Finding it tough

Well this is day 12 since I lost Azaard (iamnins) and it has been really tough. We had a post mortem and found the cause of death was a blood clot in his heart. The funeral is arranged for this Friday 27th at 11.45

I have my sons come from Essex up here to Lancashire to be with me until after the funeral. But I still feel so lost without my Az.


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Hi hun, you will feel so lost for some time unfortunately. Take your time with the grieving: there is no right or wrong or time limit. I hope the funeral will give you some closure and great that your sons are supporting you. It will be good for you to be around loved ones. Thinking of youxxx

Hi nin its a horrible time for you and I am thinking of you

Take care

Dorothy xxx

Hi Nin,

My heart breaks for you. As Jenss said hopefully this will give you some closure. Hold all your beautiful memories close. Sending you big warm hugs Suz xx

I will be thinking of you Nin. Lots of big hugs. xx

hi nin I am very sorry about your loss matey and it does not matter what anybody says you are still left with the greiving but I hope the sunshines on you

and you can smile again very soon just think of the good times you had together

nobody can take them away from you and ads bless you peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

It will take a while Nin, just go with the flow, if you want a good cry - have one. If you want to laugh - laugh. We can still have pleasant times while we're grieving and that's how we keep going. As I said, just go with the flow. Will be thinking of you on Friday. So glad you're family will be around you. Warm hugs xxx

great advice.

Sending you lots of love and kind wishes xxxx

My heart goes out to you and your family Nin. Many condolences and hugs to you. Like others say, hold the memories close and i hope they will be of increasing comfort to you. xx

Hi nin, I do so feel for you and having been thinking of you. It must be so very hard to be without Azaard and jenss is right, you will feel like this for some time to come. Grief affects everyone differently but thank goodness for family and the love and support you get from your sons. I will be thinking of you on Friday at 11.45. Take care xx

My thoughts are with you.

Thinking of you Nin and hoping that you will get some consolation with time.

Have been thinking of you Anna and will continue to. There's no doubt about it, it's very very tough to lose someone you love.

My heart goes out to you. Peege xxxx

Sending you my deepest sympathy, will be thinking of you I'm sure your lovely sons will be a big support for you xx

Thinking of u xx

Thinking of you big hug xx

Good morning Nin, Yes,it is a dreadful time,just has to be got thru, Your sons will be of great comfort to you.,They also will be having a hard time keeping strong for you. Remember, Suns rise and shadows fall, but love is for ever over all. Do trust Friday will pass as painlessly as is possible, Everyone on this site will be thinking of you, Bulpit

Good Morning Nin. Thinking of you and the whole family Nan

My heart goes out to you Nin, Words could not explain my feelings. A very stressful time indeed,

God willing, you shall battle through, and show AZ. Your true love for him , in ways that he would have been proud of you.

kindest thoughts at this sad time

jimmy xxx

You'll be in all our thoughts tomorrow; stay strong - it's not going to be easy but you'll find you have so much support.

My thoughts are with you at this very sad time, your never on your own we are always hear for you xx

Hi Nin my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family tomorrow, remember the good times it will help a little.

polly xx

Thinking of you xx

So sorry to hear that and it will certainly take some time.

Hi Nin, I will be thinking of you in the morning. God bless. Marie. Xx

Sending lots of warm hugs to you - my thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

Jan x

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