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Medication bought from the internet

Hello everyone

My big problem is sleep or should I say lack of it...My doctor has told me he will give me Phenergan as he wants to wean me off Zopiclone. I have been on Phenergan now for 8months, ( the good thing is I wont get hay fever this year lol )

I am now fed up of my lack of sleep I have gone on the internet and found a site which will sell Zopiclone, has anyone bought this kind of medication?

My doctor just says keep with it........It's enough to turn me to drink....lol only kidding on that comment.

Hope someone will advise me.

Sheila aka etch45. xx

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I too am having a problem with zopiclone with frequent wake ups in the night the problem with phenergan is that it is a phenothiazine and works on the central nervous system and may in all probabilities depress breathing not sure why your doc has given you this?


Hi anthony634

Thank you for your reply I think I was prescribed the Phenergan as I had been on the zopiclone for 11 years, but it still worked....I think I shall be going to see my doctor soon. One reply I got was suggesting my body had become dependant on it ( hadn't thought of that ) maybe some truth in it.

again thank you and keep well Sheila aka etch45


My opinion: care with all/any depressants for sleep if you have a lung condition.


Thank you, Sometimes I just feel I would try anything to get some shut eye, you are right in saying to take care from the internet, one of my silly moments when desperate for sleep....

Again thank you. sheila


Hi Sheila

You have my sympathy. This by no means is advice but just my experience.

When I had a cold I reached for Night Nurse it always gave me a good night's sleep. Basically there are 3 main ingredients in it (paracetamol, guafasin (expectorant) and phenothiazine) The latter being the active ingredient in Phenergan.

So when I need sleep now I just take Phenegran which you can by otc.

That doesn't help you though sorry.

I would be very dubious about buying it online 1) because it is a prescription drug so who ever is selling it without a prescription to me is dubious and 2) I would prefer to stick with my GPs recommendations even if I have to keep going back

From Patient.co.uk "Zopiclone will often work well in the short term, but it is not normally prescribed for more than two to four weeks. This is because your body gets used to it within a short period of time and after this it is unlikely to have the same effect. Your body may also become dependent on it when it is taken for longer periods of time than this." So logic suggests this is why your GP wanted you off it. As you have been off it for 8 months could you ask for a repeat but for the short term?

I know there are natural therapies and meditation and so on but personally I have had little success with them but I do sleep well after a good workout at the gym or a walk in the fresh air but I know this is not always possible.

So really this is a bit of a rubbish reply - but I send you my best wishes and maybe get yourself back to the GP and tell him like it is.

If I went on anymore that could put you to sleep - there is a reason I'm Sokrackers you know.


Love your title made me chuckle

I am so close to buying on line, pure desperation will make me do it, so now really is time to see my doctor.

When you said about my body possibly being dependent on it I think you could be right ( I was on it for 11 years ) but it still worked.

I had heard the surgery I attend the doctors were taking all oap's off sleeping medication, I'm 70 so what's the harm !!!

I take Nytol sominex and various others all herbal

I also go to the gym will have to work harder then I may sleep..

Your reply was certainly not rubbish. again thank you.

Sheila x


My title oh my title I feel like royalty having a title. LOL

Some no many times I feel humour helps so please take my posts as they are meant well meaning - do you know our Fred? Maybe not because his title is Holly 17 ah that makes sense eh? He is a valued member who posts a chuckle every morning. It would be nice to see you check in for his morning role call. We are a good bunch on here and it would be nice to hear more from you - you are never alone on here. Belive me if you can't sleep there will be somebody posting from wherever they are or like you cannot sleep. Do you see how this reply is going? Are you asleep yet? Never be afraid to pop up for a chat or join in. People on this site are not all sokrackers like me LOL If you are a foodie I am looking for inspiration on my post this morning on food for the soul - I think it is a good example of a take your mind off it post if you know what I mean.

Keep up the exercise it is one of the best things you can do for yourself.



ha ha yep thats done it for me im off for a nap after reading that :)


Hi Mandy,

I have actually retired for the night and it is only 6.30 I need recharging! LOL


night hasnt arrived yet x


Good morning and thank you for your post, I am so new to this and get quite frustrated with myself.

I do love the humour in replies yours and Fred's, yes I have been able to see his jokes, he seems a lovely man.

Hey once I get used to it you will never get rid of me, and yes you are all a good bunch I hope to meet others.

Food for the Soul...........!!!!!!!!

Sleep .....still not good took all pills and glass or two of red wine, so went midnight shopping....

Exercise Is the one thing I enjoy and will keep on going as long as possible.

Once more thank for your words, and humour.

Dare I say m'lady...lol


Well I am glad you feel welcome, please make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelt.... No, no but a little humour can help. If you need any help 'navigating' your way around the site just ask you will received lots of help and support.

P.S. what did you buy in your midnight shopping? LOL

You could post a little introduction about yourself if you are up to it. Then you will find lots of members introducing themselves and I am sure you will feel very welcome.

I do hope you enjoy the site there is so much support and information on here. And some krackers people to help cheer you up when you are feeling down(big smile).

Take care


If i were you i would tell your doctor your so desperate that your considering buying it online thats what i told my gp a few years ago because thats how bad it got.....its dreadful not getting some sleep and makes you feel so down..but i for one cant take any kind of sleeping aid as it makes my c02 levels go sky high and your not certain of what your buying

The problem with buying online is unless you know the seller you usually have to buy a large amount and a lot of the sellers are scammers and outside of the uk ........once you pay they either dont send them or they say you have to pay a massive amount for delivery which is a con.....

Im sure your gp would help x

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Hi Mandy

Thank you for your words of wisdom ,my GP knows how bad it is but they want oap's off sleeping pills.

