DWP holding MY car?

DWP holding MY car?

Well if this this does,nt take the biscuit(ginger snap yum) I really don,t know what does.Last week on the day of my birthday apart from all the lovely greetings from my friends here on our wonderful forum I also got a call from the Mini dealer arranging my motobility car " be here next Tuesday".Great thought ,I nice present.Made 2pm appointment to collect car.8.30am this morning "the DWP have not authorised the release of your car".So waited all day,5.30pm phone call."they still have,nt updated their system to release your car." Now I know it takes up all their time working out how to not charge rich people the proper tax they should pay and more ways in which they can avoid paying tax all together.Could it be that some who work there think us disabled folk are not important enough to bother about?Once again this government has me totally baft.The steam comming out of my ears is beginning to calm down at last but I,ve not been able to think of any reason for this debacle.If anybody can shed any light on the process involved please let me know Taa.Happy respiring chums,a very grumpy D. 😡

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  • mmmmm aw prob to bizz drinking there tea to sort out your motobility car or playing bumper cars with them in parking lot well hope you get it quick any way

  • Are your name and address details up to date with both the DVLA and the DWP?

  • Yes been the same for thirty years.I,m just wondering if some government spook has been monitoring my Twitter feed and found my somewhat left of centre comments to be slightly anti capitalist.Paranoid or what? Lol 😈

  • Hi

    It is Motobility who decide if and when to release you vehicle, mine is being released Friday subject to me using my PIN number provide by Motobility.

    I had to wait for my hoist to be fitted, and approved, then Motobilty issue a release date. They have to arrange tax, registration and insurance, as this is my second vehicle the DWP have already informed me that payments are being made to Motobility.

  • Hi Stone,I think the "Devils tic-tacs"are playing brain games with me.Nasty little steroid jobies.Hope you have more luck than me.D. 😖

  • Haha! (did you nick devil's tic tacs from me Farmer D? hope so!). I'm sure your first hypothesis is correct and they are too busy with tax avoidance schemes to pay attention to the likes of us.

    On another note, it's worth mentioning that prednisone keeps a lot of people around the globe functioning despite the drawbacks.

  • Most medicines have up sides and down sides.Prednisolone has saved my life many times I would imagine but I still have my personal fight with it.Recently while researching eye drops found that there are prednisolone eye drops,now if that is not an anomaly what is?I currently have to use eye drops to protect from damage caused by prednisolone.Funny old world!😏

  • Ah, you're further down that road than me. Apologies. It's been about 10 months now and I can just about get by on 5mg a day (it was a bugger getting back down to that level) although I bump it up if I'm struggling.

  • you're lucky although ageism is wrong the government say over 65 arn't entitled to a car

  • tomhatha, bizarre! Who is Motobility for then, fit youngsters? (Sorry, don't want to offend anyone, but I find myself cynical) Mic

  • I think the DWP have a wall full of claims and then they blindfold one of them and get them to throw a dart. What ever it hits they deal with?

  • D - I think once you get on the tracks of things going wrong there if very few get-off points ... Frustrating is the minimum you feel and if things go wrong they just seem to snowball - feel for you :P Tell you what lets take up Voodoo and try to get some revenge :D .... Hope you get your transport sorted soon ... probably send you a mountain bike :P

  • I'm not sure how it works I thought you paid the car company by direct debit from your bank I'm not claiming high rate PIP so have to pay for my own car.

    You need to thank Mr Brown for all this Farmer this system is the brain child of labour I amazed the Tories have run with it thought they were more intelligent than that.

    Who ever gets in next time they will hit the disabled we are a essay target and if you read pensions for work web site news letter the Tories are thinking of cutting benefit payments by £19 per week

  • Haa haa I've heard the Tories accused of many things but never of being intelligent.The current DWP that hold the purse strings for the scheme will and do try anything. To avoid paying.Nasty little hitlers all of them!

  • However you try to dress this up the fact is labour changed a perfectly working system to a system that is nothing sort of a shambles and lets not forget the people who have killed themselves due to the change of this system.

    It is also a fact that the DWP are working with the system that was put in place by labour and if you remember they went on strike against this system I know someone who works in the job centre and they are discussed with this system.

    It is also a fact that if labour get in they will bring back Atos if you remember it was Atos who brought this benefit system to its knees and yet if labour get back in they will bring Atos back now that is a stupid move.

    The Tories have done nothing to change this that is also stupid and will cost them votes keep the jokes coming farmer we could all do with a good laugh

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