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Old in the tooth not me!

Had to go to the one place I am not happy to go to and that is the Dentist! We have moved to a new practice as the old one had grown so much it was like a cattle market/production line. I like a little bit of customer service at the place I detest, it calms me down. With this being my first visit had to fill in the forms with name address and conditions with medications. I photo stated my prescriptions and handed it in for them to file, ticked many boxes on the condition section :)

It was not long before a dental nurse called my name and off we went at a great pace to the furthest room in the building. I quickly took the plodding approach as I was never going to keep up with her. In the room and a very pleasant dentist put his hand out to shake and told me sit down. He waited for me to get my breath back and went though my conditions. "Have you got your nitrate spray with you?" I replied the positive with a puzzled look on my face? "Do not panic I just like to know it is at hand?"

Moves me down to a semi flat position and started to throw letters and numbers at the dental assistant then he quotes a position with the fact it is a milk tooth? He tells me they are all in fair condition and need no work on them bar a little clean up so proceeds to clean with the nurse moving the vacuum in my mouth trying to control that wobbly tongue. I must say that it was the most gentle I have had for a very long time.

Once I was upright I had to ask about the milk tooth? He said that it is in fantastic condition but if it was to get damaged I would have to be referred to a dental hospital as it will be fused to my jaw bone!

So as far as my mouth is concerned it has a baby tooth to keep my mouth young.

Be Well

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Offcut, I smile at the smoothness. No, I don't like the dentist chair either. What I saw worked for me is to wash my teeth with Colgate in the morning and in the evening, rinse my mouth and teeth with Dentyl Active. I started this as I felt a twinge in one of my teeth and thought, No I don't want another visit. This system has benefited me well. the twinge disappeared. When you swill this product in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute, and you spew it out, there's liittle bits in the sink! I suppose there are bits of plaque and bacteria. It does help. Hope you keep the tooth away form any fairy! Mic


sure will


A girl I went to school with still has several milk teeth she is 54

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And I thought I was being unique again ;)


did you mean to say antique instead of unique lol




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