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Just an update on Pete's on going back problem - he has a letter for his pre-assessment at long last and it is on the 2nd April at Southampton. He has his scan at the Brompton for his heart problems on the 9th so it is all go. Pete is a bit depressed at the moment and I know you wonderful people will help to lift his spirits. He is not doing too badly chest wise so let's hope all goes well as and when the spinal cord stimulator is fitted.

Wishing everyone well and hope you are all keeping warm too.

Take care. Carole xxxxx

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Keep ur chin up Pete, fingers crossed things however slowly things will improve for u 😃 and U take care too sassy 😃 xx ❤️ Sonia ❤️ Xx

Thank you very much Sonia. We are praying it all works well. I am doing ok and will be happier when Pete is in a lot less pain. xxxxx

yes all the best to you both - onward and upward :) xxxxx

Cheers eyes. Take care xxxxx

What sort of problems does Pete have with his back and what treatments has he had?

I am having lots of problems with my back. Probable sciatica but having really bad flare up at moment. On high duty meds that help and having MMR scan on Thursday to have good look at what happening.

The pain in back is distracting from COPD / breathing issues!!

Pete has severe pain in his buttock, calf and sometimes his foot feels dead. He gets little electric shocks from time to time also. He has had injections which did absolutely nothing and you are right the pain does distract from breathing issues strangely enough. Weird that. The spinal cord stimulator helps block signals to and from the brain regarding pain and the trial went well.

Good luck to you on Thursday and let us know how it goes. xxxxx

Sending huge hugs to both of you, I'm glad you have your appointments at last. xxx

Thank you so much Lyn and hugs back to you too. xxxx

Poor Pete. Sort of know what he is going through Carole. I had an MRI two years ago because of severe sciatica and discovered that I have several problems with my spine plus misplaced and damaged discs that impact on the nerves. Wow! The pain when active is relentless. Pete will know what I'm talking about. Strangely haven't had the severe pain for almost a year. Just dull aching pain. Let us know how you get on with the stimulator Pete. Heard it is very good. May make a big difference to you. All the very best to you both. Keep warm and well too.

Sara xxx

Thank you Sara and yes, Pete can really sympathise with you. Bless you and stay well and warm. xxxx

Hi Carole, would just like to wish Pete good luck with his appointments, hope this video will help lift his spirits, hugs for you both, huff xxx

It certainly lifted mine,lol!! xxx

:) :) xxxx

Brilliant huff and lifted both our spirits. Hope you are well. xxxxx

And mine!

Hi there Carole and Pete so pleased that at last things are starting to move in the right direction and you have got some appointment dates, get the pre- assessment over and its part way there. Chin up pal, I go in on the 25th of this month, so with a little luck we will both be fixed this year. Come on you two smile.

Hugs and love xxxFred :) ;)

Cheers Fred and wishing you well too. Keep up the fun and laughter as it does help. Lots of love, Carole xxxxx :) :)

So pleased to hear your very welcome news about the appointments. I'm sending lots of good wishes for good results - and Carole, take extra care of yourself while you're caring for Pete. We will all be waiting to hear how the appointments go.

Jan xx

Thanks and I will let you know how it all goes. Kind of you to reply xxxx

Keep up the fight Pete. Good luck for your appointments. Sassy did you fix up transport? Suzy xx

Thanks Suzy and we have transport in the offing for London but not for Southampton as family will help us with that. xxxx

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