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Thinking About Divorce...Lol

Just don't mention the tiling...in fact forget tiling and have a think about employing a plasterer instead...

And I have a bone to pick with Himself...again. He's been in the biscuits.

The very nice biscuits which I bought at Christmas and was saving for Easter...

They were hidden...or so I thought...in the bottom kitchen cupboard behind a bottle of non-alcoholic mulled wine...just what is the point in non-alcoholic wine? Anyway the tin of delicious and special chocolate biscuits was hidden behind said wine and bottles of Sloe Gin and Blackberry Vodka...but he was poking about...probably when I was asleep and he found it and opened it and he's eaten all the top layer!!

So I asked...in a voice dripping with sarcasm...please may I have one of those lovely biscuits...

Now...I don't actually much care for chocolate...but I managed to eat three of those biscuits, one after the other, just to prove a point ...

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Well done I would have finished the lot


As will Himself!

I don't blame you. Divorce? I'd be greasing the stairs!

I told him what you said...he laughed...lol

Ha ha ha well I reckon if he is doing such a mammoth task he deserves a treat :) x

It'd be alright if he was but he's backed out!

Mines just as bad........but I still luv him.

Thanks for the stories......loved them all.

TTFN. to you and the regular girls & not forgetting a few nice chaps.


I still do love Himself...even if he does drive me totally crackers!

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Bahahhahahhahhahhahha...you're so funny...lol. xx

I try...lol

Morning Vashti,Perhaps himself thought he would give you something else to think about,rather than the tiling, Sloe gin and Blackberry Vodka, sounds great. Regards Bulpit

The Sloe Gin is wonderful! Not too sure about the Blackberry vodka but my step daughter will drink it...!

I have a son and hubby who find things I have supposedly hidden! Don't they drive you mad, just when you thought you had found the perfect place and don't get me started on messing up my nice clean and tidy bathroom. Men! We do love them though. Take care xxxx

My step daughter used to hide stuff in the veggie part of the 'fridge...she said her son would never think of looking in there...lol

Don't talk about Chocs sweets etc. Dave has type 2 Diabetes can I persuade him to avoid the above mention goodies not a chance. So I don't buy them and he has to get his own which doesn't bother him at all. Hope the tiling goes well in the end. Nan

Dave is very naughty!

Very true

LOL xxxxx

vashti Ha,ha,ha,ha! I'm sure those particularl biscuits will never be on sale any longer! I could send yo one through the post! Well, I've tasted it and found it went down so quickly I coudn't retrieve it! Ah well, have to send the dog to buy some! :-) Mic

You are such a tease Mic!

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Well, in our house, I have to confess that it's me who pinches the biscuits lol.

I'm looking forward to the update on the tiling. It sounds as if it means you now have the plasterers in - just what happened with husband's attempts at tiling 😄😄

Jan xx

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