we pointed out to him that as i was registered disabled i am entitled not to pay the v.a.t on such items, he duly produced a book of forms for us to fill in ( it would save us £800 ) but had we not raised this point with him would he have offered it ? i doubt it as no doubt he's on commission etc, anyway this was after 3 hours of sales patter, we where both getting stressed with the hole thing him ringing head office to supposedly get a better deal etc,etc being honest we could.t face going through all this with other companys visiting & so signed up to getting theirs installed, we payed 50 % up front & to be fair it was installed within a week by one of their installers , took about two hours & thay all went fine, we asked the sales man about waranties etc, but all he said was that that part would be discussed with us by the installer, we were tired by now & just wanted to get it in asap & sorted, after in installer showed us how it all worked etc, and to be fair that went ok, then came the bombshell, the stairlift only came with a one year garantee , they did offer an " bronze/silver/gold " setup extended warranty, the "gold " one lasts for four years, with unlimted callouts & spares - etc.etc but costs £1600 , we decided to go with that one as we didnt want the hassle , so here we are two years on & a-ok , but as in all things its buyer beware, the whole advertizing is " fronted " by that dr hilary of itv telly doctor, all very slick etc, but just glad to have it in.

  • Nothing is easy these days is it? But thank you for the pointers, as soon as i can get my back side in gear i will check them out. Thanks again. Sheila

  • Hi Sheilab51

    I have recently purchased a stair lift and that has helped me to regain some indipenance in the house again. It allows me to save my energy for doing the nice things like playing with my grandchildren and going out. If you have to fund this yourself please do some research before inviting a salesman to your home. We checked which and looked on line for customer reviews. Acorn has bad reviews on sales and after care. We did call them for a brochure in December and they called every day after that to arrange a visit even though we told them we were still not decided on having one. In the end we wrote them off and told them not to call anymore. We then decided to go with Stannah via our local disability store. the salesman was very nice explained everything and measured up within half an hour. He gave us a detailed quote for £2800 for a straight stair. this included a 2 year warrenty and 2 services. He then left telling us to think about it and the quote stood for 3 months. We ordered the lift the next day and it was in the next week. Service was excellent and I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I have the run of the house again.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Crystal, thank you so much for your reply. Yes it certainly makes sense to conserve our energy for doing nice things! I will give Stannah a call. Thanks again. Sheila

  • Well lovely my husband is just going though the Same - be kind to yourself, you will get better just slowly! The tablets also affect my husbands mental health. I resorted to getting him some metatone makes me feel as if I am doing something!

    Have you talked to your doctor? If you are not feeling much better by Monday call them back out, you may need different antibiotics. My husband has just done a sputum sample. And a doctor has just told me that there are some nasty bugs around at the moment. When you start to feel stronger it might help to ring the BLF helpline to ask their advise. Take good care, lots of love and hugs TAD xxx

  • Hi Tad, Metatone? Its a new one on me, but anything that may help greatly appreciated! Had sputum test done last week, and yes another nasty bug growing, conflicting advice between G.P. and resp. nurse, I am allergic to penicillin so that does'nt help. Got to send another sputum sample in on tues, and resp. nurse will ring me tomorrow.Thank you so much for your reply, hoping your hubby's soon on the mend. Love Sheila XX

  • Hi Sheila

    Hope things are looking better for you in the morning.Let us know how your doing.

    Feel Better

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Thanks Ruby Xx

  • Sending you a huge warm hug Sheila :-) xxx

  • Awe thanks Jolyn Xx

  • I rent a stairlift from a company called Stairlift Solutions £350 a year and no repair or servicing bills. I live in northeast England

  • That's a good idea, i will certainly look into it.Many thanks. Sheila

  • Hi Pat and Graham, i will look at posts in depth later on today, I do remember you posting, and thought how interesting. Many thanks. Sheila.

  • Hiya Just to let you know that we got a reconditioned stair lift from Cheshire Stair lifts and the price starts from£399 for a straight stair lift and £140 per year for service and warranty. tel 0151 493 9205 and mine which I have had for three years is still as good as new.

  • Sounds much more reasonable, i will give them a call. Thanks for that. Xx

  • Hello Sheila. I would have said this earlier but I'm just about over my recent infection. Me and my other half would like to know if you would like to meet for a tea and cakes. We thought maybe we could cheer you up a bit ! We don't mind driving down to your neck of the woods. If you can read Private Messages I'll send you my number. :)

  • Oh cough it would be lovely to see you, and meet your other half! Let me know when is good for you, then we can sort something out. Hope you are feeling much better now.Xx

  • I've sent you a message with my mobile number. Give me a call when you're up to it. :)

  • Thanks for that Puff, i will call you later.Maybe you can give me a few computer tips when you come over! Have a great day. Xx

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