I have Bronchiectasis and asthma and have had infective exacerbations been in been in hospital had IV antibiotics and have now just started taking Azithromycin, tablets 3 times a week, but I get stomach ache wonder if anyone has some good advice. I have had 14 months of continuous chest infections I have heard so much about Azithromycin i am hoping they do the trick for me. Hope some one out there can help. Thanks

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Hi sisterbird, hubby Pete takes Azith three times a week and seems fine on that. He does not have any problems so far as we can tell. He also alternates with Doxycycline because his body gets very used to antibiotics and they may not work as well over time. So, Azith for say a year and Doxy for the next year. No problems there either. He has not really had a bad chest infection for several years but was knocked sideways by a virus in Feb.

I hope that helps a bit and I am sure there will be others on here soon who will offer help and support to you. Wishing you well and take care. xxxxx

Thanks, thats reassuring glad your hubby has been well on these tablets. Hope he has got over virus. Many thanks x

Hi take Azythromycin every day as my maintenance antibiotic and it has made a huge difference but I do get an acidy stomach some of the time. I find taking probiotics and live yoghurt does the trick. If you have only just started taking Azythromycin might the stomach ache be a coincidence? Probably worth checking with your GP if it continues. Good Luck, hope your stomach settles down and the Az works for you

Thanks will try the Probiotics just sent hubby to the shops, I want to give the Azythromycin a chance I am so pleased its made a difference to you that't what I'm hoping for. Thanks x

Hi I meant to ask what time of day do you take the tablets and when do you take the probiotics. thanks x

Hi I take my Azythromycin at night as it says before food or on an empty stomach and I take my probiotics in the morning. x

Thanks i am taking these at night and will start probiotics in the morning thanks a lot.x

Hope it works for you. x

I have been taking azithromycin for over a year, following mega chest infections+++ and a move to sea air in Hampshire completed a good job on my chest -- for the moment. I have kept well all through my husband's final illness. I do wonder if my case should be reviewed. I take them in the morning from my pill tray made up at the pharmacy.

Thank you for your reply pleased to hear that you have kept yourself well, take care and thanks x

I've been on Azithromycin for about 18 months and have only had one infection in that time. At times I seem to be starting something but it doesn't come to much and I put it down to these pills though of course I can't prove it. I take it at bedtime so it's over two hours since I've eaten. I take Omeprocil for my stomach as I'm always on ibuprofen and also have slight IBS and now don't often have stomach problems. So talk to your doc. and carry on with the Azithromycin. if you possibly can. Good luck!

Hi sisterbird, I too had problems with my stomach etc when I first started on Azithromycin so I ate twice as much yoghurt as normal to help with the friendly bacteria and let my body get used to the Azith. I also ate ginger as much as I could (in cooking or the chrystalised type). It took about 3 wks before I felt better but boy was it worth it. I now live a relatively normal life again (something I thought would never happen) and I call Azithromycin my magic pills. It is now 2 years since I was last in hospital. Just a thought, are you taking the tablets or the capsules? The reason I ask is that the capsules need to be taken two hours either before of after food, the tablets you can take any time. I found with the capsules that if I did not worry about the timing between food and medicine, I really paid for it with side effects. Good luck and take care. Maximonkey

Hi I,ve been on Azi for two months now and free of infections and no noticeable side effects.I take mine (pills) first thing in the morning along with all my other meds before breakfast.Hoping I can now get off the steroids after 15 months of the nasty little blighters.Good luck D.

I have found that Azithromycin has virtually stopped my chest infections. I have been taking it since August last year and have only had, one chest infections. I have had two scares in that time but neither turned out to be a infection. I take mine first thing in the morning. Last visit to consultant she asked me if it was working.My response was it was like a magic bullet.

I've been so well on the azi that I now am only taking them if I get an exacerbation. I'm surprised it took you so long to get them! I agree about the probiotics as mentioned by others. I also eat gluten free, and I think this helps with stomach issues too. Be wary of Omeprazole and other PPIs - they can be great but when you stop taking them there are unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Take care.

Thank you all for your kind replies. It makes me feel more positive knowing that Azithromycin is helping so many people and hopefully will help me as well.

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