BLF Fund Raising

BLF Fund Raising

A few family and friends are organising fund raising events for the BLF so I said I would share them on this site to increase the potential donations to such a worthy cause and if you want to share the attached links to your family and friends to expand the catchment area it would be very much appreciated :D

All fund raising events have been supported by the BLF

First event my daughter and son-in law are putting on a charity evening on the 2nd May in Newport please see attached if anyone was in the area (PS I'm Owen Jackson alias) Plumbob :P

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How lovely ! I'd come if I was nearer,hope you have a lovely time .x

cheers colours - Should be fun night but I've got 5 Hour travel to get there as I Live in the North East but it's an excuse to go and see my Grandson as well as daughter :) They have put it on face book but any publicity can only be good for BLF - I have old work colleague who is going to cycle over a 100miles over the North Yorkshire Moors to raise money for BLF - Good friends :) (even if he is daft :P LOL

Have u put it on face book?

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