Hi folks hope you are all still sucking it in :D Been of the site for a few months whilst I've been prodded and poked by several consultants and even had medical results sent Australia for analysis :P in the mean time they have just kept me on steroids to keep me going as I am only transferring 50% of the oxygen my body requires and ferritin levels which they can't stop is still increasing 1800 at the last count (300 is the max normal level) .

As a result of all the prodding and poking, the consultants are still scratching their heads and I'm still on steroids (coming up to 4 months now and knocking hell out of me but they keep me breathing).

Still feeling rough but still smiling though I did go through a low point but no worse than anyone else? Just got to keep 'Sucking it in :D '

I have a couple of friends raising money for the BLF so will be posting details soon :P

Hopefully might get back to doing my ' Weekend Wit' soon :)

In the mean time 'Keep Breathing :) X

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  • Good to hear from you ,but not all you been going through its tough in it , glad to hear your over the worst good luck.x

  • Cheers Colours - I'm no further forward health wise - But just decided to give my head a shake and get on with things to the best of my ability - I've never been negative but was getting frustrated with inabilities. But the bells gone and I'm back out for the next round of fighting :D

  • That's the spirit!

  • Thought you had completely dropped off the radar Plumbob! It's great to have you back again. Bit of a medical enigma then? You've even got the Aussies stomped lad!

    Anyway Plumbob, now's the time to take those rollers out and wow us with your new hairdo.

    Sara xx

  • They've called me complex, an enigma etc. Won't tell you what the wife calls me :D - New photo coming up soon - Just for you :) But not in my present state 4 months of steroids have made me look like Mr Blobby :P LOL

  • Good to have you back Plumbob and hope things are now on the up for you. Take care xxxx

  • Cheers Sassy

  • Hi plumbob was reading radiation can make iron in asbestos inhert

    Dont know how true is tho .. was reading about feritin yesterday wile a was reading up on asbestos silica emphysema and that anti 1 crap

    If find out or elusive cure all be sure to share any info

    Nice to see ya back :)

  • Hi Bob, nice to see you back mate. Keep pluggin' away.


  • Really good to see you back Bob. Sorry to hear your have had such a rough ride hun but glad to see your fighting spirit back.

    love cx

  • Sorry u've had it so tough plumbob, nice to have u back though, xx Sonia xx

  • It's nice to hear from you again plumbob, sorry though to hear what you've been going through. I hope they get to the bottom of your problem soon. xx

  • Thank you all for all your nice comments - I'm like a wine stain on a carpet (and this is the polite way of putting it) I am just so hard to get rid of :D

  • Good morning Plumbob, Nice to meet you, so sorry things have been bad for you,and that you are feeling rough.Hopefully the steroids will make a difference,Best wishes to you, Bulpit

  • Welcome back Plumbob, sorry to hear its been a rough few months for you, but hopefully you are now on the mend, you sound quite cheery so hope you feel the same. Best wishes for ongoing improvement for you xx

  • Great to see your PMA is still there and hope you get much better soon

  • Hi Bob,good to hear from you again.I,m now into my second year of the infernal steroids.My sight is the most worrying side affect,seem to get worse every day.Seeing(well trying to lol) optometrist tomorrow ,Friday,so fingers (and eyes ) crossed.Welcome back!Regards D. 👀

  • Cheers D - hope all goes well at optometrists - and don't forget it's not your eyesight fading it's an eclipse so don't panic :P

  • So pleased to see you back Plumbob

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