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Firing Nerves 😊

Good day everyone

I'm going to run something by you.

Its not a subject for this site.Nothing to do with lungs. Its definitely a puzzle for my daughter. She is experiencing firing nerves all over her body. She can't wear tight clothing.Can't stand loud noises. She has 2 sons and if she takes them somewhere ,

She ends up going to the car. These over

firing nerves are driving her crazy! Doctors can't figure it out. Along with that, she has to urinate alot. She has been this way for 2 yrs. now. She did get hit in the neck with a baseball before this all started. She has been to many Doctors and has given up on them.

Anyone got any ideas? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Rubyxx 😊 😊

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Thanks Stilltruckin

I always thought fibromyalgia

was pain. Wow! I can't believe no doctor said that to her. Isn't there a site for that on here?

Thanks I will pass that on to her.

Rubyxx 😊 😊


She says she did ck. That out and its not her problem she said its her neck and her vagus (spelled wrong ) nerve. What do you think now?

Or is she in denial?



She says--

When something happens,

It happens from a cause.Fibro is not a cause,

Its a symptom. A blow to the neck is a cause.

????????? ☺?????????


Surely everything is a both an effect and a cause - except,

in theory, the Big Bang?

I think the vagus nerve carries signals from the brain to the body, not vice verse, so how could damage to it result in hypersensitivity?

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She says the nerves in her neck where she got hit with the ball are damaged. Shes hard to help!!!!

You might be ready to rip your hair out soon! Shes worse than a puzzle!



Thanks stilltruckin

Seems to show on xray. Chiropractor working on her. Didn't know this.😊😊


Cranial oseopathy is good Ruby, in fact it's brilliant.


Whats that Peege?



Best Google it Ruby for a better discription than I can offer.

We can find it readily in the UK and is often used for new borns & babies after traumatic births.

People have it for all sorts, even after dentistry work.


Fibro can be just untreated Hypothyroidism or under treated Hypothyroidism. Once 'optimally' treated with thyroid medication, fibromyalgia can fall away quick.


Hi Rubyred don't know anything about it just hope it all gets sorted soon. X


Thanks Victoria

this has been going on for 2 yrs now.😊😊


That's absolutely the same as my friend...she was hit on her accident...and developed fibromyalgia...was perfectly fine until it happened


So whats she doing for that?

My daughter is seeing chiropractor for 2 yrs now. Too be honest with you, I don't think I would let a chiro mess with my neck!

Rubyxx 😊 😊



' The follow-up evaluations determined that people who had the neck injuries developed fibromyalgia 22% of the time whereas people with the leg injuries developed fibromyalgia only 2% of the time. This means that post-traumatic fibromyalgia is 13 times more likely to occur following neck injury then following a leg injury. This study shows that fibromyalgia is caused by trauma.'


I'm so sorry Ruby, it sounds like your daughter is in a lot of discomfort. I do hope you get to the bottom of this. xxx


Long shot only rubyred777,

Neck trauma can bring on Hypothyroidism. Try Googling Neck trauma and thyroid or neck trauma and hypothyroidism. (also whiplash is known to bring on Hypo)

I am Hypothyroid, I had the all over nerves electric shocks.

Someone lately has told me that needing the loo often like I do, can be down to Hypothyroidism as water builds up in your body.

Once I was optimally medicated with thyroid Medication, all my pains fell away overnight.

Like I said rubyred777, just a very long shot. :)

What other symptoms does she have ?


Hi coastwater

thanks for the reply. I asked her if they checked her thyroid. Her response was ,

They checked her for so many things she doesnt even know! Thats not good.

We will discuss it more when I see her.


Rubyxx 😊


Your Daughter needs to ask for a printout of all her bloods and their ranges, I do this for all my family now. Doctors tell many people their bloods are

'in range' so all is OK, nothing is wrong with the patient, but many patients whose thyroid bloods fall 'within range' are very ill.

Have you heard of 'Stop The Thyroid Madness' ? That is an American website over here in UK we have 'Thyroid UK' which has loads of information on what is really happening. Many Patients end up with fibromyalgia due to being 'missed' their their bloods fall 'within range'

In Europe and America they have now thankfully narrowed their blood range, but not in UK, (not surprised)

If your Daughter can get a printout of her bloods and their ranges, (you need the ranges to see where in the range your bloods fall,) it might be an idea to pop her results up on another HU community forum site called Thyroid UK for clever members to read.

Members of my own family have also had 'missed' bloods, but are now well.


I will tell her to get her to get her blood work. Like you said, its worth a shot. Thanks fod your reply. Did you pick who you would spend the weekend with in my other post? Its fun to see who people would pick. Ck it out.



Yes definitely worth a long shot ;)

I am several days behind in Health Unlocked at the moment rr777, but I have kept them flagged up ready , I will try to find you :)


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