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Pneumonia Recovery

I was discharged from hospital 4 weeks ago and all was going ok. I went back to work 2 weeks ago.

I went for a long walk on tuesday and the next day noticed pain on my left side.

This has persisted and am taking ibuprofen. My gp sounded my chest with the stethoscope and said i was clear.

I find a sudden movement leaves me breathless for a minute or so...and yesterday i got into a real panic.

Is this pain, breathlessness normal?

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My nurse told me any change in your usual symptoms needs to be looked at honey so i would get back to gp x

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I agree. I too think you went back to work too early as it takes the body quite a long time to recover from a serious illness like pneumonia and I don't think just 4 weeks off is enough. x


Hi Toulon

I agree with the others. Too much too soon. You need to take it slow and easy.

Do you have copd also?

Rubyxx 😊 😊


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