Fred's home :-)

Our lovely boy (Fred) is back home. The op went well although he says he's a little sore but he has some good painkillers. :-) Fred won't be online for a few days, as he has to get plenty of rest. I know how much you're all concerned for him and would join me in wishing him well, so lets wish our Smiler lots of love, rest and a speedy recovery. :-)

Love Lyn


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  • Sending shed loads of get well soon wishes,take it steady Fred and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Thank you Glenice xxx

  • Lovely to hear the good news, thanks Lyn. Welcome home Fred. Have a well deserved and probably much needed rest for a few days. Suz xx

  • Thank you Suz xxx

  • Welcome home and lots of love Fred. Missing your jokes :-D

    Get back on here soon. XXX

  • Thank you Nikkers xxx

  • Thank you so much Lyn for the update. Please give Fred big hugs and best wishes - I really miss his morning jokes!

    Jan xx

  • Thank you Jan xxx

  • Luv ya smiler Fred. Get better soon and get your a... back on here :) x

  • Thank you cough xxx

  • Well I am missing smiler. xx

  • Welcome home Fred, rest up, keep cosy x x x

  • Thank you medow xxx

  • Thanks very much for the update. Please pass all the very best wishes. I will post a special squirrel tomorrow.

  • Thank you Rib xxx

  • Thanks Lyn for the update

    Welcome home smiler Fred!

    You are missed here. A part of out family is missing! Take care of youself Fred. Glad your ok. Time to be cozy and pampered at home. See you soon

    Love Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Thank you Ruby xxx

  • so glad to here fred is back home, and the operation went well. sending him the best of wishes. i hope he is not too sore, and recoups well, after a well earned rest.

    he will be missed so much on the site, lets hope and pray he is back soon, and back to his "smiling" old self

    GET WELL SOON FRED :) kindest thoughts jimmy :)

    p.s thanks for the update lyn xx

  • Thank you jimmy xxx

  • Good to know Fred is back home in his own bed! Get well Smiler :) x's huff ;)

  • Thank you huf xxx

  • Thanks Lyn for the update.

    Glad to hear Fred is at home and sending my best wishes for his speedy recovery

    Sara xx

  • Thank you Sara xxx

  • Thanks for such good news Lyn, I. Would imagine everyone on this site has been thinking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery. Regards to you, Have a good weekend, Bulpit

  • hi fred its good that you ill be back soon I am glad that everything went ok for you that i know of take care mate petert jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Thank you peter xxx

  • Thank you Bulpit xxx

  • That's wonderful news. Please give Fred a big hug from me. It will be great to have him back

    Love Sohara

  • It will be lovely to have him back Sohara, I'm sure he'll be here soon reading all these get well wishes. xx

  • Welcome home Fred,and thank you lyn for the update God bless

  • Thank you naresh xxx

  • Great news :) thanks for the update Lyn :)

    Wishing u a speedy recovery Fred xx

  • Many thanks kiwichick xxx

  • Hi jolyn, thanks for letting us know about mr smiley. I hope he is taking it easy peasy and not chasing Bella around. Love LeeLee. Xxxx

  • Ooh no, he musn't do That won't do him any good at all will it. lol xxx

  • Sending big love and hugs Fred, plus healing vibes to get you well quick :) xxx

  • Thanks O2, I'm sure Fred will enjoy reading all these lovely messages. Hope you're keeping well yourself and good to know you're back in your own bed. :-) xxx

  • Get well soon Fred xx

  • Thank you biker :-) xxx

  • Lots of love to him and it's pretty quiet without him.x

  • It is quiet Colours, we're all looking forward to his smile and jokes first thing in the morning. xxx

  • Thank you Lyn - sending lots of love and best wishes to Fred. xx

  • I'm sure Fred will be most appreciative Dedalus, thank you. xxx

  • Thanks for posting Lyn; great that Fred is home & recovering. I bet his own home & bed is well welcome. I miss your humour Fred, get better soon. Love Margaret x

  • He's very much missed isn't he Margaret. xx

  • Get well soon Fred

  • Thanks Maggie x

  • Welcome home Fred, have that good rest and get well very soon.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Lyn

    polly xx

  • You're welcome Polly xx

  • Thank you Jolyn for the message about Fred, glad he is getting better with rest Here are some smiles till he can get back to us :) :) :) and every best wish to Fred for a speedy recovery xx

  • Yep, we look forward to our early morning smile and jokes xx

  • Thanks Lyn and definitely wishing Fred well. Will be great to have him back online when he is good and ready. Take care Fred xxxxx

  • Many thanks Sassy xx

  • have you heard how he is lyn.? i know he'll need a well earned rest, i just hope hes ok, and recovering well,,, hes a great cheery lad considering what he goes through.

    i do hope hes pain free and resting up.

    jimmy xx

  • All I've heard is what's written above Jimmy. He's taking a well earned rest and will be back when he feels up to it. xx

  • yes hell be back when he feels well enough, its just that you worry over members,i just hope hes ok,, free of pain and back whenever hes ready,,,

    and if you manage to see this fred,, get well soon matey :) jimmy

  • Welcome home fred wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Fred will certainly appreciate all these wonderful get well wishes. x

  • Get well soon Fred we all miss you xx

  • Many thanks onamission. xx

  • thanks Lyn for the update. glad Fred is home and hope he soon feels like his old self again. Love. Iris x

  • I'm sure Fred will be back with us soon Iris. xx

  • Lyn, this is good news. I hope he had a good recovery. Plenty of rest and tender lovling care and big hugs form HUS! Mic

  • Me too will be good to see him back. x

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