Breathing Exercises: Simply PUT playing with your BALLs

Breathing Exercises: Simply PUT playing with your BALLs

Like really did you honastly think i meant that GAWD NO ;))

Its not only MEN that can play with the balls NOW.

We are talking about LUNG EXERSISE BALLs not that my doc's GP or even BLF have ever told me about em.

Cant be a touchy subject as we are talking about Breathing Exercises: Using a Manual Incentive Spirometer

But yer i first seen them in A+E and just remmberd BY all accounts are very good

As with anything i would surgest you talk things over with your doctor if your going to get such a device.

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  • I got such a device from an optimistic and not very clued-in nurse. I couldn't move any of them. Back to blowing bubbles with my straw and glass of water :)

  • Hi Argana i blow bubbles sat in doctors ;) dont need straw out BUT yer my lung doc keeps trying to refer me to pulmary rehab BUT i told him to stick it LONG STORY.

    The tell me nothing really well apart from i have bad breathing habit

    All give anything ago really looked quite easy IF i cant use it all be shocked

  • Believe me it's not easy. You try it and let us know how you get on :)

  • Cant be that hard really can it

    Ya scaring me now i might not want to know now :o

  • It's a question of level Denis. Even with the bottle and water and a catheter (straw or thicker); if you fill the water up to the brim, yo won't be able to move anything. A question of level. Mic

  • Hi Helingmic cheers ad never thought of stuff like that defo something I shall think about cheers

  • Can you get it prescribed by GP, consulant or pulmonary nurse?

    I've got a flute and that'a not easy either!

  • Hi Helingmic Av never really asked em for out have nebuliser and my antibiotics and use to do weights but last infection put pay to that.

    Good idea straw and water might do that if it's to hard don't want to pop a bullea ;)

  • I got once a catheter, but a piece of tube ( not hosepipe thickness, that's too wide!), fill any kind of bottle awith a bit of water, not to the top, and blow - indeed you don't want to burst a bulla! this is already a strong exercises. I tried, but stop doing it because it made me so short of breath after that I didn't want to bust myself!

    You can also blow on a candle, or a piece of paper - when you can direct the air to the top, the middle and below (That's one exercise for the flute). Have a go! Mic

  • You should try. Maybe you'll discover your lungs are better then you thought they were.

  • Cheers yer all giv it a waz see how a do

    Do hope my lungs are not that cooked guess like most on here do.

    Spend our days saying its fine and its like acceptace relisation.

  • " I've just bought myself a 3 ball incentive spirometer......... And WOW!! Its hard work.. But good news..i've managed to get One ball to the top of the Container........Hehehe!... It doesn't sound much of an achievement... BUT!.... It's also early days yet.....Practice makes perfect.... off to me bed now..Have a lovely weekend .....Megan.."

  • Hi megannell cheers defo can believe what achievement is ... Had few myself of late use to do weights but last infection and weight loss as put pay to that for now

    But yer cheers thanks hope you feel benefits too from using it ;)

  • Jut bought one but I can't move any of the balls. Just wish there were better instructions on the web.



  • I will be interested to learn how you get on Daz as it does sound great for some but not for everyone. Do let us all know. Good post though, thanks for that. xxxx

  • Hi Sassy59 cheers looks ok just hope it works as well as the say be defo sure to let you know how I get on

    Cheers thanks

  • I was told to use one after I came out of ICU and could not get one half way but over time got them all up. Now I get them up up cannot hold them there :(

  • Hi offcuts had quite few days my self where it kills me to even breath .. Am hoping it will help get me regular breathing pattern.

    Cheers thanks

  • I'm all in favour! Exercises are vital for our lung health. Mic

  • Hi Denis

    I actually have the three ball spirometer also. Forgot I had it till I just saw your post! Not doing me any good in the closet! Will let you know how I do.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi rubyred777 defo be doing you no good in cubed .. Agree with you there be sure to let me know how ya get on cheers thanks ;)

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