Last day for a short time.

Morning campers or should I sat Hi De Hi its 0550 and just starting to get light, I am sorry to say I will not be with you for a couple of days after today, as going in for my rest and maybe come out cancer free for a short while after they have had a burn up in the lungs, but some of you might be please of the break so just to keep you going or moaning try these silly bits.

A man was just coming out of anesthesia after an operation in hospital, and his wife was sitting at the bedside. His eyes opened and he muttered "Your beautiful", flattered the wife continued in her vigil while he drifted back into his sleep.

Later the husband woke and said "Your nice", startled she asked "What happened to your beautiful" to which he replied "The drugs are wearing off now ."

While I was away last time I designed a Corduroy pillow, its making headlines every where. (Think about it)

A DIY friend of mine was crushed by a pile of books, he's only got his shelf to blame.

I was sat wondering why the cricket ball was getting bigger then it hit me.

You should learn sign language its very handy.

OK stop groaning its the best I can do today, remember keep smiling and I will be back soon, and thanks for being there, no matter what colour your hair is. :)

Love Fred xxxx :) ;)

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  • Good luck Fred, I'll be thinking of you. All the very best. Peege

  • Cheers peege you look after yourself and stay safe and well x Fred :) ;)

  • Good luck Fred. In my thoughts and prayers. Love Suzy xxx

  • Suzy thanks love stay safe and happy xxx Fred :)

  • Just want to say a quick Happy Anniversary for tomorrow Suzy6. I do hope you have a good day and hope I got the date right! Take care and lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • Oh Thank you Sassy. You have made my day. Sitting here drinking tea like there is no tomorrow as none after 7.30am then my Bronchoscopy. Thank you so much.

    My Husband will be celebrating at the Hospital with me.

    Take care love Suzy xx

  • Try and make the best of your Anniversary Suzy and hope all goes well for you today at the hospital. Thinking of you and wishing you and hubby well. Take care xxxxxxx

  • Good luck Fred take care.

    Love Sheila xx 😄

  • Thanks Sheila you stay strong now no more of those feelings or else you will be in trouble when I come out. lol Fred xxxx :)

  • Crossing fingers for you Fred, love :) :)

  • Thanks love you look after yourself as well, speak soon xx x :) ;)

  • You take care Fred and come back here as soon as you feel up to it. I shall really miss your jokes and my morning chuckles.

    Jan xx - blonde and happy to be blonde lol 😄😄😄

  • Thanks blondie (Jan) I will miss the chatter as well but decided not to take the pad with me as I suppose to rest after and might get to excited lol..

    Bye for now xxx Fred :)

  • Oh mr smiley, you have spoiled us with the jokes. It took me about 10 seconds with the corduroy one, I'll see how Michael gets it. Our thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Will you be awake when you get zapped? Please rest, rest and rest! Oh and try and leave the nurses alone, as if. Lol. Love LeeLee xxxxxx 😍

  • Hi LeeLee glad you got the joke hope Michael gets it if not please explain. I will be in the land of nod for several hours so no idea whats going on. As for the nurses at my age I can get away with a lot unlike the young ones. Keep smiling xxxx Fred :)

  • Mornin,I wish u lots of luck with the blonde nurses,ha, I do hope your stay is successful ! Well all be thinking of you,bye for now,I've got hospital today,but not staying to you.x

  • Thank you colours that means a lot, hope your visit is good xxx :)

  • Morning Fred.

    Last day on duty, then a couple of days off to visit the guy with the branding iron and the vampires! All good stuff eh!

    Wish you all kinds of good luck from the bottom of my heart Fred.

    Steady as she goes sir!

    Sara xxxx

  • Thanks Sara for the wishes from your bottom lol sorry of your heart, I will not be at the wheel but sure the doctors will keep a steady course. Speak soon. Love Fred xxx :) ;)

  • Ahh Fred, you'll be so missed first thing in the morning. Wishing you all the very best during your stay in hospital. Hope everything goes the way you want it to. Sending lots of love and huge hugs. Will be thinking of you. :-) xxxx

  • Right now I am ready to go after getting your lovely message, I will also be ready for more banter and hearing those giggles in the morning. So keep snapping away and stay happy love, hopefully I will not be kept in long.

    Love and hugs back to you in case your boiler plays up, but then again you have your lovely family's love to keep you warm but here's a little extra. huuuuuuuuuuugs xxx love Fred :) ;) :D :) :)

  • Awww...thanks Fred, you get yourself a good rest while you're in there and No, you can't stay in there long because we want our Fred back asap. :-) xxx

  • I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky I should be so lucky etc etc etc xxx :) ;)

  • The very best of luck - we will miss you! Take good care and enjoy the rest. Lots and lots of love xxxxx😃😃

  • I don't know whether I can handle all this love and hugs but will try really hard so keep it coming. Love Fred xxx :) ;)

  • Oh Fred how we will all miss you...I don't usually comment on your threads but I always read your cheery posts, and have a smile at your 'jokes'

    You have such a wonderful and cheerful manner, you most surely are one of the uplifting 'posters' on this site

    I hope they achieve all that you hope for when you are in hospital.

