Cold and Misty

What am I doing up I suppose to be retired, someone should tell Bella Trix the lodger dog what the rules are in this house, I tried but she just laughs at me and say's come on Fred its rise and shine time. Pleased to say the builders have started to replace the walls down Kate's and the new floor is next once the pipes etc are done. Right down to the serious stuff.

When I was down to say goodbye to the Aunt it reminded me of when I was younger and single .

When ever I went to a Wedding the older ones would keep saying your next Fred, your next. But I found a way of getting my own back, when at a funeral I would say Your next, your next.

And then there was a Redhead,a Brunette and a fair haired lady lost in the desert, well they found a lamp and rubbed it. Out popped a genie and granted them one wish each. The redhead wished to be back home, poof ! she was back home. The brunette wished to be back home with her family, poof ! she was home as well. The fair haired lady said " Awwwww I am lonely I wish my friends were here."

Remember folks that Laughter is a tranquilizer without side effects.

Have a great day and thanks for being there.

xxxFred :)

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  • Morning Fred.

    If laughter is a tranquiliser can I go back to bed?

    I like so many really enjoy my morning giggle from you.

    Have a good day


  • No you can not go back to bed sailor get that hammock stowed away and get on deck, or do I have to take you in hand? (sorry forgot where I was for a moment) lol. Have a good day my kracker any thing on the cards for today ? I am off to feed the cats and see the builder at 0830. Tomorrow I have to give some blood and let a nurse stick things all over my body, oh dear its only an ECG but I can dream. Love Fred xxx

  • So funny

    I'm glad the work is underway at Kates, hopefully it won't be too long now and she'll be back home.

    I can imagine Bella getting you up early in the mornings Fred. lol. I bet she want's to be trotting out for her early morning walkies. :-) xxx

  • Morning my lovely giggler, yes that's it Bella wants to go out for a run but she will be lucky as no way can I take her to far as the breath will not allow that at the moment, but I have a friend who does dog walking and I am paying him to take her 3 times a week for an hour plus run on the moors so she will be fine as she also like him and gets excited when she sees him.

    Hope you are alright and getting sorted Lyn as time marches on but memories last for ever. :) Fred xxxx

  • That's good, at least Bella gets a good run Fred and it's lovely to see them stretching those legs and full of energy.

    My daughter's home tomorrow and she's staying with me until Monday, so that will be nice to spend some girlie time with her.

    Yes, I do have some wonderful memories Fred. :-) xxx

  • Hi jolyn You will be looking forward to your daughter coming to stay, my children are scattered far and wide.

    enjoy your girlie time. xxx

  • Fred you light up my day , love the jokes.

    Pleased the kitchen is getting sorted. Sheila xx 😊

  • Morning Sheila have a good day, anything special planned or just another Tuesday ? xx :)

  • Nothing special... Just playing my Irish music. And getting computer sorted..again.... Still freezing up on me. :-(. X

  • Gives me a smile every morning! Hope Bella is soon reunited with your daughter, then you can get a lay in! Xx

  • Morning I am a lucky man two Sheila's in one morning, so pleased your smiling which means the sun will come out if we all smile hard enough.

    Have a good day xxx Fred :)

  • It's pouring down here in Suffolk at the mo. My intention was to go out today, and smile! Been a bit fed up with it all lately, must snap out of it!! Hope you have a good day. Xx

  • Yes come on snap to it lady or you will be in deep trouble with the smile troop. xxx Fred :)

  • Well Fred i snapped to it, lovely amble round on scooter until i misjudged the path and ended up upside down, complete with scooter. Think the only thing that really hurt was my pride!! Xx

  • Oh dear Sheila b51 what am I going to do with you, are we going to see you on "you been framed" as long as its only your pride that will mend easy enough. xxx ;)

  • HI Fred,

    Its coming to something when the idea of an ecg gets the imagination going! You men!

    We wouldnt change you.

    glad youve found a dog walker, exercise is one thing, but only when you feel up to it.

