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Was at hospital last night, been really sore since Sunday, basically every time I breath in I'm really sore at the top right shoulder just under my collar bone, pain runs right along my collar bone. Bloods and O2 levels were fine heart rate was constant at 45, they say I've a heart of a 19 year old athlete lol they thought it was partial lung collapse, xray was fine apart from the bullous emphysema. Still got the pain, they say it's muscle damage????

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1958, I sympathize with you. Oh dear, I don't really know the effect of a bulla, but it must be very uncomfortable.

Have they not prescribed anything for the pain. even muscle damage - possible if you have coughed a lot - could be alleviated with Ibuprofen gel. Have you got some heat pad? Only a warm one not to irritate the muscles more, but just to ease the muscles.

Any cream, any essential oil? I like Bergamot, but I don't know the benefit of it, only it smells gorgeous!

Of course, the ol' Parcetamo; would temporarily help. Can you ask for any of these to help with your pain. sometimes you have to suggest this a bit forcefully to get somewhere.

Oh I hope you will feel less pain. Mic


Cheers, only taking paracetamol, ive not had any discomfort from this bullous emphysema, think I might have pulled something doing exercise, if it was anything else I guess it would have been picked up through the blood tests and chest xray.


You must have been relieved and well pleased with your results 1968, I would have been. It's easy to pull a muscle. I pulled one last year just doing a bit of weeding, it went from my toe right up my leg and into my back, took weeks to get better. x


Having this condition I find I'm phyically weaker than before,I just shut a window and had to suffer pain in my ribs through strain ,blimey ,I was so weak,so I slowed down not to urt myself,


Thinking of you and hope you get something to ease your pain x


Get well soon and hope you get the help you need.xx


Sometimes with SOB the shoulders will work to help you breath but the action they use is not how they were designed so they often can be strained.

Be Well


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