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Please help! Looking for oil free lipstick...

My 89 year old Nan has just been put onto oxygen after being diagnosed with lung fibrosis. Having spent 2 weeks in hospital she is now home, and trying to get back to 'normal'. She is struggling to get the hang of using the oxygen machine and following the rules that go with it. She usually wears lipstick every day, and to help her feel better I would love to find an oil free lipstick that is safe for her to use. Please can anybody help?

Thank you in advance x

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I think the m and s "Lola" range of lipsticks are oil free - please check though. How lovely of you to think about her - she Is very lucky to have you, good luck lots of love TAD xx

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Thank you! Will have a look now... We've all been so worried and just want to do what I can to help her feel better x

Hi Buddhabex, I think that's such a lovely idea for your Nan, I would try Lush cosmetics, you can check on their website to see what they have, its all animal free tested and natural! I used to buy one years ago that looked like a watercolour block, you just wet it and it stained your lips in a lush red all day! 😊 huff x

Thanks huff, have had a look and website says they use jojoba oil in their lipsticks. Will keep looking! x

Hello buddhabex, I thought Almay, if they are still around. Bless you and your gran. I think it's fabulous that gran wears lipstick everyday, I know I do. All love LeeLee. πŸ’. X

I use Lipfinity Lip Tint by Maxfactor, check it out, it's like a felt tip pen. Good Luck, Chris x

Thank you chopsticks, looks perfect! 😊

You're welcome x

Can't help, but I just love the fact that your 89 year old still wears her lipstick. Hope you find what you're looking for, as she deserves it. xx


I stopped wearing make up about a year ago when i came home from hospital on oxygen and to know your gran still does is so lovely that im going to wear some myself today

Please wish her well from us here x x x


Thank you Mandy. This site is great and everyone is so lovely! Very glad I found it 😊 xxx

I couldnt agree more.....you can get all the support you need from these lovely people and the jokes are good too x x x

Hi I bought a water based moisturiser from The Body Shop when I first went on o2 so they might do a water based lipstick too.

Now I just put what I want on my face and I haven't caught fire yet. Not that I'm recommending my careless attitude to anyone else especially if you smoke or are near naked flames. Sorry I just can't see it happening and have enough to worry about.

It's great to hear people are still putting on their make up and going out. Don't let oxygen scare you.


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Thank you, she is a stickler for the rules which is why I have been searching so hard. Have ordered her a max factor lip tint so hope she's happy with that! x

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