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Hi. I have just had an unexpectedly positive and constructive appointment with my Resp Consultant - what a difference it makes when you really feel they want to help.

He is changing my inhaler from Eklira & Flutiform to Anoro Ellipta (dual bronchodilator) once daily and I'm interested to hear other people's experiences of this inhaler. Apparently I will need a Salbutamol (blue) inhaler too during the changeover.

He is also scheduling an overnight study to check for Cheyne-stokes or Central Sleep Apnea & aspiration. For the first time since seeing this Consultant, I don't feel as though I'm being given the brush off. Thanks for reading. Clare

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  • Good to hear Claire, it makes all the difference when you feel as is someone is listening - good luck xxx

  • Thanks Tadaw. You're right and thank you for writing. Hope this finds you well. Clare xx

  • Hello Clare, it really does give you hope doesn't it! I'm so pleased you're feeling happy about your consultation, I felt like that after being brushed off for 9 years and then seeing the most wonderful, wise Consultant ever! I am so grateful for having had the fortune to have met her she has made such a big difference!

    I hope your new meds help a lot, huff xxx

  • Thanks Huff. He had been making me feel rather like a millstone around his neck and responsible for all my breathing difficulties despite being a slim, active, non-smoker. He apologised twice for having misjudged me in the past so this change in attitude is very welcome.

    Many thanks for your reply. Clarex

  • hope it works for you Clare :)

  • Hi nicgum. I think this inhaler is fairly new but I'm very hopeful! Best wishes to you. Clare x

  • Hi Clare, so pleased you had a positive experience, it does make such a difference to us all. Sheila Xx

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