A&E crisis explanation

Good and easy to read (I need this at the mo ;) ) analysis of A&E crisis. Caroline Molloy who wrote it is an active campaigner for a non-privatised NHS.

Most of what she says you'll be familiar with but she brings it together very well in a devasting critique.


Love and healing to all, :)

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  • Thank you for this 02. Save Our NHS rallies at the end of this month.


  • Perhaps there should be a BLF bloc cofdrop. Wish i could be there but it will be much too early.

    Rita has gone to labour party meeting in canterbury tonight, first time she's left me on my own. Must be progress. I'm making my dinner feeling very grown up! Amazing how infantalising illness can be.

    Take care, x :)

  • Was going to try to go to local one but don't know what route or how far they are walking and how much I could manage even if a good day. THEN I thought of you with your oxygen hopping on and off buses and walking when you could and you sure put me to shame.

    Much too early for you hun - you have other priorities - getting well again.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner!


  • Nothing should put you to shame cofdrop. We all just do what we can at any given moment.

    There must be a site that would give you the route. Thing about london is that hosting the national actions they can put on bus facilities - i couldn't have gone last year without knowing that.

    But i have new goals now - main one being its enough just to turn up. Constant adjustment to meet new situations.

    Meal lovely: heating up pre-cooked being - sweet potatoes, plaice (not heated up), peas white sauce with tamari sprinkled on. Yummy.

    You enjoy the evening, I'm off to watch the Good Wife in 10. xx :)

  • I think Pete would agree with you O2Trees, he feels as if he can no longer do very much for himself anymore but he tries if he feels up to it. Sad to see but he does have me to help him.

    Hope you are doing ok and taking care. xxxx

  • an excellent informative article - thank you xxx

  • Very interesting reading 02trees, think many of us who use the service realize this is sadly the truth,as do those of us supporting the campaign to save the NHS. The article was in more understandable terms rather than a load of difficult terminology. We must keep fighting for better fundingxx

  • Thanks for that 02. Great reading, informative & comprehensive. Enjoyed reading it.

    Also the idiots should hang their heads in shame the way they use the vunerable elderly. Cowards!

    Hope you are on the up and up 02. Take care honey.

    Sara xxx

  • That is so enlightening (and quite scary) - I had no idea that the 111 service was largely privately run, or about some of the other things mentioned. The NHS service (once one of the best in the World) is just being parcelled up and sold off bit by bit - we must all start talking about it and bringing it to the attention of others as much as possible. Thank you O2Trees. Will keep an eye out for the rally in our area too cofdrop. xx

  • Very scary Trees, makes me fear for the next time I have to call 999. Very scary.

  • Very interesting an enlightening O2. I found NHS Direct excellent and advise they gave me was spot on when my Son was extremely ill. 111 useless. The queues at A & E I fear will only increase. Thank you. Suzy

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