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I've been advised a couple of months ago that I most probably have asthma. I was given a blue Easyhaler (salbutamol sulphate) as I've never taken an inhaler before and it is suppoed to be easy but I have found I have to take in such a harsh breath which is difficult when I am having trouble breathing. I wanted to know if anyone else has this issue? I have also last week been given a brown inhaler to reduce the inflammation (Qvar breath activated with a gas cannister and flip lever on the top) and this is much easier to take, although tastes disgusting and even if I wash my mouth out straight after I feel nauseous and can taste it for hours after. I was wondering if this foul taste is the gas or the actual medication? I'd like to find the best inhalers for me but am not really sure what is out there.

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  • i am sure once you have got used to it it will be so much easier... i have added a link for you...hoping it may be of some help...Megan..

  • " And this is the other one you mention..QVAR Breath INHALER....Megan."

  • Hi

    If you are having issues with inhalers.

    Ask you GP for regular mist inhalers and ask for a spacer.

    Less co ordination is required when using a spacer and you get the full delivery of the drug to the right place.

    You take a normal slow breath, remembering not to breath so hard as to make it whistle.

    Apart from Ventolin there are Disk inhalers which use a powded capsul , typical Spiriva and seretide.

    Your pharmacy can advice if you are using the inhaler correctly,( many people use them wrongly).

  • " And lobby12 ..This is the spacer i use..and at the side this video you will notice other types..good luck to you.hope this helps you....Megan,"

  • Thanks very much for the advice, i'll take a look at the video guides. Not sure about the spacer though as it will be akward to carry around. My doctor hasn't actually given me much information at all so I am at a bit of a loss as to what I can expect - think I need to go back and ask some more questions.......

  • " Lobby12..You can get smaller spacer's one's you can carry around with you i was just showing you the one i use..but due to the size on at home..your Dr will or should provide you with one. good luck and keep positive ok... also have a good day..Megan"

  • Lobby 12 The Dr gave me a prescription for the small spacer to use with the ventoiln and it fits in my bag, in fact I can't take it without the spacer lol, I just squirt it on my tongue without it , hope you manage to get away with them,


  • Snap! Found exactly the same as you Lobby. I'd always been used to a straight- forward Ventolin (salbutomol) inhaler but thought I'd give the new easi-breathe a try.

    Too much like hard work to get a dose and went back to the original. Also, I have a handi-haler - a small spacer - and the newer easi-breathe does'nt work in these.

    Hope you get it sorted, Lovelight

  • Thanks Lovelight, it's good to hear it's not just me. I want to try Ventolin but as I've not been prescribed inhalers before and am newly diagnosed both pharmacies I have been to get the prescriptions from look at me like I'm an idiot who couldn't possibly have the required coordination to use it so have suggested the other ones which I have been using. Can I request my dr writes me a specific prescription for it and can I request it before my easy healer runs out? I don't know how much longer I can persevere with the dry powder one.

  • I think the spacer may be your best bet.

  • Hi Lobby12,

    I have used a Ventolin inhaler for many years with and without the use of a spacer but even with different spacers I never managed to get effective dosage into my system and was given an easi breathe inhaler about two years ago and did find it hard going at the beginning having to inhale softly and steadily and even now I sometimes get it wrong and have to take a third puff but I have now got the hang of things.

    I know it's easier said than done but when an attack happens try to stay calm as possible and I find if I breath out as slowly as possible and then use my inhaler it gives me a chance to get the medication down into my lungs.

    I hope you will soon find the right inhaler.



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