Not as depressed !

Not as depressed about going on 15hrs 02 thanks to all who replied to my post (Depressed) this site is so helpful when your feeling low and I want to thank you all for being here when I need answers . There is always question s and answers to read that put things into perspective so sometimes one doesn't need to ask the advice it can already be there .All those who did reply gave me good advice and helped me realise I'm not on my own meeting up with people with 02 users is difficult so it's helpful to know your out there thanks x

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  • We're all here for each other and glad we can help. :)

  • Just sleep for 15 hours then the rest is 02 free :) x x x x x

  • Glad to hear that you are not so down. Isn't BLF wonderful ☺

  • glad to here your lifted a bit imelda.. it always helps me to know others have been helped, and hopefully visa versa :)

    keep up the good spirits imelda,

    kindest regards jimmy xxx :)

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