Mothering Sunday

No I haven't go any children. But we had plenty of daffodil posies in church

Yesterday, I went with Brigid, my wife, to see Swan Lake at the Marlowe theatre. This was a performance by the Russian Siberia Ballet. Most of the dancers were in their 30s. Odette pointed her foot and lifted the other leg to the sky in a most extraordinary split and this several times! The Prince jumped and twirled, did entrechats. All the dancers were ever so skilful. Only two background, a yellow and orange background for the Russian court, and a blue lake with a blue light in which Odette and her little cygnets danced their love for the Prince. 2 and a half hours of high entertainement with a dramatic music.

Brigid also gave me two bouquets for mothering Sunday! Yellow, white and purple blue. She then asked me to send a dozen red roses to my mum-in-law who lives in South Africa. AS they say, Noblesse Oblige! I did it.

Going back home, I was so frozen, I just couldn’t think. I felt really ill and jumped into bed with a couple of Paracetamol. Hot and cold during the night. I started Clarithromycin without ado this morning. This doesn’t change the cold outside. The church is only 500 yards away. It seems a long trip in the wind! I was delighted to have a lift back! I’m not going out again today. Hope you are feeling well enough to brace this cold weather. Mic

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  • So glad you had a lovely day with Brigid. So envious of you both seeing such a beatiful ballet. cx

  • Cofdrop. It was really something to remember and savour for yyyyears to come!

    Next time, I' watch it in soputh Africa where it's be warmer!

    Cheers, Mic

  • Hope when you read this you are feeling a lot better pal, keep smiling :)

  • Thank you. I jumped on my antibiotics in precaution.Smiling Ok now as I am warmer. Thanks, Fred

  • Sounds like you and Brigid had a delight evening at the ballet.

    Mic. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Sara xx

  • Sara, this was magnificent. I still feel a bit gooey! thanks for your concern, Mic

  • Sara, Thank you so much.

    I love the Romantic period and the Baroque, emotions, skills and Ha! sublime! I swoon to some of it!

    I must buy the whole of Sainsbury's stock of Paracetamol to kick this chill out! I love your encouragement :-) Mic

  • Thanks Mic for the compliment.

    But oh dear! Are you still suffering from that chill you got a few days ago? Sure you don't have something more like an infection? Maybe needs looking at by your GP. Keep us posted please Mic.

    Sara xxx

  • Sara, I've started taking Clarithromycin for the chest straight away. I don't cough at all, just chilly in the evening. Not tonight, but I'm really wrapped up to prevent it.

    If it could be warmer! Thankyou for your concern. I'll come back here soon ( can't get away for very long; I love this site too much!!!) <ic

  • Hi Mic The ballet sounds wonderful. Glad you had an enjoyable day but sad your feeling under the weather. We travelled back from Norway today. Lovely holiday with two of our children & their families. Alan lives there with his wife & daughter we've been going regularly for the last 11 yes. Vickey came with us this time & we took the two little ones. Between us we gave Vickey a hand and she managed to get some rest. Were travelling to Kent next week. Its Zoe's 18th. Best wishes Mic

  • Bless Zoe. 18 is a wonderful time to be in! so much to do!

    I'm glad you've been helping fami.y. I heard fo other people hwo ahve enjoyed Norway, apart from the cost of living.

    I'd prefer a hot climate country!

    Glad you are OK, MIc

  • Hi Mic,

    What a treat for you I am so glad you enjoyed it.

    I took my daughter to see madame butterfly when she was 13, under great protest.

    At is came to an end she was crying her little heart out with such emotion of the performance. Now she will go again on her own volition.

    Since then she had 'made' me go to see 'boy bands' but I am sorry to say I cannot reciprocate her feelings.

    Keep well and warm mic.

  • Sokrackers. I like your change of avatar!

    Yes, music is something very special. Dance being so visual is uplifting, especially when it's so well performed.

    My wife brought me more flowers. I really love it! I shall have to buy some more vases!