    We all wish you a very speedy recovery and return

    Take care dear Fred, we will ALL miss you

    Love Sohara xx

  • Sohara now you have spoken please when I get back lets hear from you in the morning as I am sure there is room for one or more. Speak again soon I hope. Love Fred xxxx :)

  • I hope so too Fred...VERY soon :) :)

  • Those were very good,will miss the morning funnies, sending lots of good wishes for your hospital visit, hurry back.

  • Thanks redted for the wishes will be steering a route back as soon as possible. Fred :)

  • good luck holly and see you back on here soon

  • You bet you will cheers :)

  • Best of luck Fred. Xx Sonia xx

  • Cheers Sonia 1972 its got me thinking where I was in that year, based in Scotland between patrols under the ocean for a couple of months at a time. xxx Fred :)

  • Wow, I can just about remember what I did yesterday lol, u take care and hurry back ❤️ Xx Sonia xx

  • We will miss you, take care and all good wishes x

  • Thanks xris I will miss my chats with all you lovely people in the morning xxx Fred :)

  • All the very best Fred, you will be missed X

  • Thanks june will be back soon I hope xxx Fred :)

  • all the best to you Fred. with all these good wishes you cant fail to get better. do rest now, and do what the nurses tell you. Love Iris x

  • Thanks Iris will do, but its more as to whether the nurses will do as their told lol xxx Fred :) ;)

  • Ooh, you are awful - but I like you!

  • You will be missed Fred, now don't leave us long! Love and all good wishes. Sheila Xx

  • Will try my hardest Sheila be good whilst I am away. :) ;) xxx Fred

  • Hope all goes well for you Fred. Have a good rest while you are in there, make the most of being waited on. Will miss your morning cheeriness (is that a word)? and you making me laugh in the morning.

    Good luck

    polly xx

  • Thanks polly, if cheeriness is not a word it should be and is from now anyway. Look after yourself hope to be back soon. xxx Fred :)

  • Morning neighbour love the jokes as usual :) Will be thinking of you in hospital and hope it goes well. You will have to nominate a vice president of jokes for when you are away - how will we get going in the mornings without you? Take care xx

  • I hope not to be long as I enjoyed waking up each morning with all you ladies, there I go again day dreaming. Stay good and carry on getting out and about. XX ;) Fred

  • Don't be silly Fred - I am never good :) I misbehave every chance I get - like you :d xx

  • Good Day Fred

    I didn't forget you. You take care and hurry back to us Those nurses won't know what hit them! That would be our Fred........! Hope everything goes well for you.


    RUBYXX 😊 Keep Smiling!

  • Cheers, thanks Ruby the last time I was in we had some laughs and I got away with murder, the nurses are all lovely in the cancer wards, but I am sure they are the same else where as well, even if they are blonde lol Fred xxx :)

  • "Fred!!!..Wishing you all the best of luck for you a candle for you...Megan"

  • Megan your a gem love, thanks for that xxx :)

  • Best of luck Fred! We will miss youxxx

  • Thanks jenss I will miss this as well xxx :)

  • hi fred I belong to the othere mob of psp people but I wanted tom wish you the best of luck for your trip to the hospital mate see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer just strayed onto your news mates to wish fred good luck for tomorrow

  • cheers Peter from down under very good of you pal , I hope you get some relief from your problem, its good to stray at times, I mean from site to site. All the best Fred from up here :) ;)

  • Hope it all goes well for you Fred and be careful what you say when those drugs are wearing off. :) .

    When I came round in ICU after a month of sedation and ventilation I thought one of the nurses was my wife, that could have got me into a spot of bother couldn't it.


  • I will watch what I say depending on the nurse lol thanks for the wishes Tony :)

  • Hope your rest goes as planned and that you return soon a fit as a fiddle. Then we can look forward to hearing you playing your old tunes again.

  • Cheers Rib :)

  • Hi Fred,wish you all the best praying for your safe and speedy retun God bless naresh62

  • Cheers naresh kind of you pal keep smiling :)

  • Dear Fred, wishing you well and cannot wait for you to return. Sending love and good wishes. xxxxxx

  • Sassy thanks love for your wishes, speak again soon I hope xxx :) Fred

  • best of luck to you Fred. Doesn't sound like a fun experience but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Didn't get your "corduroy pillow" joke??? Behave yourself with the nurses 😉

  • Mooski firstly the corduroy pillow joke , corduroy is a material with raised lines therefore it makes headlines ie lines in ones face, it really does lose something when I have to explain lol Then you wish me luck and also say behave myself with the nurses. xxx Fred :)

  • Good luck Fred will miss your jokes, but will be thinking of you come back soon xx

  • Good morning Fred, Thinking of you and hoping the hospital visit will pass quickly, Have you had the procedure before,it sounds as tho you know what to expect. Your jokes will be sorely missed,as will you. I am sure the hospital staff are in for a good couple of days, With everything crossed, Bulpit

  • Thinking of you this morning Fred and missing you already. I hope you're resting and doing everthing they tell you. Huge hugs :-) xxx

  • Oh Fred you take care and get back as soon as possible and all the very best of luck xx

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