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hi everyone

I am having a sleep study done 2 weeks time I am worried because this week been really bad I had a very bad chest infection I can deal with that but I cant deal with sleep apnoea just before I went of sick I was in a right state trying to keep awake from the time I got up to the time I went to bed I never felt so rough in my life its this urge to go a sleep all the time while I been of for a week with a chest infection I have slept all the time I nearly slept 24hrs once I could hear my family but I could not wake up open my eyes I would say a few things to them and then go back to sleep right I had enough of this so for a few days when I wake up I will get up I told myself it work once I feel a lot better chest infection getting better got be thankful for that but I go back to work on Monday and I am really worried if I make myself stay awake it make me feel ill be nice to hear if any body experience this sort of thing xxx

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Hello Penney, I'm sorry you've been poorly are you sure you feel well enough to return to work? You sound like me when I'm sick I just want to sleep and sleep! I had a sleep test at home. The hospital gave me a monitor for my finger and it had a Velcro strap, but it turned out that though my sats dipped low at night I only need oxygen when I am active. I hope you feel better soon, have you tried sleeping with lots of pillows? , stay in touch, hugs huff xxx

hi there

I do sleep with few pillows not sure if I am ready for work but I have to try hopefully the hospital can tell me something and give me monitor and thank you for your reply tomorrow I got do a 2weeks diary x

I have the same condition and I used to fall asleep at a party or even in mid sentance! I have my breathing machine, as I call it, and use its mist nights. The nights I don't is when I feel I cannot bare anything on my face. But taking care of diet and reducing stress or work loads had helped. Mindfulness Course to re-organise my priorities. I even felt I could not drive far. Priority is key one needs to prioritise! Also one step at a time. Hope I have helped.

Audrey .

hi thank you for your reply hopefully I will get some answers soon and yeah one step at a time sounds good x

Penny...get the machine I look ten years younger as my sleep pattern has improved. Also well being improved....x

hopefully they will give me one soon xx

You must get the sleep apnoea machine for your own saftey. I have 2 friends with the problem but life changed when the had the machine and got good nights sleep. It is dangerous to drive too. Chest infection get a Sisca Salt pipe!

hi there

hopefully the hospital will give me one soon and yeah I must be very careful and I will be thank you for your reply x


sorry to hear you have been unwell

I have concerns about the Sleep Apnoea Test

I am asthmatic and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea ( but at the time I was suffering depression anxiety due to work insecurity and caring for a terminally ill relative) as I was not sleeping well

The machine did not help at all

Recently the Hospital changed my asthma meds and I am like a new man

I discussed the previous Sleep Apnoea diagnosis and filled in two tests (accurately )

and was told it was unlikely I had Sleep Apnoea - my medical records have been amended accordingly

Unfortunately since the original diagnosis I was unable to have two minor ops grrrrr!!!!

It is important that the healthcare professional is aware of all the facts

Hope you get your life on track

hi there

thank you for your reply I am doing a 2weeks dairy starting tomorrow before I see them and I will fill it out accurately and I make sure professional got all the facts right x

Hi, I have COPD and Sleep Apnoea. Before I was diagnosed with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) I was tired all the time. I was still working then and thinking back I don't know how I coped!. It was so hard to get up in the morning, I'd fall asleep as soon as I got home and how I didn't kill myself or someone else whilst driving is a miracle. Many, many accidents are caused through OSA.

When you first get a machine it is very strange, the mask can feel claustrophobic but PERSEVERE. It is so worth it. You will know a difference immediately, just a nights sleep works wonders!!!

I hope you get on OK with the test. I've used a CPAP machine for about 7 years now and wouldn't be without it. As I'm on O2 24/7 I also have a tube attached to the mask during the night but if you are not an oxygen user you obviously won't need that.

Good luck.


thank you for reply

hopefully I will get some answers tomorrow I got do 2weeks dairy before I see them and I no I got to be very careful now and no the signs they think I got coped waiting to see the doctor for that just a waiting game now hopeful it wont be to long let you no how get on xxx

Hi I'm like Kathy, but don't worry the hospital will definitely let you know and give you any machines you need. As far as your SATs dropping overnight is because you are laying down. So what are your lungs doing? They are laying down hence the low SATs as you are not getting the air, that is why some people have to have a C-PAP machine. This pushes air down your airway and keeps it open.

Anyway good luck please let us know how you get.


hopefully they will give me machine soon and yeah I will let you no how i get on thanks x


hopefully they will me a machine soon and yeah I will let you no how I get on x


What happened at the hospital


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