    Thank you for your kind description of your daughter;s experience. I do cry when I hear some music. On top of that, I like to listen to that same tune again, and I cry again! Something Paracetamol cannot alter!

    Cheers, Mic

  • Poor you Mic. I was similar, shivery & feverish for three days, burning up at night. I too have cracked open the Clarithromycin. Spoilt my birthday yesterday.

    Get well soon, you did well to start meds asap. Very wise.

    Swan Lake sounded fab. I last saw it at The Royal Opera House.

    P xxx

  • Peege, This Russian Siberia ballet was extraordinary.

    I keep taking Paracetamol in the evening to kick the chill out.

    I am encouraged by you all. I love it.

    My wife has brought me more flowers. I love it too! It's nice to be loved

    Happy birthday with a big,red heart, all warm! Mic

  • Hope you are feeling better Mic and keep warm. It is colder than you think. I do love daffodils and the sight of them is wonderful. Take care. xxxxx

  • My wife "has done it " again. She came to see me and gave me another bouquet of flowers. We listen to James Galway together and she loved that.

    Paracetamol against the chill! Hope it will warm up! Cheers, Sassy, Mic

  • Hi Mic,

    Sounds like you and Brigid had an extra special evening. I imagine 500 yards is an awfully LONG way in the freezing cold. Do hope you felt better once you rested and warmed up. Suz x

  • Well I jumped on Clarithromycin and Pracetamol I can still feel a chill at night time. Paracetamol for me.

    I shall "flute" on! Thank you for your appreciation, Suz, Mic

  • The ballet sounds wonderful, with your delightful descriptive way of writing.Hope you are feeling better a good night's sleep, your post's are a delight to read. x

  • bikergrove That's very kind of you. The only prize I got was once at school. I did a composition on running water in a river. I had to read it in front of the whole school! Cheers, Mic

  • Sounds amazing - just hope illness doesn't spoil it for you - take care xx

  • Thank you. I take some Paracetamol when I feel chilly. This seems to work ( as well as a phone call from an old school friend in Brussels). Spring is nearly in reach! Mic

  • Yes this is a very long ballet, probably too much for you. Here in Chesham they had

    this on a 'Live' screening but I decided at over three hours it would be too much.

  • It was OK in teh theatre. wonderful indeed. But outside.

    I still get chills in gthe evening. I beat it with Paracetamol + the Clarithromycin.

    I'm bacck with my flute learning, did scales. My teacher is so encouraging; but she has a way to point to what whe would like me to do: so I'll abide with her, as she is a good teacher! Mic

  • Gosh, how do you find the breath to play a flute?

  • Emmo,

    In 2010 I was in hos[ita; and dying, diagnosis pseudomonas and TB!

    I read a book by Cesar Millan, the dog trainer, where he said, you need to make known that you are the pack leader, have discipline, not too much emotions, Exercises.

    I said to myself, if I carry on in the way I was, I would just die! So I applied Cesar Millan to my body. I let it known that I was the pack leader. I was not emotional about it, just determined, even though I was on oxygen.

    My reslut came because I tenaciously went to the gym 3 times a week. I got rid of the oxygen, and I still carried on at the gym until an improvement slowly built up.

    Now when I am ill, I try to beat the bug as soon as possible . When I am weak, of course, I stop and rest. But I return to the gym as soon as possible.

    I read this research that said that it is beneficial to improve lung disease to play wind instruments. I thought I must try.

    I saw a counsellor who told me that her daughter had asthma fits that frightened her. She took up the flute and since then had no more asthma crisis. The lesson from this, exercise your lungs! Obviously at the start, it's hard. I went to PUlmonary rehabilitation and I was so short of breath them. Little by little my breathlessness disappeared.

    You too, you are the leader of the pack, You have what it takes to do even the slightest kind of exercise to start with and build yourself up, for how long it takes. yes it's hard, I don't say you won't have any infections any more, but your body will feel better equipped to withstand their onslaught.

    So here is a first exercise to do daily and gently:

    Please give me a progress report when you realise something is happening in your body. best wishes, Michael

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