I need to speak to my doctor put cards on the table and tell him I am getting zopiclone from the net....the ones I found costs over £100 for think it said for 240 pills.

What do you take for sleeping Mandy? if anything.

you will gather I am not the fastest while writing replies, it takes me forever.lol



zopiclone are very very expensive so i doubt what they are selling are them

I dont take anything now my consultant told my gp not to give me anything the last time i had something like that i was rushed into hospital after i fell asleep with a coffee in my hands ,, it only took a second and i didnt know i was falling asleep.

you can buy one a night nytol from the chemist they work for short term problems but i dont know if its safe for you


Sorry your not able to take medication for sleep, how do you cope with it? was it recently? I use the one a night nytol plus others.

I shall have to be careful driving as the police now test for prescription drugs, the amount I have in my system I would be locked up.....


i just stay up all night when i cant sleep it dosnt bother me like it use to i dont feel unwell from it like i did and when i do sleep i sleep so long i would win if it was an olympic event


What do you do when not sleeping? I go shopping.......need to sleep before I spend spend.lol



ha ha ha.......well ive just had 4 new tops, a pair of shoes and a pair of trousers............but mostly and this is the strangest thing..i watch horror films....thats strange because i hate them they scare me and i dont watch them usually but for some reason i cant get enough of them its like a craving...very odd indead


I buy what I think is good only to change it when I get a wake up call ....is that some kind of therapy???Horror films ...as long as its not blood and gore I love them....but -------------being on my own well-------don't do many.. now I am going to TRY and sleep..hahaha yea right. Night all sweet dreams.

Sheila xx


So shopping....I honed in on your viewing likes. I like a good horror film as long as it doesn't have lots of blood and gore..... I usually watch them while Ironing, plus being on my own I watch them in daylight hours. lol

I bought three tops, slippers and a skirt. The way I'm shopping I shall need a larger wardrobe...xx


yeah i actually had to start selling the stuff i bought on ebay to get rid of it......i think this buying stuff is a part of my depression,,,


Hi, I echo Socrackers warning about buying drugs on line.

Zoom lone is a controlled drug in the UK, has to be double locked in nursing homes etc.

There are so many ruthless people out there ready to cash in on people's desperation.

If you are wiling to buy it what about going to a private gp. If you get a px you could just use it in emergencies.

If you know anyone who works somewhere like Saudi arabia could buy it for you? They sell anything there at pharmacies.

Please don't buy on line 😘


Hey why did I not think of going private..... I will do that asap..

Desperation will make a person do almost anything and I had reached that place... thank you for your kind words.x


One g.p. years ago suggested a tot of whiskey each night!!! barnowl


Please please DONT buy meds off Internet! I know what it like to feel desperate. Am currently having really bad flare up of other condition and would try (almost) anything. BUT it could be anything off the net. Lots of fake meds about and unless you are a chemist and can analyse tabs just not worth the risk.


So many of you warn me against buying them off the net and I thank every one of you.

I'm sorry you are having a flare up, I hope you get some relief very soon.

wishing you well, Sheila x


I do not advise you to buy medication from the internet you just do not know what is in it. Wishing you well

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I have taken heed of all the people who say NO NO.....It is just sheer desperation...

thank you. Wishing you well also. x


sheila, I don't know your medicatio at all. Sometimes, I take Kalm, which contains Valerian. Other brand containing Valerian are just as good. It slows the heart ( within reason of course!) and calms the system. I don't think it's addictive, but of course, it's not a permanent solution.

I hope this can help temporarily.

Sleep is a tricky subject. I don't know wht causes the lack of sleep, apart from anxiety.

I have listened to CD's to get me to sleep; it works somehow.

When I wake up at 4 am, I get up, have a hot chocolate and listen to Classic FM while reading a bit. This seems to send me back to sleep.

Now that the dawn comes earlier, it will attract some people out of sleep. Unless you have blackout curtains.

all this is to say, I don't really understand why we cannot sleep. but I do know that I wake up at 4 am and turn and turn. The above things have helped me. Sleep, a difficult subject. I hope this helps you a bit, Mic

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Hi helingmic

Thank you so much for your reply, the overall thoughts on on line buying is keep well away......... will do. I have Kalms plus other herbal remedies, got to the stage where I will try anything.

I too listen to classic FM now I will take my Valerian whilst listening.

Im trying to stay awake now so I shall ( I shall I hope sleep tonight)

Many thanks for being in touch.

Sheila x


Hello I am late in replying but my computer crashed......It very nearly went out of the window.

I am quite a novice with computing, so apologies for my late reply.

You spoke a lot of sense and I shall be careful as to taking drugs not knowing what is in them, pity I don't know a chemist I would have been able to analyse them.

Maybe you are right when you say I could be dependent with them psychologically... but how does one break the cycle?

I am also on medication for depression ( caused by lack of sleep) well it is a factor.

Natural sleep....what is that? like you say for 11 years it's been a drug induced one.....

Many thanks for talking to me. xx


Hello Etch, welcome to your healthunlockeders family, I am finding your post interesting! I totally agree with not buying pharmaceuticals on the net. Its not like buying on ebay, you have no idea what you're putting into your body...my partners Mum got into a problem with sleeping pills she was buying through someone else and she ended up taking up to 7 pills sometimes! Her prescribed dose has never been more than 2......

I myself have trouble staying awake!

Have you ever thought that maybe ,it was a preconceived idea that humans must have around 7 or 8 hours sleep every night?....we are all unique even down to our sleep patterns......you and Mandy are night owls! 😀 and its no wonder you can't sleep watching scary movies lol!

One sheep two sheep three sheep four......zzzzzzzzz!

Huff xxx


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