Im just back this evening from 5 day stay in hospital. Within the 2 week period of illness my resting sats had gone from 93% on air to 87/88% on 4 litres with reflux spasms and bad asthma, very frightening and unbelievable. The c-pap thing was a red herring which i realised when i got your kind replies on that post. I think my gp was casting around in a bit of a panic as no-one could understand the plummet in O2 saturation. They were wanting to investigate whether i had a pulmonary embolism which i don't but apparently you can have a lower level wide spread more chronic clotting in the lungs which will have to be investigated later.

Anyway it turned out what i do have is double pneumonia with fluid on lungs and an unholy dose of thrush in the mouth, something I've never had and never want again. Have lost 10 pounds i can't afford as I'm skinny already, so important to eat and I've a big appetite but agonising on thrushy tongue. Reflux spasm coughing has been a major problem when eating and post-eating too. But at least now coughing is very productive :D

Sats have finally began to come up again and are currently being kept between 88-92% on 1 litre and still improving, so they decided i could be discharged and managed at home by our community respiratory team. The team commode is here and multiple other kit as i can't walk up stairs for a while. Rita is finding things to cook that are less painful to eat, everything mashed and very bland :(

Treatment in the respiratory ward couldn't have been bettered. All levels of staff were spot on and very friendly and empathic. I have had a horror of hospitals, a left-over from teenage years when my father was almost permanently in the QE in Birmingham and died there. As a retired happy camper i took organic baby wet wipes with me and what with using a commode i totally avoided the shower and toilet where i thought it might be easy to pick up hospital acquired infections. The experience has got me over my morbid fear so that now i know the hospital is there as a good resource.

I haven't been able to go online for around a week, upset you've been worried and its so lovely to see the site again. No energy to explore what I've missed yet, but i will be when i feel stronger. Just knowing you are all there supporting each other is uplifting, not to mention the wonderful love and loyalty you've shown me too. Special thanks for all the pms which i will reply to as i get stronger.

I hope everyone is in as good nick as possible. I'll post again in a few days.

Sleep well my friends.

Trees = oxygen = breath = life

(my new signature, from a Network Rail direct action a few years ago to save threatened trees in the town - we won!)

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so lovely to see you back :) :) :)

Hi O2 its really nice to see yous back, take it slow and build from there,, :) :)

Sooo happy and relieved to hear from you! Just you take things easy now and get better very soon O2 ! hugs huff xxx

"Oh! Jean..It is so good to see you back..."Welcome Home My Friend"..Wow what a battle you have been through...You really must rest and try not to rush yourself. thrush of the mouth is something else..its so horrible. But hopefully now it as been cleared up you will feel much more like eating till you start to build yourself back up.."Remember Jean"..DaY at a time...take care of yourself keep well wrapped up the weather in the Midlands is cold as you probably already can feel now your back home.....xxx Megan."

Oh my goodness 02trees, double pneumonia!!! What a horrible experience you've been through. You poor thing. I must admit, I'm a little surprised that your home so soon after going through all that, I'veknown healthy people be in for weeks with pneumonia. I'm sure it must be down to your excercise/healthy lifestyle routine.

It's nice to hear that your experience of the hospital was a positive one. I know from my Dad, that it makes such a difference, no matter what someone is there for, if they feel they have been treated well.

I wish you the speediest of recoveries and am so glad your back. xx

So pleased you are home and wishing you a good recovery from what sounds an awful time x

Good to have you back take it easy and hope everything gets better and look after your self

I am so pleased you are home again and being looked after, take care x

Pleased your back with us again take care


So good to see you back O2, you've been very much missed. Take it easy, huge hugs :-) xxx

So good to see you posting and wonderful to hear that you are improving. I did wonder what the weirdness with the Cpap posts. Esp having been through all that before I had home oxygen.

Most happy to hear that you cured your hospital phobia at the same stroke. Well done. Be prepared for a long slow recovery from this pneumonia. Greatest sympathy with the oral thrush. Rib

02 Trees=back=happy=healthunlockeders.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š great to see you getting back to better health 02.

Tony x

Omg O2 you have been in the wars haven't you? I wonder why it took them so long to diagnose your pneumonia as you have been ill for a while haven't you? It is good to see you back on here but don't put your health at risk and take it easy won't you. Look after yourself and concentrate on getting much better and eat as much as you can. Lots of hugs xx

Jimmy123? (who else?!) He left reply to my post above Cough.

Will reply yours here later xxx

Oh, just seen that that was Jimmyg23. Or was he always g23 and i just read it wrong :O Really confused now.

