Time Machine πŸ˜€

Good Day Everyone

I see theres still some tension from the

debate. It was a good one . Our Suz sure

knows how to make a point ! Shes good.

Anyway, I wanted to lighten things up a little. How about we have a time machine

and can go anywhere in history we want.

Where would you go? Bible days? Cowboy days? Little house on the Prairie days?

I think we could have some pretty interesting answers.

Think about it

Have a great day everyone

Rubyxx 😊 😊

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  • Hi Ruby, this is a fun one! I've been giving it some thought :) I'm off to the roaring 'twenties' to be a good time girl!!! I love the clothes and the jazz and champagne and the dancing!!!! :D

  • Me too!!!!! xxxx

  • I gotta say Hufferpuffer you sure picked a good time to go to. It makes me think of an episode of cold case. You ever watch that show? It was so cool the way they had The music to go with the year it happened. Anyway excellent choice! I'll definitely join you and

    Tadaw. Hop on and away we go!


  • I would love to step back in time and live in Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice. So that's the 1800's. Or to the end of the 19th Century when they filmed Larkrise to Candleford. I loved that program on tv. I would also like to go back to the begining of the 1950's. I was too young to remember those days, but I have vague memories being born in 1954. There's a program on tv called 'Call the Midwife' and it's set in that era.....its fabulous. Ohhhhh....if only .... :-) xxx

  • Good day Lyn

    Hope all is well with you. You would be the romantic! The dreamy romantic. Thats our Lyn! Sounds good.


  • Lol....well I'm certainly not romantic....lol. Those eras just make me feel cosy. :-) xxx

  • I would love to go back to the early days of silent movies and be a movie star... x

  • Thats an interesting choice. I'm

    Wondering what years that would be. Silent movies. You ever see one?


  • The early part of the 20thC Ruby. I have seen a few silent movies, haven't you? How about Metropolis? Did you know the first talkie wasn't until 1927 (I think without checking) and was called 'The Jazz Singer' with Al Johnson? Brilliant. x

  • I've never seen a silent movie. Would you believe it? Am I the only one? You have me intrigued now and I will check out Metropolis.Maybe I could get it on Amazon. When was the first silent movie?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Well they had cine cameras at the end of the 19thC but Hollywood didn't happen until the very early 20thC. Apparently Hollywood was called Hollywoodland and the Land dropped off early on. It was only a hick town though and early movie stars would go off to San Fran to seek the bright lights, Some of the early movie stars were Fatty Arbuckle a comedian who scandalised society by trying to get off with a socialite at one of the parties. He didn't realise she really needed to go to the toilet and her bladder was full and when he jumped on her it caused a perforated bowel and she died. It ruined his career. Then there was Clara Bow, Mabel Taylor (I think), Gloria Swanson, The keystone cops and Douglas Fairbanks. Oh he was married to an actress called Mary Pickford. And Rudolph Valentino who died young in 1926. x

  • Wow! You really know your stuff about movies. Your really into it huh? It is interesting since you

    filled me in on some of it. Do you watch Downtown Abby?

    That show seems really popular. I was thinking about watching it.

    Thanks , I'm going to get me a silent movie. I'll let you know what I think about it.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I know a bit but forget even more these days. Silent movies are just the same as modern ones except no talking and obviously they were a lot less sophisticated. But I still find them fascinating. x

  • Mmmm I haven't got to Think to hard I would like to go back to the 1960s I just left school Beatles were tops I was well. Yes that is the time for me :) x

  • The 60s were good. No doubt about that.You like the Beatles?

    I used to have a fanclub for them!. Which Beatle is you fav?

    I liked John best.What an amazing group! All ages love their music. Young and old alike.

    so very many wonderful songs. Don't think I could pick a favorite! How bout you?

    Anybody got a favorite?

