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Asbestos Silica Causes OXIDATIVE STREES Mechanics of ASBESTOS Lung Disease Emphysema

Asbestos Silica Causes OXIDATIVE STREES Mechanics of ASBESTOS Lung Disease Emphysema

17 Mar 2015 — Is shocking HOW those heavily exposed with ASBESTOS & SILICA are left owing a proper diagnosis.

My last post addressed HOW smoking is being USED by GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS to rip of those suffers heavily exposed NOT just to ASBESTOS but SILICA to.

CLASS DISCRIMINATION .... EQUALITY where is it when it comes to your right to proper diagnoses information and compensation in respect to your disease.

Can anyone tell me what happened to all those exposed to asbestos and silica that end up with lung disease i.e emphysema bronchitisasas threw chronic exposer.

Like what happens to all them suffers chronically exposed who don't have diagnosis of silicosis or asbestosis ... it as been known for years that someone exposed to asbestos and silica won't develop asbestosis BUT other DEADLY Disease EMPHYSEMA & BRONCHITISASAS.

Yet what DO all them suffers PAST & PRESENT know about there disease BUT I Guess they HAVE all heard of there DOCTORS about SMOKING but very little asked TALKED ABOUT as far as the OCCUPATION

Is a national scandal and I guess that's why all those ASBESTOS CEMENT workers was ripped of for years

Don't FORGET to share sign my petition .. If NOT for me for all those who have lost the fight voice

Cheers thanks ;)

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oldestnewest hi DN3IS, your post had me looking for links associated with it, have found enough on there, thanks for the post informative as per, don't no hear if im wrong but unless a dx of meso is given its a trek to claim and even then its a uphill battle to get anything, which should not be the case, asbestos kills full stop, anyone exposed to asbestos should be entitled to claim,and not have to wait on the dx of meso,its not like asbestos sufferers sat down at breakfast and decided to eat a fibre, don't take that the wrong way its not wrote in jest, belive me,, asbestos kills full stop, its the powers what be that play the god almighty were asbestos is concerned and are to this day still skirting round the edges,, sad fact in the nxt 20 30 40 yrs there be many more what will die of asbestos related disease, even if by a miracle it was wiped of the face of this earth the ones exposed now , kids, teens . adults will die,, and they don't no yet they have it, keep up your petition, and look after yourself on this journey ,,


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