Thyroid or copd

Ever since being diagnosed with graves disease 5 years ago one of the symptoms was shortness of breath when walking or doing strenuous activity.My gp said it was because everything speeds up with graves disease and so would feel like I had run a marathon My thyroid took a while to get within normal range but I still had symptoms and then it went underactive and symptoms still there.In 5 years though the feelings I get of breathlessness have not got worse like copd would and I can still carry on walking and talking so would you say it is the thyroid causing this?I also suffer anxiety and when I experience shortness of breath my insides feel like I have had a fright.

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  • Is tough one .. Av done post going on about Graves' disease init .

    It's all about immunity cells and stuff like that as in my case asbestos silica as caused my cells to mutate do what ever the do and that ANT 1 stuff that causes emphysema is all complicated but am under going similar test

    In short I would say YES but it's what come first your lung disease or thyroid trouble as living in IODINE deficient are ... I wonderd why american's was iodine mad a thought they was exposed to radiation BUT guess the never wanted lung disease

    Poor life long diet can cause issues your having & Lung diseases suffers are told not to drink milk or sources gluten but THAT ACTION can cause IODINE deficiency and problems your having ... well most of us.

  • The reason I wrote about graves disease was because of breathlessness which started just after being diagnosed with it.I haven't said I have lung disease what I said was that it is not like copd where that progressively gets worse the feelings of breathlessness I experience have stayed the same or maybe not quite as bad as when it started.Its not every day either.I just wondered if it was thyroid disorder or the thyroxine,carbimazole propranolol and venlafaxine I take causing it. I realise this is a forum for lungs but as my problem is to do with breathlessness I thought this site may help.

  • This just sums up what one of the previous posts was about - GP neglect. Surely after a period of five years your GP should have a better grip on your situation whereas, in fact, he is putting everything down to Grave's disease. There are more illnesses which could cause your symptoms and which he/she appears reluctant to pursue. You have my sympathy totally as I am in a GP practice which puts everything down to "smoking". Whether you smoke or have smoked seems to be the cause of everything these days! I am absolutely p.......d off with the lot of them! Best of luck. You will at least get help from this site who appear to know more than the general run of GP's these days!

  • I know what you mean as my GP practice is the same.I am a rather anxious panicky person who tends to suffer from obsessions with health issues especially breathing.Just strange how the feelings I get of not breathing properly came after being diagnosed with the thyroid disorder and being put on propranolol,thyroxine and carbimazole and venlafaxine.I know what its like to be out of breath as a few years back I had a chest infection and was breathless,what I get now although not all the time is not like when I had a chest infection,this feels more like something in throat stopping a full breath but I can carry on with what I am doing whereas with the chest infection it was every day I had the infection and I had to stop doing what I was doing till I got breath back.Quite different.

  • Oh bless you

    You need to go and see your gp and insist on a review to get to the bottom of whats going on x x

  • Just because you have one, doesn't mean you can't have the other. It's quite possible you have both. You need to see a specialist and get some tests to rule COPD in or out and to start on the correct medication. My mother's had undiagnosed COPD for years, which in turn affected her heart and matters came to a head last year after she had a chest infection and became hypoxic. She ended up on HDU and thankfully recovered. She is now diagnosed with COPD and is under the heart failure team, though her heart function tests have improved. Tell your doctor you would like to be tested for COPD, especially if you are, or have been a smoker and/or worked in atmospheres with a lot of dust such as factories. it is also possible to have a genetic form of COPD.

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