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Change of inhaler

Hi. I have just had an unexpectedly positive and constructive appointment with my Resp Consultant - what a difference it makes when you really feel they want to help.

He is changing my inhaler from Eklira & Flutiform to Anoro Ellipta (dual bronchodilator) once daily and I'm interested to hear other people's experiences of this inhaler. Apparently I will need a Salbutamol (blue) inhaler too during the changeover.

He is also scheduling an overnight study to check for Cheyne-stokes or Central Sleep Apnea & aspiration. For the first time since seeing this Consultant, I don't feel as though I'm being given the brush off. Thanks for reading. Clare

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Good to hear Claire, it makes all the difference when you feel as is someone is listening - good luck xxx


Thanks Tadaw. You're right and thank you for writing. Hope this finds you well. Clare xx


Hello Clare, it really does give you hope doesn't it! I'm so pleased you're feeling happy about your consultation, I felt like that after being brushed off for 9 years and then seeing the most wonderful, wise Consultant ever! I am so grateful for having had the fortune to have met her she has made such a big difference!

I hope your new meds help a lot, huff xxx


Thanks Huff. He had been making me feel rather like a millstone around his neck and responsible for all my breathing difficulties despite being a slim, active, non-smoker. He apologised twice for having misjudged me in the past so this change in attitude is very welcome.

Many thanks for your reply. Clarex


hope it works for you Clare :)


Hi nicgum. I think this inhaler is fairly new but I'm very hopeful! Best wishes to you. Clare x


Hi Clare, so pleased you had a positive experience, it does make such a difference to us all. Sheila Xx

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