I've been getting out of breath for a few years but the doctors didn't think much of it cause they thought its to do with my asthma. I've been on many inhalers including flutiform which hasn't improved my breathlessness and just yesterday I did a spirometry test. For my SVC it was alright but for my FVC I couldn't do it. I could only force out air for 1/2 seconds, I repeated the FEV several times but I wouldn't get a result for it and I started getting chest pain. I'm not a smoker nor a drinker but I live in a house full of people who smoke so I'm exposed to it. What could this indicate?

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  • Hi it sounds like copd to me especially if you are exposed to secondary smoke but only your doctor can confirm this. I don't know what the answer is if you can't do the spirometry test properly. x

  • I don't think its COPD because I don't have many of the symptoms for that, I'm just scared its something worse :(

  • go back and keep going back till they find out whats wrong.

    I spent years going back and for to my gp who kept saying its a chest infection and now they want me to have a double lung transplant.

    Im not trying to scare you im just telling you not to be fobbed off x

  • They said they'd refer me to a respiratory doctor. I'm just scared that I may have to get a lung transplant also :(

  • its good that your being refered the gp only knows so much a consultant will do lots of tests

    the act that you live with smokers isnt good though, they inhale through a filter you dont even do that.

    we are told not to let people even smoke close to the house

  • Yeah I've been exposed to cigarettes from a very young age, its been more than 10 years. I'm just hoping to move out because I'll never get better as long as I live in this environment

  • I have RLD and PH these can give a different reading on the test. Did anything improve when they gave the salbutamol? for the second test?

    It took me 2 years to get my GP's to do a Spiro test and that was only after I found I had worked with asbestos. They kept saying my breathing was down to my heart conditions and still insisted even after the cardiologist sent them a letter stating it was not the heart problems!

    You have to keep on to them it seems that any testing has to approved before they pass it on in some surgeries mine included.

    Be Well

  • I've always been on that and other inhalers but nothing has improved my breathlessness and I couldn't force out my breath for more than 2 seconds and I don't think I can with any help from meds

  • copd.about.com/od/copdbasic...

    I had no difference when I used the salbutamol in my spiro if you had it at your GP's they may not have the full knowledge of the results so a hospital spiro would be read better?

  • I have to see a respiratory doctor anyway to get xrays and everything done. It wasn't about the spirometry reading, I just couldn't blow enough air out for it to be able to read it

  • Aysha, I'm so sorry you are so unwell. Im afraid that you would be passive smoking in that environment. It's delicate to suggest people not to smoke around you, yet this would be a solution. Is it too difficult to ask people to go and smoke outside and trey to explain that the smoke makes you ill

    I wish I could advise you better. I feel for you as you need clean air and exercises to get better. Hope somebody can suggest a way to talk to your family. Perhaps you could get a word from your doctor that you could show to the people around you to testify that inahled smoke form others isn't good for you (and for them)..

    Have you been referred to a specialist? I don't know what else to suggest. something must be done before you get worse, though.Mic

  • My social service has told my household members to smoke outside, but they don't listen and I don't think they ever will... its too late anyway its affecting me already. I also agree, I want to be able to breathe clean air and exercise but I can't as long as I live in a environment full of smoke so I should hopefully move out soon before I get any worse than I already am. I will be referred to a specialist soon by the doctor, thankfully. Thank you for your sympathy towards me :)

  • Aisha, will you have the possibility to move out. Oh, what a terrible situation. What will your family think. Will you incur the anger from them? How will you do this?

    I hope you find close friends who can really help you and not betray your intentions tosensitive people.Mic

  • Social services said they'd help me, its hard to move out as I'm only 17. And my family won't be happy but I got to do whats best for me.

  • I wish you teh best of luck. But be careful how you act. It's not necessary to inflame the situation, acyt as tactfully as you can. Bless your heart.

  • Hi Aysha

    You are so young to be having so much trouble. Its not related to your asthma?

    How do you do on your peak flow meter? I would think its related to your asthma considering your age. I wish you luck, and please keep us informed.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • I guess its to do with my home environment :/ And I don't do great on my peak flow, I can't blow much air out of my lungs and I've been on many inhalers just none of them helps me enough. And thank youu I will let yous know xx

  • Yes please let us know. I'm hoping its some kind of infection. Your justt a baby yet. You don't need such problems. We're here to chat any time you want.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I've been like this for 2 years but its just getting worse so I'm not sure... I just hope its something minor 😞 And thank youuu 😌

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