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Thank you to everyone

Thanks for your mention Ruby - Im so thrilled to be posting again. Meaning to answer all the lovely messages in earlier posts but please forgive if i don't get round to it. Energy still big problem so just please know how much each and every message meant to me.

I managed to climb the stairs tonight with just one rest. Could only do three steps before needing rest last night - 7 steps tonight, how's that for progress, so hoping for speedy recovery.

Lets remember how many others are not around and struggling with flare-ups, and various other connected stuff. What a wonderful site this is. xxxxx jean

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Wishing you the speediest of recoveries.

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Thanks Nanny - its finally happening :) :)

I'm so pleased you feel better ,good to feel good after what we go through, that's good the stairs,I don't have them . And now some nice weather to make u feel even better.x

Wow, good weather, we could all do with that Colours. Looking at Kent weather next week, looks like it will be around 11 degrees which will be wonderful :) x

Just goes to show how well respected on this site you are O2! Where would we be without your caring, frank, common sense. Consider yourself TOTALLY missed and I'm so glad you're back!

Now, take precious care of yourself. P xxxx

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Hurray hurray, Im back. Thanks for your kind words P.

Did you try to call me the other day? My mob is messed up, so sorry if i missed you. The number looks like a french one.

Hope you're ok, much love xxx jean

So glad you're improving 02, you were very much missed. :-) xxx

Thank you lyn x

Pleased to hear that you are picking up, it will take a little while, but you will get there and the lovely weather is on your side. All the very best . H

Cheers, H :)

Hi O2 I am glad you are starting to feel better but don't overdo it will you otherwise you might set yourself back. The only good thing about being ill is the wonderful feeling when you start to recover! Take care and look after yourself. x

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Im so manic and euphoric on the steroids Cough, that's good advice. Hope you're ok xx :)

Oh the wonderful steroid high :) Oh I am one happy bunny coz went to bingo yesterday on a free ticket and won £100! I nearly died from shock... It will pay for my cat to have his thingies cut off and to get my corns taken out. Lets hope me and the cat end up in the right places :d xx

Well you wouldn't want kitty to lose his corns would you . . . . ? :D

PMSL! :d :d :d :d xx

Just great to have you back again and wishing you well. Take things easy. xxxx

Thank you. Phew, it was a bit scary there :O

You have great weekend sassy xx

So pleased you are improving O2 but please no skipping around. Slowly does it.

That was a lovely thought yes good luck, quick recovery and my thoughts and prayers for all who are suffering. Suzy xxx

Skipping - ha ha suzy. The team seem to think i will be some time, months apparently. Have to sort that though, much too long. xx

"Awe jean... It is so good seeing you back and home...we have all missed you so much..... .it is so heart warming seeing that day by day.... your making steady progress..Day at a time step by step hey jean.....and thankfully for you your weather down Kent way seems its going to be kind for you..... so plenty nice warm fresh air......So keep well wrapped up still..we in the Midlands have snow forecast from Tuesday onwards.Brrrrrr....hat gloves n scarves weather...You take good care yourself jean... And i've lite a candle for you every day.... and will continue to burn one....xx Megan."

Im so touched Megan. Very many thanks. Such things are gifts and mean a lot xxx

Hi Jean,great to have you back in the mad throng.You just be careful,you know how those pesky steroids give you a false sense of muscles,make you think you,re superperson,so please take it easy,slowly ,slowly catchy monkey 🙉 .Take care D.


I know - I feel EPIC :D

Good advice, thanks. Just climbed the whole stairs without resting on the way but it felt like someone else's legs :O

Thanks D x


Wow...very well done O2, that's glad you're on the mend. lol I bet you DO feel like your legs belong to someone else too....sending you warm hugs. :-) x

FD's advice really hit home Lyn in a way even I can't ignore :)

Thanks for hugs and sending some to you too :) :)

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One step at a time and you'll get there, Prompt recovery. Mic

Hey Mic, good to hear from you. How's the gym?

O2Trees, I battle on, even as I had a chill on the evening coming back to see Swan Lake at the Marlowe. So wonderful, but the chill lasted in me for a few days and i jumped on my ABs. A week of it has put me back to normal and Gym is seeing me 3 times a week , lucky fellow! My flute sees me and I "kiss" it every day. I don't know why it screams everytime!

I'm so glad you feel better. Take it gently. One exercise only at a time to be able to build yourself up. Only one breathing with with arms shoulder high pushing them back anf breathe in, and pushing forward breathing out, that's all, no more!

Three times week at the gym Mic, you're such a star. Glad you're over that chill, Swan Lake must have been lovely -envy, envy ;)

You're right about taking it gently. I thought i was doing ok then Farmer D warned me about not having muscle tone; then today a friend who does lymphatic drainage visited and got the swelling down on my legs and feet, and I've realised that the oedema was itself acting as a kind of scaffolding for my legs and now its gone they look so puny and sad and ironically feel weaker.

So baby steps as they say.

When I'm better i'll meet you for coffee after one of your gym sessions :) :)

When I started the gym all these years ago, I only went on the treadmill for 2 minutes at an agonising slow pace. I was out of breathh. But I went back again and slowly, very slowly built my tone indeed, and my breathing got better. Take courage. It's worth it :-) Mic

I know Mic, Ive been there, figuratively, not to that actual gym. Just shocking how quickly you can lose it despite being pretty fit beforehand. :O

Jean, I hope you can find something to pick yourself up a bit, Mic

Well i can climb the stairs now though exhausting Mic. So that's progress, can soon ask the med team to repossess the commode ;)

Had haircut today from my lovely hairdresser who came round the house; feels a bit more normal.

Friends loyal as ever - my cranial sacral therapist friend coming tomorrow to do some lymphatic drainage on my swollen feet, which are a bit better.

Appetite huge. So all going in right direction, just at a snail's pace, I'm not used to this :D

Thanks for your post Mic, and hope you're flute is going well :)

keep to the snail pace! Tell you what the haridresser was the best move. di dhe let you have a look at the result?


Are you crazy Mic? ;) No offence but I'd never get a cut without seeing it as it progressed.

Im pleased with it, its very short, how i used to have it but not for a while. It makes me feel so young . . . :D

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Hi Jean, onwards and upwards :)

Doin' my best nicgum :D

So glad you are improving all the time will be a long slow process, but you are on the right track....keep stepping :) :)

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