Pip disability claimants lose cars aids in cuts

Pip disability claimants lose cars aids in cuts

In the NEWs Thousands of disability claimants lose cars aids in cuts.

Truly shocking Figures obtained by ITV News have revealed that around 100 disability claimants are losing their car benefit every week.

According to Motability, who lease cars and powered wheelchairs to the disabled, 3,000 out of 8,000 of their customers who have so far been reassessed have lost their eligibility for the scheme and have therefore had to give up their vehicles.

And this could rise to more than 100,000.

Those affected have been left angry, isolated and confused. They feel nothing about their condition has improved – but the way they are being treated has worsened.


Realy is shocking HOW people are suffering in silance isolation .. Must be that am O.K syndrone as to how we as a country can get to to this stage.

I was going to say whats happend to our Communty BUT only one i know is BLF HealthUnlocked Communty as where we live a dont think given cuts Am OK Jack sprit you can't call where live a community

As sounds like hell whats going on where people live .. would i be wrong if wheels have fallan of your ride

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  • Well Daz it is terrible the decision to take away mobility payments. however we the disabled were forewarned it would happen in 2015, it's part of the plans to streamline benefits, however it is more like a saving money exercise at the cost of the most vulnerable. In the same way sanctions on benefits hit hard too. There was no sound on the link you sent on my computer so will have to go to utube to listen but thanks for sharing it. The removal of mobility allowance, and car or scooter contracts means many will be isolated at home and unable to take up assisted employment, which sort of defeats the intention of this benefit, which was to enable less able to get out and about or work as others do who are not impaired. Therefore contradicting the discrimination laws on equality for disabled and shattering the idea of independent living. To spite all the campaigning the government have won again, and forced many to become dependent on other services in order to maintain a reasonable standard of life. Hope your campaign for asbestos damaged to get equal treatment is gathering numbers over the week, we can but try to sway the government. Have a good day.

  • We can do better than that, we can vote them out of office soon.

  • Absoutly agree with you people who are vulnerable and sick are the ones government is out to get annette

  • That sounds like a good idea to me, we better concentrate on getting as many as can to vote. Fingers crossed we can get future policies changed. Instead of the disabled always ending up with a raw deal.

  • Hi Denis,this government continues to kick the worst off in our society while giving tax cuts to their rich friends who don,t even pay all the taxes they should.I hope those who voted them into power are proud of their contribution to the nastiness now prevailing all around us.I,m just hoping people will see the light and get rid of this bunch of evil,greedy,selfish and corrupt Tory buffoons.Hope you are well my friend,David.

  • Hi farmer d or is it david I am sorry that what is happening to the most vunerable of our society but what is happening now was decided by the tories in 1981 they was so angry with Ted heath losing the election they set up an enquery as to why and the answer given to the chosen has I call them was that they had to have no control over anything, then they could not be blamed when things went wrong so sell off every public sector service and we know what happened from then on this lot is just completing the job what thatcher started Labour id correct when they say if they the tories ring the next election it will be back to the 1930s if you cannot work you will be sent to the work house this is no joke I fear for you and I AND everyone who is not a millionare so you all know what you have to do and don't fall for the ukip and libdems neither they are all part of it .Sorry I cannot tell you any thing better

  • this is exactly what happens when people and particularly "working class"people vote Tory.

  • This is so worrying. DLA/PIP is not a benefit, it is an allowance in recognition of the fact it is much more expensive to live when you have care and mobility problems due to chronic ill health or disability. Makes me so cross they have changed the goal posts when assessing claims.


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