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Its Mum's Sunday

Happy Mothering Sunday to all you mothers, lets hope the sun shines for you all but at the moment its overcast and cold here but its early yet.

My mother once said to me "You won't amount to anything because you Procrastinate".

I said to her "Oh yea........ just you wait".

Ladies remember the fastest way to a man's heart is not through his stomach , its through his chest with a sharp knife.

Plus the reason men love smart women is because opposites attract.

A wife walked into the bedroom and found her husband in bed with his golf clubs. Seeing the astonished look on her face he calmly said,"Well you said I had to choose".

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Lol....good morning Fred, very overcast here too. What are you having for Mother's Day lunch?

I'm off down Mum and Dads this morning, I'm also meeting up with my sister and brother and we're all going to Costa's for a cuppa and a chat. :-) xxx


Morning my lovely friend lunch is down to the girls to sort, pleased you are able to go and see your mum, mine passed away several years ago. Have a good chat with your sister and brother. I have 2 sisters and one brother, one sister is older than me, the other is 20 years younger than I am , goodness knows what my mother and father was doing lol, and my brother is seven years younger. We have a chuckle at times as Sharon the youngest is only 10 months older that Kate my eldest. I must admit I enjoy a coffee at Costa's we are lucky as one opened in the town a short time ago, when I first went in I asked for a white coffee and the lad said we don't do that, but I can make you an Americano , I asked what that is and he said its a black coffee with milk to add, I said nothing just nodded.

Have a good Mothering Sunday young Lyn now I know lol.

XXXXXFred :) ;)

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Lol...well you have a lovely day Fred :-) xxx


Hi Fred,

the golf clubs did it for me! Hope all the chaos at daughters bungalow is getting sorted and you are no worse for all your efforts. We have

got cold wind from Siberia this weekend I believe, so definitely no gardening.

Watched horrible film on catch up last night. Called the Black Death, thought oh historical, half way through realised it was a horror film! I always avoid those but had to see it through, nasty. No nightmares though, thankfully.

Take care, Love iris x


Morning Iris pleased the golf one went down well, being a golfer of sorts I enjoy them. I do enjoy a good horror but not as must as when younger as with those you went with a girl friend who either was scared or pretended to be and you were able to get a cuddle to stop her being scared till the next bit, oh happy days. Have a good day Fred xxx :)


You are a cracker Fred Keep them coming. Still haven't had a cup of tea made by my daughter! Going out for lunch after a good walk then nothing else planned so looks like a nice day to come.

Take care


Hi my kracker no tea come on daughter time to make a move., if I was there I would give you one lol I am a good tea maker. Anyway enjoy your walk and lunch whose paying, but the children believe MOM stands for Made of Money. Love Fred xxx :)


Hi Fred just back from the gym!

Funny I was working out to my best and the song playing was 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'! I didn't know what to think.


If I answered that I would have to kill you very very slowly, but seeing you go to the gym it would more than likely be the other way around xx :) lol


Happy day to you too! I loved the golf joke lol, my Dad loved playing golf and he won a little trophy when he got a hole in one in Saudi, I still have it somewhere! My daughter is coming to see me in a short while :) I've missed her while she stayed away with a nasty cold but she's better now !

Enjoy your day Fred, hugs huff xxx


I also won a trophy but mine was for the worst score in a senior cup match, it was only the forth time I had played then, I still have it in the cabinet on show, as I never started playing till I was 60. Hope you had a good Mothering Sunday xxx Fred :)


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