Transplant question

Transplant question

I have a question.

When going meeting with a lung transplant team, do the doctors commonly stipulate that an exercise regimen of cardio minimum of 30 minutes per day?

I've been reading many personal accounts by survivors, but have yet to find such a requirement ... unless it's not a big deal??

I'm just wondering if its standard guideline ...

Thanks for your help


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  • I don't really know. I can ask my SIL and she may know because she is a few months away from a transplant. I can tell you that I met a man at rehab who was exercising there regularly. I assume it has to be part of the plan.

  • Typically, you will be required to undergo a formal pulmonary rehabilitation program both pre-op and post-op. It IS a big deal but the team should tell you everything you need to know during your meeting. Good luck!

  • Hi I had a heart and double lung transplant 5 months ago and all I was told by Papworth was to keep fit active and to make sure my weight stays steady, but as I kept working excersise was not a problem but was a struggle.

  • my hubby has just been accepted onto the lung transplant list and they were very keen for him both to loose weight and get fitter. Apparently it helps enormously with recovery after the op. I don't think its a show stopper but its very much recommended.

  • I am on the waiting list at Papworth and although I already attend a keep fit session once a week at my local breathe easy group and do 1 to 2 sessions a week following the pulmonary rehab programme at home (if I feel well enough) I wasn't told to stick strictly to any exercise. I do feel the benefit of it if I can manage it.

  • Thanks everyone for making my day a great one :)

    I've been gradually doing as much as I can when it comes to the cardio and exercise. Also have been lifting light weights every 2 days for my arms and incorporating the video for lung exercises that Mic suggested.

    I became worried when my husband asked what would happen if I didn't maintain my cardio exercise routine as requested. I couldn't bear the worst!

    Tremendously helpful - Thank you everyone!

    Any additional advice would be greatly welcomed



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