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Chest pain

Hello again. I am 47, have lupus and, as such, am susceptible to bouts of pleuritic pain. Usually I get these checked out by the GP and have at times been admitted to hospital to rule out PE (I have no increased risk of clotting). This most recent attack struck at 10pm on Thursday whilst I sat watching TV and the pain has been and still is searing. The pain is very sharp and on the furthest left side of my chest and I'm pretty sure it's pleuritic or muscular. It responds well to painkillers. I know I should be sensible and call 111 but I'm desperate not to go to the hospital. I am posting here as I am keen to know of any 'red flags' I should watch for in case it is not pleuritic in nature. I have no sign of active infection and just a slight irritating cough today.

Many thanks. Clare

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Thanks Stilltruckin. That is a very common-sense approach in the weblink. Chest pain and a Lupus diagnosis seem to strike the fear of God into most Doctors! Regards. Clare x


Why don't you ring up your out of hours doctor service and ask them? I wouldn't trust 111 as they send too many people to hospital. If in doubt, and I know you don't want to, but I would go to A and E. x


Hi Coughalot and thank you for replying. Our Out of hours service and 111 are one and the same and the On-duty Dr sits in a room in A and E! so far, the pain is not worsening (not settling either just yet . . ) but I know I am taking a risk with his approach. Wish me luck! xx


I regularly get pleuritic pain. Quite similar to how you describe. Mine is caused by Bronchiectasis. My GP just provides pain meds as there is no remedy as it is caused by scarring on the outside of the lungs apparently.

I do find the fear of a clot does leap into my mind on occasions. I also have mobility issues and spend a lot of time in bed rest. Thus giving some validity yo that worry. I also have heart conditions. If over I do ring up my call immediately gets treated as a heart pain which I know it isn't. That pain is very different. So I just don't bother ringing any NHS numbers anymore. It seems to be just something we need to just live with.

THIS IS NOT medical advise. Merely what happens in my situation. You should do what seems appropriate to your health.

Regards Rib


I agree Rib but, just as you say, there is always that little niggle that I'm not being cautious enough . . Thank you for your comments. Any worsening and I'd whizz straight to the hosp. Take care. Clare x

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Thank you Fibberti. I am hoping for some settling of the pain soon x


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