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Follow up

I went for a follow up on my first Diagnosis of emphysema and all my stat's were more or less the same. The Dr who first diagnosed me was not a pulmonologist so I went to a very well qualified Dr this time that's a lung expert. According to her I do have light emphysema but shows almost no physical damage on the CT scan. She however said that I have many contributing factors that influence my stat's. My weight is 140 KG's, I have a massive hiatus Hernia and a naval Hernia. There was also a huge variation in my stats in 4 blows which seems to me kind of baffled her. The lowest was 67 and the highest over 80.

My question is can the Hernia's and my weight have a negative impact on my stats? I suppose not having a diaphragm will influence it as well? - Please advise.

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HI Pietba,

Do hope your day has been pleasant in lovely South Africa. I don't know how much value my response is but here goes......First positive..... great news that your stats have stayed the same, that must interpret as no progression. On your blows was the highest one of the first? Perhaps you were tiring? I'm assuming this was your Fev 1 % of predicted what was your gas exchange DLCO It sounds very mild doesn't it to show basically nil damage on a CT Scan. I would be delighted with those results! You should keep doing whatever you've been doing. Which I think included walking your dog for miles of an evening? As for the weight. Your a big fella at 140 kg's What your weight should be would depend on your height you could be a solid 6'5" how does your weight / height ratio sit? Hernias....can they be fixed? Why do you not have a diaphragm or do you mean because of extra weight and the hernia impeding the use of your diaphragm? Whatever the case one would think it would have to have a negative impact on LFT results even if only slight.. Suz x


I am 6'3" - My Hiatus Hernia is massive and therefore my diaphragm do not function properly. I had both repaired but because I'm still very active I tore both again picking up motorcycles and falling of again and other crazy things we do. They are now bigger and worse. I however stopped doing off road with motorcycles with my sons - The falling damages are taking longer to heal and it just got too dangerous to drive the bikes any more also due to my hip replacement and slowing reaction time. I decided I will go again for the ops but first wants to loose this growth I've got around the middle area, (This growth was caused by good food, long barbecues and beer) or it will just tear again.

No, to the contrary my first blow was the worst one - it then got better and better. But I cant blow too hard then my naval Hernia pops out - Eish getting older are not for weaklings lol.

She did remark I am a strange case - should have asked more questions.


Hiatal hernias do affect lung function as they involve the lung space normally taken up by lungs. Also a large stomache puts resistance on diaphragm. being over weight especially around the waste affects something called expiratory reserve volume (erv) which is part of the functional residual volume.

140kg even for 6ft 3. Sounds quite alot. Weight lose would make things easier.


Thanx I think I knew that in the back of my mind but was in denial. I've realized that I breath into a barrier when sitting down and its as if I'm breathing very shallow. When standing up or stretching it change and it feels as if I'm breathing in all the way. I guess that's why the Dr said the emphysema is a slight problem and there are many other contributing factors - I also found especially when they did the test that my umbilical hernia hurts when I try to blow to hard or fast as your stomach muscles contract when exhaling fast - I suppose that's why the readings varies so much. She should have told me " You're fat do something about it" - lol


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