Oh I am praying the o2 keeps getting better and better! Also that the trush goes away. Glad you get to be home!

Great to see you back Jean. Can't begin to imagine how frightening it would have been. God bless the special people who care for us when we are ill and lessen the fear aspect. Do hope your recovery speeds along and you feel stronger each day! Suz x

Hope you soon recover from your illness you have had a rough time of it, take care, and nicer weather will soon be here to lift you. xx

So very sorry to hear about what's been happening to you but so pleased you're back home again. As everyone else has said, take good care of yourself.

Jan xx

So pleased you are home again O2, but what a bad time you have been having, and to top it all to have thrush as well, very unpleasant, to have had or got double pneumonia is really dreadful, such a difficult time for you and Rita, So good to hear that the hospital staff were excellent, so often you hear otherwise, Hopefully you weight will slowly go back on and you will be stronger, Best wishes, Pulpit.

Bad experience, but good result - sounds as though your recovery is going well. Take it easy for a while. Good to see you back x

Hi 02 lovely to hear your home, keep well. Sheila Xx

Thank heavens dear girl, I'm so relieved and happy you're back home after this awful spell.

Baby steps.

Sending gentle hugs and give Dora a squeeze from me 😘

Oh gosh O2 you have been through it but you seem to have come out positive and determined. Well done top marks. You are an inspiration to a coward like me. Suzy

Glad ur back 02 and getting better, xx Sonia xx

Oh how WONDERFUL you are back * BIG HUG* I am so glad you went into hospital after all, I know you didn't want to, but you so NEEDED to be in there 02

Rushing off to work now...but HAD to let you know how very happy I am to hear that you are OK

Now be a good girl and pamper yourself....nice nourishing soups and things that you fancy.

It will take you awhile to get your strength back after lying in bed so long...so don't rush things,

I am just so VERY happy to know you are OK

Lots and lots of love to you

Sohara xxxxxx

Soooo .... great to have you back O2! The forum just doesn't seem right without you. Delighted your hospital stay was a good one and they got you sorted out. Take very good care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Sara x

So, so glad to hear from you as I was very worried. Delighted that you got over your fear of hospitals and went in because it was really obvious from your symptoms that you needed inpatient treatment. Your experience sounds a lot like my Sept. 2014 exacerbation with reflux making the lungs much worse and candida not helping either. As you have thrush in your mouth I'm wondering if you have it in your oesophagus as well. If so you would have oesophagitis which would be causing all kinds of bother in your throat and chest. You might remember I posted on here about Candida at that time. Eat loads of natural yogurt and keep taking the antifungals.

You will be weak for quite a while after the double pneumonia but hopefully your breathing and sats will improve, now that that's been tackled. You've had an awful ordeal but after a period of convalescence, I'm sure you will be yourself again. Take it easy and don't overdo things and risk a relapse. Big hugs to you and Rita !

So glad you're back and improving you were really missed

So glad to hear your on the mend...the yoghurt in ice cube trays sounds like a good idea for the thrush....onwards and upwards but slowly slowly...also great to know you won the tree thing,I love trees I used to get my grandson to hug them when he was little and I have more photos of trees than anything else...slightly weird x

Sorry to hear about you not being well 02,sending you my best wishes for a speedy recovery God bless naresh62 x

Good to have you back in the happy throng 02, made all the happier with you back among us,regards D.

Hello to you too O2 and so pleased to see you back on here after quite some ordeal it seems. I do hope that you do well at home and things improve. Trust you to have double pneumonia! You take care and build your strength up.

Thinking of you. xxxxxxx

Glad your back, you have had a bad time hope your soon back to normal.....and the horrible thrush has gone...Take care xxx

Great to see things are moving in the right direction hope it gets better each day for you.

Be Well

Really good to see you back hun after having such a horrid time. Glad they looked after you well though. Lots of r and r for you.

Healing vibes and gentle virtual hugs.

love cx

O2Trees, Oh I'm so glad you are home, which is the best place. Yes teh pulmonary team is great in hospital and out. But you fif well to use your own wipes and commode. (I did get C-difficile on top of the infection I already struggled with)

I hope your infection is dealt with successfully. I hope you are out of these frightening days now. Best wishes for a good recovery,


Da-dah ! Welcome home jean, josh it's all been a bit of a roller coaster for you, rest up, take it easy x x x x

Hi O2trees.. I have been following everyone's posts for about a year and was worried That I hadn't seen you for a while .. Glad you are back and wish you well. :-)

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