St.Patrick was born in Scotland!

Ah well another Paddies day creeps around and I,m yet another year older.This time last year I was in hospital with infection/exacerbation.Told at 10.30am I can go home,still waiting at 9.30pm for the pharmacy to bring my meds.Got home about 11.00. At least at home for all of my birthday this time,down to the azithromycin and oramorph I reckon.Seeing ( trying to anyway lol)eye specialist on Friday hoping they sort out cataracts and now glaucoma,seems to be getting worse by the day.Start cutting down steroids again after Friday(had to make sure I would make this appointment) so wish me luck yet again.Happy breathing chums!D. πŸ˜‰

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARMER!!!! :D So you have your Birthday on St. Patricks day! :D

    Well I hope you have a great day and night and you feel alright!! love to you on your special day , hugs huff xxxx

  • Thanks Huff,lovely sunny day here so having a good birthday.Cheers!D. 😎

  • Happy Birthday Farmer wonderful for you to be at home. Weather here is sunny and warm after a dull drizzly start. Suzy

  • Thankyou Suzy,decent weather makes all the difference does,nt it?Happy days,D. 😺

  • Great that you're at home this year to enjoy your special day...Many happy returns Farmer :) x

  • Hi LL,think I was in hospital the previous year aswell so It,s good to be free lol,thanks.πŸ‘

  • Wishing you a very happy Birthday Farmer D and good luck with your appointments and with staying well. Take care xxxxx

  • Thanks Sassy,hope they can do something about my sight ,it,s quite worrying.D. πŸ‘€

  • It must be worrying for you but wishing you well and hope you get all the help you can. xxxx

  • Happy Birthday Farmer! Hope you have a great day.

    The very best of luck for Friday. My friend has had both hers done now and she said it's amazing. Will you still have to wear specs?

    Take care and keep well.

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara,thanks.I,m not sure what will happen.It would be great to not have to wear my specs although I think I may use them to hide behind sometimes lol.😎

  • Happy Birthday Farmer! Hope all goes well on Friday, I've heard it makes such a difference. Xx

  • Thanks Sheila,got everything crossed including my eyes lol.D. 😡

  • " Hey!... D....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!... A Big Happy Birthday to you.....Hope you are having an awesome one..plenty to drink..plenty to eat....and plenty..well whatever hope you have plenty....hehehehe.....Sshhhhh..((( Big Birthday HUGS )))...Megan."

  • Thanks Megan,but can,t think what you might mean( I should be so lucky ).Just got a phone call and will pick up my brand new sparkly car next Tuesday wooohoooo!!! ✊ πŸƒ πŸ‘

  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Farmer, glad you're home for your birthday this year. :-) xx

  • Thankyou Jolyn,for the last two years I had been in hospital twice by this time of year so things must be getting better,even if it does,nt always feel that way.Regards D.

  • Happy birthday farmer good to see you home and take care and hope everything goes well for you

  • Thanks Jimmy I had a great day.D.

  • Happy Birthday Daryl. Did you have one of those scrumptious cheesecakes? Hope you had a thoroughly lovely day with a few pleasant surprises. Good luck on Friday! Oh and I have seen three birthplaces mentioned for "St Patrick" So which is it, Ireland/Scotland or Wales???? Hugs Suz x

  • Hi Suz,who is Daryl?I had a great day thanks.I have a Welsh first name ,David,was born on St.Patricks day in Scotland and have lived in England for forty years so I,m Very British.I pretty sure just about every birthday I ,ve heard of Patrick being born somewhere else,think it,s an on going Irish joke.Regards David.πŸ˜€

  • Well I had the D right! Sorry about that I had Daryl on the brain....As for Patrick's birthplace and the Irish jokes I will just leave that well and truly alone. Pleased you had a great day for your birthday! Suz x

  • Sorry I missed your birthday D, hope you had a great day and had an opportunity to 'wet the shamrock'. That's a euphemism for getting P*****d and I know you don't drink but hopefully you got to celebrate one way or another. Great St Patrick's Day here, nice day for the parade and very mild weather. Spring's definitely on it's way.

  • Hi Argana good to hear from you,the best bit of my birthday was the phone call to tell me my brand new sparkly Mini Cooper will be ready for me to collect next Tuesday.WOOT WOOT!!! Yes at last the weather is turning better so I,ll drive into the wilderness and go for a long walk.Well for "wilderness" read Hamstead Heath maybe lol.Take care,regards D. ✌️

  • A Mini Cooper and brand new !!! I'm impressed and jealous in equal measures :)

  • Decided to treat myself with backdated mobility PIP.Just hope my eyesight which is getting worse every day lasts long enough for me to drive for a while. πŸ‘€

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