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Wow a fan club :) my favourite was Ringo believe it or not used to love drums :) don't think I could stand it now lol bopping all night my chest & knee wouldn't keep up :(

    Mind is willing body is weak and to top it all 70 in a

    Month :( lol. Rose x

  • Yeah but how old do you feel Rose? Put some Beatles music on and you'll

    reverse the aging process! Can't you just hear it in your head?😊😊

  • Ok get some 60s on feel 20 in my head so the music might get my body back there :) lol

    By the way the books everyone is on about sound good can you recommend one to start me of? :) x

  • Hi Rose, I always check out the sequence of a series on Amazon books.

    The Mathew Shardlake series by C J Sansom begins with Dissolution, involving Thomas Cromwell. There are only 6 so far.

    Out here I just get them downloaded to my Samsung Tablet but I expect you can get them on a laptop or iPad.

    The Phillipa Gregory ones cross several centuries & There are several different series. IE The Cousins Wars series begins with The White Queen and is only Β£1.90 kindle version. Bargain!

    Happy reading xxx

  • Thank you got a

    Kindle so be looking them up :) Rose

  • Morning Peege download the sample of dissolution try it the price is Β£4.19 on Kindle each of the 6 books. Let you know how I go on. Might as well try before I buy :) Rose

  • Worth a look. I didn't mind the first Β£4 but it does add up. In the end I was hooked and decided I was worth it. Less than the price of two coffees out!

    Mind you, I still go out for a coffee 2 - 3 times a week. 1 found a place right on the port who do one for 3€ & I can sit there for 2 hours reading the book.

    At least I'm recognised there and get to speak to other humans!

    Beginning to really look forward to getting home to start my new life in Gloucestershire πŸ˜€

    Had to crack open my emergency antiBs last night. 3 days of fever & coughing up the yellow peril.

    Enjoy your sample read Rose xx

  • I luurved the Beatles! My fave was George. I think my fave song of their was 'All You Need is Love'. Great song, Wonderful video, the timing was perfect and it was the first time anything was recorded by satellite tv. I loved all their stuff especially Sargeant Pepper. Their music was dateless and timeless and will live forever.

    They were also the first supergroup where like you say Ruby everyone loved them from kids to their parents and even royalty. I would love to go back to th 60's too. Sigh... x

  • Lol coughalot what about a meeting for a fab Beatles night all with our inhalers in hand :) x

  • Medievil England - 15th century, Lady of the manor and all that :)

  • I've been in the 16th for a few weeks now. Read all the Mathew Shardlake series. πŸ˜€ don't think I'd want to live in it though. Knowing my luck I'd be a skivvy or have the pox!

    Perhaps last century, although niether WW though. I feel very lucky to have missed them.

  • excellent series - got them all to date.

    Another great series is Matthew Bartholomew by Sussana Gregory 14th century - I have read all 20 and can't wait for more :)

  • Wow, 20 in the series! I'll look into those right now.

    I like Bruno Giordino too set in 1580's.

    Iurrrvvve historical novels. Read the Wolf Hall Triology and can't wait to watch the TV series on iPlayer when I get back. P xxx

  • Wolf Hall on tv was excellent :) I have read both books so far.

    read a couple of Bruno Giordino too :)

  • Ordered The 1st Bartholomew to try.

    Yes Tv Wolf hall, I get digital radio here so I hear all about how great it was and what I'm missing. I'd also love to see it at the theatre if it's still on when I get back. Treat to look forward to.. Did you read the first one, A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel? X

  • not read it but added it to my wish list on amazon - the sample pages look good - thank you for that :)

    Hope you like Bartholomew books :)

  • What are these books your all raving about? Are they mysterys You make them sound really good. Maybe I should check them out?


  • Hi, Ruby, A Place of Greater Safety, Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies are all by Hilary Mantel, a great british writer. She wine The Booker Prize for the last two. All novels set in the 16th century and based some fact & on real historical characters for ie Henry Vlll and Anne Bolyn.

    The others are by S J Parris and C J Ransome are mysteries set in Tudor. They're in a sequence.

    Eyes recommemded new one on me. A series of 20, set in medieval days by Susanna Gregory. I just got the 1st one and looking forward to starting it at bedtime .

