Been unwell

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the warmer spring weather 😊

I unfortunately have been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks. I had a pneumothorax and also had the added bonus of having pneumonia and a tear in the same lung. I have had a secondary pleurodesis to the bottom section of my right lung, I already had the talc procedure carried out when I was 22.

My bronchiectasis is bilateral in both my lungs and I have emphysema throughout both lungs. I am a long way from running again but hope to get back there soon.

I have.really missed the forum and will spend the next days catching up on all the news.

Take care everyone


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  • Oooh you poor sausage! Very much hoping you soon feel better and stronger. Stay in touch :-)

  • Justin, I will not talk too much about pneumothoirax as this is not nice.

    I am so sorry you had this all piling up on you.

    I could try to sheer you up somehow by saying that bronchiectasiscan be sort of maintained to a low level. But, for now, realx and get yourself mended. Eat well. I hope you can sleep well. I got a frame to lift my chest up from the hospital physiotherapist, perhaps you could ask for that as nights are more comfortable when the mucus stays down rather than invade yout throat at night itme.

    I want a progress report please! Hope ou get better, really, really soon. My thoughts go with you. Mic

  • Keep well mate, really sorry to hear you have been unwell.

  • Hi do hope you soon feel a lot better

    Take care


  • Poor you. Glad you are over the worst anyway Justin. As Mic says relax and get yourself mended. Sara :)

  • Wow, sorry to hear U've not been well justin, hope things improve quickly for u, ( I to have had pneumothorax x2 and a plurectomy ) take it easy xx Sonia xx

  • So sorry to hear this Justin, you must be feeling very fed up. Pneumonia really knocks it out of you but you are young and strong and will recover well. Meanwhile keep your spirits up and look forward to the long evenings and getting back to your running.

  • You've been through the mill a bit Justin, wish you better soon, rest up xxxx

  • Oh Justin I am just so sorry to hear your news..I had been wondering where you were, but was hoping that your absence just meant that things were going OK for you.

    You have had a bad time with worrying for you, and pneumonia is so will take some time for you to get back to where you were before.

    Please take things easy and get really well again.

    I have missed you

    *BIG HUG*


  • Hi nice to see you again Justin - I did notice you haven't been in for a while and I hope you will recover soon and be back with us. x

  • Oh dear, you've had it rough, haven't you Justin, I wish you a very speedy recovery. xx

  • Hi Justin, thinking of you and wishing you good treatment and a speedy recovery though i know it takes time. What a basin full you've had. Feel better asap, :)

  • Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery x

  • Sorry to hear you've been through a rough patch... take it easy...wishing u a speedy recovery :)

  • So sorry Justin to hear you have had such a rough time - horrid. Glad you are home hun and hope you see a gradual improvement day by day.

    love cx

  • Hope you are soon on the road to recovery and back to your usual self Justin

  • Sorry to here youve been unwell sounds like your on the mend and im sure youll be back running soon.

  • Great to her you are on the mend.

  • Welcome back Justin but so sorry to hear of your health problems. You are the sort of person though who will fight back as best you can and keep yourself well. I do hope you are getting all the very best treatment you can and I do wish you well.

    Take care and hear from you again soon. This is indeed a great site. xxxx

  • So sorry to hear your news Justin. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take it easyxxx

  • Oh no, I had presumed your absence meant you were doing well. So sorry to hear your news and wish you to get well soon although this will take a while after that setback.

    Good luck Justin, lots of TLC fir you now! P

  • So sorry top hear you have been unwell - wishing you the speediest recovery, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Sorry to hear you have been so ill - my husband seems to have jumped from one bout of illness to another this year! Hope you feel better very very soon, take good care of yourself, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Sorry you're not so good Justin

    There's a vaccine for pneumonia (check out You should look into it if it hasn't already been suggested.

    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  • Hi Justin

    I'm so sorry your feeling poorly. You were doing so well last time we spoke. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Please keep us posted. Have you been doing well before this happened?

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • That sounds nasty Justin...hope you're feeling lots better. :-)

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