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Hello I went to my local hospital for results of tests and scan I had done in the end of October and early November. . The blood were takin to see it was illergic to things they came back fine . Other test were ok but far from perfect at this moment in time, but I deteriate as great older .but what was a worry for me was the result of the scan i had on my lungs they came back with this bronchiectasis . They explain the best they could and said I would on medication for life now great sprang to mind . What want to know is there anyone is the same boat and are coping with it ok , I go back to the hospital it around three months so would any info ,so I can before armed is forewarned so to speak.

Thanks for your time .


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Hi Pete - welcome to our friendly forum. There are quite a few of us who have bronchiectasis and most of us manage to live a full life. The best things you can do are:

- make sure you keep your lungs clear - ask to be referred to a respiratory physiotherapist who can show you various ways of doing this so you can find the one that suits you best

- use your inhalers well and ask for an emergency pack of steroids and anti-biotics to keep at home to use as soon as an exacerbation starts

- ask to go on a pulmonary rehabilitation course

- keep your weight within the healthy boundaries, eat well and exercise daily - I find walking does it for me

- if you smoke, please stop as this will irrtate your lungs and make exacerbations more likely

- keep in touch with the forum to get more information and support when you need it

- contact BLF for well informed advice

Am sure others will be along to help.


Thanks for the help. Im affraid that im one of those who dosnt want disclose every thing wrong with me . I keep it to myself and live with the best I can , that was until I found this site and found out there is a lot of others with this . This may sound sad but reading what people put on here dose help by just having a conversation type thing . Anyway whiłe was at the hospital reveiwing my results the consultant said i would be on these tablets from now on to help bringing the mucus up they are called Carbocisteine 375 mg and take these 1 or 2 capsules up to 4 times aday.


Hi and a very warm welcome to you.

Good advice from Penreath. The carbo will help to thin the mucus but you might want to ask your consultant to refer you to a respiratory physio, as you need to learn the best method for you to get rid of the gunk from your lungs and you then need to do it on a regular basis.

Good luck and if you have any questions, fire away - there will usually be someone around only too willing to help.



I have bronch and asthma and it has taken me a while to get to grips with it, still a bit in denial I think! The advice others have offered is all good. I would add, make sure you do lung clearance of some sort every day, (for me that is either exercise or using a flutter device), drink lots to stay hydrated, give your immune system a helping hand by following all the usual healthy living advice and maybe take extra vit C, Zinc and selenium. But most important is that everyone of us is different and you need to get to know how your lungs behave (or misbehave!) and work with your doctors to find the treatment that suits you. Pulmonary rehab is a great help as well. Good luck.


There is lots of information out there, some is reliable and some is flaky. Here are some links I have found helpful - this is a forum so lots of peoples experience and advice

I am sure there are lots more!


Hi Peter. I have a number of health problems, and, now I have the medicines right, bronchiectasis is the least troublesome! Not even on any medicines for it at the moment, but I do keep antibiotics in for any flare ups (the 'emergency pack').

Take a look at the advice below and search or other threads on a similar topic - there is a post a few below yours entitled 'new bronch' with more useful stuff. Good luck.


Thanks for that information . I had a flare up . I went to the doctors for antibiotics for this coughing , the doctor checked my fire breathing and said yes have a noise on the left lung. And said antibiotics are needed , then I asked if I could have some for emergency he so no as they need to see me every time it gets bad. But I will next time see my doctor and ask. So you take care and we may chat later..


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