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SAVE OUR BEES....JOIN sumofus where there are petitions about things we all love

BASF and Syngenta are suing the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that are killing millions of bees around the world.

A huge public push won this landmark ban -- and we can't sit back and let Big Pesticide overturn it while the bees vanish.

Last summer, 37 million bees were discovered dead on a single Canadian farm. And unless we act now, the bees will keep dying. We have to show Bayer and Co. now that we won't tolerate them putting their profits ahead of our planet's health.

Sign the petition to tell Bayer, BASF and Syngenta to drop their bee-killing lawsuits now.

The dangerous chemicals Bayer and Co. make are neonicotinoids, or neonics. Neonics are soaked into seeds, spreading through the plant and killing insects stopping by for a snack. These pesticides can easily be replaced by other chemicals which don't have such a devastating effect on the food chain. But companies like Bayer, BASF and Syngenta make a fortune from selling neonics -- so they'll do everything they can to protect their profits.

The EU banned these bee-killers in May 2013, after a massive public campaign and a clear scientific finding from the European Food Safety Authority that neonics pose huge risks to bee populations. Let's defend this landmark ban for the bees and our food supply.

Sign the petition now to tell Bayer, BASF and Syngenta to drop their aggressive lawsuits!

Worse still, a EU report that could have banned dozens of pesticides has been buried -- due to industry's massive lobbying. We cannot allow Bayer and Co. to intimidate European authorities. The current ban on bee-killing pesticides is up for review soon, so let's make sure their lobby efforts aren't successful this time!

Bayer is an enormous company with a ton of public-facing brands. Neonics are a big part of its bottom line, but it can't afford poor publicity on a global scale. And if word gets out that Bayer is wrecking our ecosystem and threatening a creature responsible for pollinating a third of all our crops, the company will have to back down.

SumOfUs have been right at the front of the global campaign to save our bees. We came together to fight Bayer at a huge independent garden store show in Chicago, where the German chemical maker was out in force. Tens of thousands from the SumOfUs community have also taken action to demand that big stores Home Depot and Lowe's stop selling the bee killing chemicals. But if we don't keep standing up to Bayer, we can't win.

Sign the petition to tell Bayer, BASF and Syngenta to drop their bee-killing lawsuits now.


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Have just signed, Mandy and happy to do so. It's so sad to know how little consideration is given to nature and how easily we could lose the lot.

Thanks for posting ~ lovelight xx


Lovelight when you start looking into what going on behind close doors and sometimes right under our noses you see just how greedy and wicked some people are....there are lots of different petitions on there and some make me feel sick as a dog x x x


Although...i will say i have got a bumble bee in my garden right now the size of a helicopter that im scared off :)


Just signed Mandy!

I have a Habiscus tree in my garden which in summer is laden with large blue flowers. I used to sit under it and listen as lots of bees busily bumbled their way from flower to flower. I have often counted more than a couple of dozen bees buzzing around. Magic! I have no fear of them at all. For the past few years I've been lucky to see more than 3 or 4 bees around the tree!

We all need bees to survive. And they are killing them for which in the end means MONEY.

Thanks Mandy. xx


Lol.. How lovely that you have your garden Mandy, especially with spring coming along.

I used to love working in my own garden and watching the different wildlife come and go - insects, birds and mammals. Grew many different types of plants to draw in bees, lacewings and hover- flies. I'd spend time just watching them pollinate the flowers and even lightly STROKE the occasional bumblebee :)

Gave wasps a wide berth but got stung a few times over the years! xxx


Stroke the bee !!!! wasps are very useful if your driving a long way...when they fly in the window they make you very alert !!!

I would love a nice garden mine is just a scruffy lawn now with a lot of plant pots full of mud with weeds in...i would love it full of flowers but im rubbish with plants they all die...i even thought of going plastic last year ha ha


Hi Mandy

I totally get where you are coming from.

Can you believe it - I have my own hive!

These days the bees get so hard done by with pesticides and natural fauna being taken away. So my own effort was to put a hive on a railway siding nearby. I have to feed them with a sugar syrup to support their diet? It is just so wrong.

As for honey - nothing to report but at least the bees are alive.

I have planted various 'natural' plants and sown seeds to help the local wildlife but I feel it is only a small token compared to what is really going on with our environment.

But pleased to say a friend has 'planted' another 6 hives out for this year at a cost of £200 to help our ecology.

Every little bit helps


Your full of surprises crackers...please dont send me any bees i love them but dont want to be a foster mother


Petition signed x


Signed xxx


Signed Mandy. Shared Facebook. Suzy xxx


Hi Mandy,happy to sign this petition,also put on my Twitter feed so my many( all 35 of them lol) followers can do likewise.What will these huge ,greedy ,faceless conglomerates do once they have destroyed every good thing on our planet?It does,nt even make any financial sense.A bit more joined up thinking in the boardroom is required me thinks!Hope you are happy and healthy,keep up the good fight and take care.David. 😜 👉 👍 👈 😜


Its the people we think we can trust thats behind all of it...the sad truth is those in charge dont care x


Very important, thanks Mandy. Signed


Signed Mandy, and keep up the good work.


I get all the sumofus petitions Mandy and have signed this one already of course - it really boils me when I see how Monsanto et al have the cash-power to keep re-opening these things. We dealt with the bee thing last year, despite some of our MPs lack of support - the quick and continuing buck is all that matters to these predatory multinationals. Bayer, Basf - do they not have children/grandchildren to consider?


Money brings power and that all they want...The sooner people open their eyes and see that those in charge do not care about taking care of the people and the planet the better but you already know that x x


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