Happy Mothering Sunday!

Hope we are all waking up feeling well today, some of us will be getting visits from children, maybe grandchildren too. Others may not. Older people like me have their young families but will also be remembering when they had the pleasure of buying a card/gift for their mum, who is no longer with us. Im sure many who are childless, are really just like Mums to their nieces and nephews, and could do with a little spoiling too. a happy day to all, Love Iris x

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  • A very Happy Mother's Day to you too Iris. Have a nice time with your family. x

  • Thans Iris for thinking of us childless ones. I am lucky I am included in my sister in laws celebration. We are being taken out to lunch by my nephew.


  • Hi Cora,

    Hope you enjoyed yourself yesterday. One of my daughters in law has no children but she is a super auntie to all her nephews and nieces. We cant always choose whether to have children or not. Love Iris x

  • Yes thanks Iris I had a lovely lunch with my brother his wife and my nephews also some pretty flowers so not being a mum is not so bad after all.


  • How lovely, thank you Iris! Happy Day to you too, hope you enjoy yourself! hugs huff xx

  • Just back from lunch with two of my sons their wives and grandson. had a lovely time and much nattering with the girls while the men watched sport! they thoughtfully did everything so I had a good rest, wish I didnt need it but afraid I do. Lots of flowers to brighten up our bungalow, and some potted on young geraniums to go in the greenhouse. another job saved! Very thankful for all my blessings. Love Iris x

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