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Depressed husband

Dealing with someone when they are ill is very hard trying to keep my husband positive while we await the broncoscope procedure on Tuesday is even harder. , I have told him a white lie saying they will be doing it under a general because he would refuse to go ahead with it otherwise - but obviously the specialist do not want to prescribe any medication until they have done the biopsy of whatever is in the lung. He just wants to stop the coughing, the breathlessness and the pain and tiredness.

It lifts me to read how positive some people are.

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I sometimes struggle to find anything to be positive about, especially when you feel so ill all the time. When I had double Pneumonia I didn't think I would ever be well again, but I did slowly recover it takes one day at a time.

Maybe they will give your husband sedation, I had it when I had an Endoscopy, I remember them starting to put the tube down next thing I was back on the ward but I never went to sleep.

Kim xxx


Hello Mariongisela, your poor husband must be feeling very glum with it all, I'm not good at being ill and find it hard to cheer up sometimes! Hope the tests go well, I find a warm brandy a good night cap, sleep better 😊 lots of pillows help, I treated myself to a V pillow and I recommend them. Hope you can find something to take your mind off Tuesday this weekend, hugs huff x


Bless you both, I hope Tuesday comes around quickly for you and that hubby gets some relief and rest.


Hi I had a Broncoscopy done on Wednesday and was scared I mean really scared. The worst moment was when they squirted something up my nose, boy did it sting. I had a sedative and to be honest didn't go under but didn't feel a thing.

Felt rather unsteady on my feet after and yesterday had a sore throat, hoarse voice and cough.

Today almost back to normal.

Good luck. Thinking of you. Love Suzy. PS Just read Kimmy's reply I remember them squirting something up my nose and then down my throat and being told to count to 30 then swallow, after that Kimmy is right didn't go to sleep but after counting to 30 it seemed I was back on the ward.


Hi, my son has had bronchoscopy twice, it's a bit uncomfortable but not

painful. He just suffered a bit of sore throat after, it's worth it as they can see

what's going on and prescribe right treatment. Good luck with it and hope it helps.


Thank you all so much for replying. This is a learning curve for both myself and hubby, and like a lot of you struggle to get answers from the medical profession at times and everything takes so long awaiting procedures and results.

Thanks again.


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