Here we go again Monday Monday

Not to nice this morning really cold and overcast, but its dry so that's a bonus I suppose. I got a funeral this afternoon as a dear old Aunt the last one in our family passed away, but as they say she had a good innings as was in her 90's. A friend will look after Bella not that we will be long as I do not like the gathering afterwards it always seems so strange, but that's me.

One good thing is I slept like a log last night till I woke up in the fire place.

I have invented a step ladder without any steps, you use it for cleaning the ground floor windows.

I was lucky and got an appointment to see the doctor as my feet were killing me, he said "You got your shoes on the wrong feet". I told him for goodness sake I haven't got any other feet.

One for the ladies.

Three men were fishing and found a Mermaid caught up in a net, and cut her free, so she granted them a wish each.

The first said he wanted his I Q doubled, woosh and he was able to recite Shakespeare.

The second seeing this said I would like mine to triple, woosh and he was a master of maths.

Seeing this the third said he wanted his I Q Quadrupled, Are you sure said the mermaid, "Yes" said the man. So the mermaid turned him into a Woman.

Have a good day all you lovely people, stay safe warm and maybe just maybe have a pain free day.

xxxFred :) ;)

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  • Good morning Fred

    Your title brings me to song "Monday, Monday, So good to me, Monday morning, It was all I hoped it would be!"

    Hope you are well, packed my daughter off with a Sunday dinner in her flask for lunch. 2 exams today for her poor thing. The yorkshire pudding was so big I had to squash it down.

    I'm sure she will enjoy it. Hope your day goes well.

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Hello my kracker I hope that your daughter got on well with the exams and enjoyed her lunch sounded good even the squashed yorkies. Hope you are staying pain free and no more pain for now anyway. Stay safe and warm love Fred xxx:)

  • Lol....geat jokes again Fred. Good Monday morning to you. It's cold here too, 8 degrees and we're forecast rain. :-(

    Funerals are sad aren't they. I'm sorry about your dear Aunt but as you said she did have a good innings, bless her heart. Wishing you a pleasant day. :-) xxx

  • Hi lyn just back from seeing the old dear on her way, she was a gem, but like the rest of us had her days as well. I never went to the reception/wake after not my thing really. Hope you had a good day yesterday at your mums. Also hope the boiler is working well now. Stay happy my lovely xxx :) Fred

  • I'm glad she had a good send off she can rest in peace. Bless her.

    Had a lovely time at Mums Fred thank you...lovely to see my bro and sis too. I'm toastie warm at the moment. Lovely to have my heating back as its been so cold. Huge hugs :-) xxx

  • Morning Fred, Hope your funeral goes as well as it can! Take good care of yourself xxxx

  • Thanks Tad she is on her way now bless her xxx :)

  • Pleased to hear that I am not alone in the gathering,seems strange to me to,I have said no wake for me,just ask the vicar to thank whoever has come to send me on my way.

  • Yes Ted I saw Aunt off said hello to some I have not seen or heard of for years then came home, and left the rest go and eat goodies.

  • That's the way I want it to be,

  • Sorry for your family loss fred and I hope all goes well for today xxxxxxx

  • Thanks our softwabbit all went according to plan A xxx :) Fred

  • Morning! Just love your jokes, especially The Mermaid lol. Cold and rainy here today so todays plans for gardening will have to wait.

    Have a good day.

    Jan x

  • Thought you would like the Mermaid one, but like Mermaids its not for real lol xx Fred :)

  • Great jokes again Fred. Liked the last one especially.

    Hope it is not too sad at the funeral. Take care.


  • Hello Sara Aunt on her way and no tears that I saw, maybe some will later, but not a lot there as she was a private lady. Take care love Fred xxx :)

  • :-) x

  • Thanks for bringing a great big smile to my face on a dull grey day, condolences on your loss.

  • Thanks pal also your welcome. Fred :)

  • Sorry for your loss hope tha day has gone well Fred. Brill jokes you sure can put a smile on my face smiler! Hugs huff xx

  • Thanks huff pleased your smiling love keep it up. Hugs back to you but these are unused to date. xxx :)

  • Good morning Fred, Sorry to hear you have lost your aunt,very sad even tho as you say she had a long life, Hope the Funeral went as well as is possible, Have a good Tuesday, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thanks for that all went as planned as they say, so its onwards and upwards for the rest of us. Stay safe and warm and as happy as you can be my friend. Fred xxx :)

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