Vitamin D Deficiency

Hi Guys, I promised to let you know how I got on over the Vit D issue. My GP sent me for blood tests 4 days ago and yesterday I received the results, yes I am Vit D deficient, so I am now on Vit D tablets. A word of caution if you are taking Vit D tablets without your doctor prescribing them for you, Vit D is very bad for certain heart conditions and if you take them in conjunction with the wrong medication you could be very ill indeed. The other thing is "how do you know you are taking the correct dosage" for you. For your hearts sake, go to the docs guys and ask. Take care Maximonkey

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  • Opps reading stilltruckings post I have been taking ultra vitamin D for two weeks now,and I have angina ...,won't take any more before I see doc xxx

  • Hi Softwabbit, I hope I have not worried you but best to make sure. The information leaflet mentions Digoxin tablets among others so it is definitely better to check. Hope you are ok, take care Maximonkey

  • Softwabbit, exactly what strength is the vitamin D you've been taking?

  • In connection with Digoxin, presumably supplementing with up to a certain amount of vit D is OK, otherwise there would be a warning about sun exposure:


    ' In a fair-skinned person, 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure on the face and forearms at midday is estimated to generate the equivalent of around 2,000 IU of vitamin D.'

  • Hi Stilltruckin, I don't feel we should jump to conclusions about Vit D. The leaflet in the package specifically names Digoxin, however, if you have spoken to your doctor about this they may feel it is a risk worth taking. I know this is the case with some of my meds, I have AF however, I am on drugs that may cause the heart to palpitate as the doctor thinks the risks of them harming me are small. Everyone is different which is why we should not be filling ourselves with alternative medicine tablets without medical help from our GP. Take care Maximonkey

  • Well done you Maximonkey

    Your advice is good and is included in the community rules and guidelines

    "Professional health information

    Information posted on the site can support but not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals. Information from the site may inform your discussions and exploration of treatment options with healthcare professionals. You should always consult a healthcare professional if considering changing treatment or medication."

    It took just a simple blood sample? May I ask what prompted you to ask for the test?

    Great news and I am sure I am not the only one interested to know what effects you feel (I'm sure they will be positive) and how it affects you.

  • Vitamin D is not bad for heart conditions unless your levels are way above normal.

    Where did you get the information that Vitamin D is bad?

  • Hi, the information regarding heart condition and vit d is in the product literature of vit d supplied by my GPS. I also read about heart condition s and vit d before visiting my GPS. That is why I went to spoke with my doc as I have a heart condition myself. Too much of any vitamins can be bad for us if we take vitamins s without GPS guidance. take care Maximonkey

  • About a year ago, my PCP did my semi annual blood work. Then told me I am deficient in Vitamin D3. He put me on 5000 iu daily. In January I went back for semi annual blood work, still way too low. So he upped my dosage to 10,000 iu a day. He said it is part of the disease process of many different conditions. It's more common now due to use of sunscreen, as well as processed foods. I go back next month, I am hoping my D3 levels are better


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