    Love Iris x

  • Hi there Iris I am a bit late coming back to you as been with the builders, glad you don't want to change me as I am to set in my ways, but yes I have a good imagination, but then I am ex Royal Navy submariner.

    xxxFred :)

  • Yes, theres something about a sailor, and you know what sailors are!

    In the Daily Mail today story about a botched building job that caused such damage the house had to be demolished!

    hope all is going well... Only joking. iris x

  • They also say All the nice girls love a sailor, why not some of the naughty ones as well ? xx :)

  • Good misty morn,no fog horns today,getting warmer to go out, I thought I was the only one that went to funerals and had the nerve to say" Your Next" after always nagging me to get a ball n chain(married) that is. Thought I'd get them back but it didn't go down to well No sence of humar!! I couldnt stop laughing but then I am naughty. It's the only way to be .nip down to see the sea later the Suns out!

  • Please you are just like me with a wicked sense of humour and I agree you got to laugh as its better than crying. Hope you went down to the sea for a paddle. xxx Fred :)

  • Wet and murky here in London with high pollution levels. Oh joy!

    Will try not to breath today! Or maybe that's not such a good idea.

    You should have read Bella the rules of the house before letting her lodge with you. But then again maybe she's not such a good listener!

    Have a good day. xx

  • The sun is out here in Devon and its warming up. Please do not stop breathing we need you with us butter-fly . Now as for whether Bella is a good listener or not I can not comment on how a females mind works !

    XXxx Fred :)

  • Good Morning Fred, love you joking about! The sun is doing its best to shine here and when it does I'll send some your way 😀

    Hugs huff xxxx

  • Hi huff

    please send me some after is not a good day in Carlisle, have had rain,and its very cold. Heating on full >>>>>>>> have a good day. sheilaxx

  • Oh dear I wish I could! I'm afraid the sun changed its mind and I've lit the fire instead! brrrrrrrrrr! got myself a hotty botty too :D huff xxxx

  • Oh dear huff that was short lived, fire on and a hotty what you need is a big cuddle one on its way by express, and here is a hug in the mean time. xxx Fred :)

  • Sheila can not send the sun as we need it all here but for you I will send you a big cuddle hug xxx Fred

  • Ah well cuddle it is... I am now going for my fortnightly massage, I go in like an old woman, and ce out like a spring chicken... Lol. Xxx

  • Give me the spring chicken anytime , can I have the wish bone lol xxx :)

  • I would like to be the spring chicken all the time... See what I can do with the wish bone.🐓

  • Here chicky chicky xx :)

  • Looked all over for the wish bone Fred but to no avail,🍗 will this do? X

  • How did you guess I was always a leg man lol xx :) ;)

  • Well what can I say to that.......l love the banter Fred. Now I will say g'night have a beer on me 🍺 or 🍺xx

  • Thanks huff we have a lovely sunny day here infact we have the doors wide open and the heating all switched off, but we are on standby for later when it turns.

    XXX Fred :) hugs on its way

  • Morning smiler and how are you today? Apart from being busy bungalow sitting that is? I am glad they are making progress at your daughters home and hopefully she can move back soon. Have a good day Fred xx

  • High there sorry I am later in coming back to you, as you are right I am busy running up and down to Kate's , more to the point how are things with you, all coming together I hope and you are getting out and about. Keep smiling over there. Fred xxx :)

  • Well it is so nice here today that I took the dog up Walls Hill for ages, just sitting in the sunshine and chucking the ball for her. She loved it as well. x

  • That's great good for both xx :)

  • Hi Fred, feeling tranquilised already. You seem to be doing well with Bella or should that be the other way round? Anyway, you have yourself a nice day. Sun is shining which makes me smile even more. love, Carole. xxxxxx :)

  • Hi Carole you are right Bella has trained me in just a few days, she has settled so well and is no bother really love. The sun does bring out the smiles in people long may it shine on. Be careful and behave yourself sassy59 going on a couple more. xxxxx :)


  • Good Morning Fred, The work at your daughters sounds very serious, taking walls down, was that due to the flood. Thank goodness she had insurance, Bella is having a lovely holiday. A misty start to the day here,usually promises a good day, Fingers crossed, Regards Bulpit

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