a little about myself

Hi I'm doing what sokrackers said and telling you a little about myself.

I would like to say it does take me a while to reply, so please don't think I'm ignoring you.

Health...Lung cancer, and just gone into remission, scans for the next 5 years to keep a eye on it. Have severe copd and emphysema, I am on oxygen for when I go out.

Live on my own and get very nervous if I have a flare up.

Four children, six grand children and one great grandchild. Two cats Jack and Gill. and that's me in a nutshell. lol

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Hello,and welcome to a very caring site,if you ever have a problem,or just a query,ask away,there are some very knowledgeable people on here who are more than willing to help.


Thank you.

From the people I have spoken to I know I shall get a great deal of comfort from it.Takes me a while to reply but will get there in the end. x

hiya and welcome :) we have one cat called greebo xxx

Hi and thanks for the welcome to the site

Said to the other lady I shall get a lot from it, as I do feel a little isolated at times.

Well I look forward to talking in the future. x

Hi etch45, it's nice to get to know a bit about you. You've had it really tough but it's great to know your in remission. xx

Yes it is, Remission is a beautiful word.xx

hi there

and welcome and don't worry I take along time to get back to people some times what with working and family so when I get on here I have a good catch up I have 4 children 3 grandchildren and cat called smudge xxx

Hi & welcome to you.Congrats on making it into remission.

Look forward to hearing more from you. xxx

Hi etch, welcome to the site. Wonderful to hear you are in remission. I have a daughter, son and a granddog :-)

Welcome to the site and so pleased to hear your good news re the cancer. There are really caring people on this site who not only give good advice but who also have a wonderful sense of humour - just what's needed with the different health problems experienced here.

Take care

Jan x

Hello, how lovely to hear about you. Glad to hear about the remission and would like to send you lots of love, the support on this site is great somdont hesitate to ask any question, lots of love TAD xxxx

Hello glad you found us. You'll never be alone again, always someone on for a chat, and we're all very friendly.

Kim xx

Hi Sheila and welcome to the Community. I am sure you will find us a wide mix of society with a good mix of medical problems. The link we all share is that to some degree we have problems with our lungs. If you like a laugh to cheer yourself up then don't forget to look at the Humour section.

Regards Rib

Its lovely to meet you I'm delighted you found us! Its so good to hear you are now in remission after a scary time! Hope you continue to stay as well as possible Etch, there's always a friendly ear here! huff xxx

What a rough time you have had.welcome to the site xx

A great deal to cope with on your own hats off to you and congrats about the remission. Peege

Good morning Etch, You certainly have your share of problems,living on your own when you are unwell is very scary, This site will give you lots of tips,the people who contribute are really amazing, How they all cope with such life threatening illnesses is truly insperational. Very best wishes, Bulpit

Welcome to the site Etch45, thank you for telling us about yourself. It is good you are in remission but sorry you have had a serious lung condition. Now is the time to look forward with optimism. I don't have animals but all the girls in my family have cats, the boys seem to prefer dogs. I live alone like yourself and find the computer and phone are my lifeline on occasions. We share another common factor, family. My youngest great granddaughter will be one next month, the eldest is 7 . How old is yours if you don't mind me asking.

Hello and welcome. You will find lots of warm, caring, loving folks on here to share any problems or just a laugh. Congrats on your remission!!! I agree its a thoroughly wonderful word! Suz x

Greetings and welcome to our group.

So pleased to hear your treatment has gone well,

and your in remission.

Hi and welcome to the site, which has so many wonderful people on it, and you will find so much useful information. It certainly made me feel better when I was first diagnosed with emphysema. You say you have just gone into remission and will have scans for the next 5 years - would that be CT scans? I am in the same position and they wouldn't give me CT scans, only X-rays, which never showed up the original cancer, so can't see why they would now(?) Looks like another postcode lottery.

hearing Remission must be such great news I wish you all the very best. We have my youngest son's house rabbit Brian with us at the moment. PMA

Be Well

Hello there - nice to hear from you and you sound very positive, which is admirable. I think this is a great site and it has a very warm and welcoming attitude among all the members. Nice to hear from/about you. There are lots of us live alone too so you won't feel left out here. Best wishes to you xx stillmovin1

Hi etch and welcome to the forum. Please drop in anytime and feel free to discuss your worries or just to socialise. Always someone here ready to listen and help out.


Hi Etch45 your so brave to of gone through cancer and came out the other end well done.

It seems we have some things in common I live alone my husband is a engineer and works all over the world I also find it frightening when I have a flair up and he's away.

I have two cats a daughter and granddaughter who is one, lost my two Labradors this year and miss them very much.

Welcome to this site

Evening Etch, pleased to 'meet' you! I live alone too. Sometimes it does get a bit scary, but trust me, I wouldn't like to live with me! I have a small but very loving family and I want to keep it that way (loving I mean). I've been housebound for about 18 months which gets to me sometimes. My biggest enemy is boredom/loneliness.

I find these Healthunlocked forum websites an absolute Godsend sometimes. I found the 1st site (Fibro Myalgia ) by accident 2012, but although lung condition was diagnosed 2011 it didn't occur to me to come looking for BLF 'til a few(?) weeks ago. Time has become a slightly alien concept to me, and at times I can shut down for a while and sleep sleep sleep! There are often quite a few night owls about, which is really helpful when you cant sleep but the rest of the world seem to be deep in the land of nod. People are kind and empathic and it's amazing the tips you can pick up, some of which may or may not be helpful.

So pleased to hear about the successful lung cancer treatment! My youngest daughter is going for the Run for Life in June. Such a terrible disease. I have 2 gorgeous daughters,2 fantastic grandsons, who never fail to light up my life! The one thing about chronic health problems, I think you do tend to work out what is really important in life. :)

Take care. Tulip xx

I really want to talk with you, but as of this moment I going to try some shut eye, I'm very tired. Talk tomorrow. Xxx

Just wanted to say, you never need to apologise or respond until you're ready. beauty of this forum is everyone understands. sweet dreams! :) Tulip xx

Hi Etch,

And a warm welcome to the best site ever. There are some lovely people on this forum, who will always try and give you the best advice they can. I was struggling just before Xmas with a rotten chest infection, and found great comfort from the folk on here. Love Marie, x

Marie thank you for your kind words, yes the people are lovely and caring.

I am trying to remember how I got to know about the site, but no matter how I feel blessed I did find it. keep well love Sheila xx

Marie thank you for your welcome,

I have just seen it so sorry for the delay, I have had a few problems with the computer. Not too sure it's fixed but one can hope.

And yes the people here are lovely.

Hope you are well.

Love Sheila aka etch xx

Hello my name is john,so nice to read your posts....big hug to you!

Hi John ( mortalguy) look forward to talking to you, but just now I am going to bed need to recharge my batteries... lol

Keep well and keep smiling love and hugs sent to you.

etch45 aka Sheila x

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