    If you're interested in English history you might also like Phillpa Gregory's books. Lots of those πŸ˜€

  • I love Philippa Gregory and her portrayal of 18thC women. I have read all of her books as Jean Plaidy too and they are all historical and mainly about the Royal family from the 12C to the 18C. Brilliant. x

  • ooo Coughalot, have you read Georgiana? It's a biography (I think) but gripping. A woman before her time.

  • " As anyone ever watched the movie...."What Dreams may Come"..its a 1989 film Robin Williams.."sadly passed away" was the main character..... he played a serious role in the film......highly recommend.... anyways i'd like to die and go love there in "What dreams may Come" and NEVER!! to come back...Yeah!!!....Megan."

  • Hi Megan

    I never saw that Robin Williams movie. He was excellent. I will watch it . Good old Mork and Mindy days! Remember that?

    The Honeymooners. I Love Lucy.

    One of My favorites- The Twilight

    Zone. Hows that Downtown Abby? I hear really good things about it.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I'm off into the future if i may. 23rd century I think. Dying to know if they're going to colonise other planets x

  • Good answer weeannie. Would be exciting. Could be a cure for what ails us and other diseases too. Wouldn't that be great! The excitement of the unknown!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I would like to travel back and be an officer on HMS Bounty and see just what life really was like, I have read several reports of what happened on that fated trip, plus I think that Captain Bligh was a excellent mariner and was hard done by. Oh life on the ocean waves.

  • What fated trip is that Fred?

    Call me stupid, but I'm not to good with history. Run it by me, and I'll remember.


  • Was turned in to a movie Ruby. With Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian. Very worth watching (if only for Marlon Brando in his white breeches)! πŸ˜‚

  • Check that Marion Brando out in his white breeches!

    Gotta do that! Another thing on my to do list.

    thanks peege


  • ooooooh those white breeches :D

  • Munity on the Bounty Ruby. Captain Bligh and some of his crew were set adrift in a rowing boat but did manage to get back to civilisation. The others took the ship to an Island (can't remember where) a Polynesian Island and lived there the rest of their lives. The most famous muntineer was called Fletcher (I think) Christian and he obviously put it about a bit coz the majority of the current islanders are his direct descendants. x

  • Boy you guys know your history!

    My least favorite subject in school. I have to say you should be a teacher Cough. Your a very intelligent lady. History must be one of your favorite subjects. You do make it sound interesting!

    You have intrigued me with silent movies and now history.

    You'll make a smart woman out of me yet!

    Thanks cough and peege

    Rubyxx 😊 😊 ☺

  • Well mine's a no brainer I'd go back to 1973 when I was 20 and had only been smoking seriously for about 2 years and I'd give up smoking so that maybe I would not be here now with this bl**dy disease and could still walk and run and dance and look after myself etc. - I have not said to go back to when I actually started smoking as I am not really sure when that was but of course really I wish I had never started. Oh well no time machine so back to reality. Take care all xx

  • If only we could know what we know now and go back to age 18, and start over.make different choices. Just think, something so simple as making a different turn in the road could have totally changed our destiny. Its crazy.

    The butterfly effect. Ever see that


    Rubyxx 😊

  • Yes know the film and going by that who knows maybe if I had not smoked I might have put on weight and now be obese and still not able to move around - so who knows - changing our past does not as the film showed always turn out like we might hope (although he did get it right in the end) - although no such chance for us ha, ha xx

  • I'd like to be with Michael Faraday on his european tour, discovering things experimenting chemistry, and discovering ellllectromagnetism, the principle of electric current. Fascinating. Mic

  • Great choice Mic. What a self made genius.Wouldn't it be

    exciting to be by his side?

    You wonder all these people in history , how they did it. Poor, but brilliant and determined, they never gave up. I believe there are many of them. Abraham Lincoln taught himself to read. What do we know about these brillant people? Its very interesting to learn about how determined they were . For example Einstein.

    Rubyxx 😊 ☺

  • You hit it on the nail, Never give up. While there is life and you have little grey cells, they are worth exercising in some way! Regards, Mic

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