Its all hands to the helm.

Morning folks start of another crazy day, as I explained to a few the daughters bungalow water damage has got worse kitchen was close to finish when it was discovered that it had also caused problems in the hall and bathroom, in a nut sell the two of them (daughter and G/daughter have to move out whilst its sorted expected time 2/3 weeks, they are covered by insurance so its off to a hotel as from today. As for Bella Trix it looked like kennels for her but at the moment even though she is a big girl and a bit lively I did not like the idea so I will secure my back garden and have her up here with us, and see how we get on and I have a friend who is a dog walker to give her a good run so it should work out. Oh Happy Days.

I went down to my doctor's and he said "I haven't seen you for ages", I said I know I been ill."

Whilst I was there I asked the doctor if he had anything for wind ? he said " Yes" and gave me a Kite.

This lady also saw the doctor and complained about her back ache, the doctor told her it was due to old age. She was not happy and said she wanted a second opinion, so the doctor said "OK your ugly as well".

I went to town to buy a pair of camouflage trousers, but I couldn't any.

Right that's all for now, weather here heavy mist rolling down from the hill but I expect it to clear when the tide changes, I need to dog proof the house or Bella will find things for me but we will manage some how, so stay safe and please excuse me if I miss a morning due to dog alarm.

xxxx Fred :) ;)

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  • Morning sweetheart,

    I haven't yet looked out the window but it's blaming cold up north!

    Any room at the inn for another?

    You are a good and funny man Fred. Keep them jokes coming your posts always guarantee a smile to start the day.


  • Hi there shipmate where has that lovely face gone, you have turned into a Daff but I like that flower so you can now be my petal xxx Fred :)

  • Hi Fred

    The daffodil is a little homage to Marie Curie

    Marie Curie speaks to people affected by terminal illness every day so we understand the impact that a terminal diagnosis can have on you and those around you. We can help you plan ahead and make the most of the time you have left.

    I quite like the idea of being called petal by you.

    Have a great day


  • I have been wearing mine on my jacket all week Petal, pleased your sounding happy . Will PM you later with update. xxx :)

  • Once again, you start my day with a smile - we really have to stop meeting like this ๐Ÿ˜„ I hope all goes well with the extra "guest" and also the building work. Just make sure you take care of yourself!

    Jan xx

  • Morning Jan we can carry on meeting like this each morning as no one will know if we keep it quite, no one will read this lol. ;) Keep smiling if possible. xxx Fred :)

  • Morning Fred, still in bed at the mo and fighting off 2 hungry cats pestering me for food. ๐Ÿ˜–.

    Must get myself moving as its fit to breath exercise class at 10 oclock and I wouldn't want to miss todays torture.๐Ÿƒ

    I'm smiling now so it'll be so much easier,Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Go for it Dall05 :)

  • Hello happy face,Worse things happen at sea!! Like yer kite joke I will be trying that in the big feild near me,you are busy ,anyway I'm gonna cook a roast dinner today then go to the sea and breath in some sea air ,love it this time of year,the sunsets over the water are wonderful. Have a busy day.x

  • Enjoy you seaside walk, yes I will be busy but they say it keeps you young, its a lie.

    Happy days xx FRED :)

  • Come on Lyn its 0830 are you having a lie in to keep warm, lucky you, I have to start securing the garden shortly ready for Bella's visit. Wakey wakey sleep head.

    Love Fred xxx :) ;)

  • Lol...good morning Fred....oh whatever you have an unexpected dog. lol You should have fun and games with Bella Trix. I do hope the repairs won't take too long, it's such an upheaval to move out.

    Sun's trying to come out here. Still no heating, boiler part hasn't arrived yet, maybe not until Friday or Monday.....groan. I've got my smiley face on though :-)

    Have a good day Fred :-) xxx

  • Hi there Lyn yes it just gone mad, sorry late in replying but its a bit of a job getting every thing sorted for the girls who are at work and also getting the garden dog safe etc as its been such short notice, so far they have ripped out 2 walls and all the rest of the bathroom comes out tomorrow, and the shame is some of the kitchen which they did such a good job with has had to come out again. Bella is not to happy at the moment with the change but hopefully will settle down.

    Speak later Fred XXX :)

  • That sounds like a big job Fred....groan. I hope it won't be too long for them both. I bet the dog's a bit miffed...poor little dab.

    My boiler part's arrived and it's being fitted in the morning. YAY!!!!!

    I'm flipping freezing. :-( xxx

  • Flannel nightie and bed socks are the dress of the day/night, just think tomorrow you will be back to being a hot lady lol xxx Fred :)

  • Bahahahhahahaha... :-) xxx

  • Don't you mean giggggggggggggggggggggle... :) xxx

  • that was a side slapping roar :-) xxx

  • I can't really picture you in a flannel nightie and bed socks Fred - but whatever floats your boat! :-D XX

  • Goodmoaning Fred! Loved the jokes :) sounds like you will be busy again, I'm glad Bella didn't go to the kennels she'll be much happier with you! Raining here...again.....time to get the fire going! Have a super day :) hugs huff xxxx

  • Huff thanks pal really knackered and a couple more weeks to go yet at least, but I will bee out the way in Hospital by then for a rest xx Hugs Fred :)

  • Morning Fred am smiling as usual now after reading your post :) It's a b.....r about your daughters home. Thank goodness she is insured! x

  • Your dead right neighbour but its all happened so quick , thats the bu**er. xx Fred :)

  • Good luck with the lovely Bella Fred and I do hope the house will be ship shape in no time. What a good thing the problems were discovered anyway.

    You take care, keep smiling and have fun. xxxxx :)

  • It will take a while for Bella to settle in as its so different and she will miss the girls, but its better than kennels. xxxx Fred :)

  • Oh dear Fred. Unfortunately appears the poor gal has got the worst senario for leaks. Just bad luck. How are you getting on with the Bella Trix? Doubt she likes it all much either! Still, it'll be over soon and you can take it a bit easier. Same for that dratted pain I hope. Loved the jokes! Great as usual. Did the weather change at all? Beautiful here all day. (She says smugly!)

    Sara xx

  • Hi Fred

    Like the jokes today. I always read them. I always end my day with you!

    When your saying good morning, I'm going to sleep.

    Don't see you on my time machine!

    Would be most interested in your reply.

    Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Ruby behave yourself I am a married man lol ;) but set the time to the right year and I would come along for the ride lol :) ;) xxx

  • Your a funny hunny fred! I'm

    Talking about my post I did asking if people could go to a different time. Theres some interesting answers. Thought you would have a good one

    .Maybe you would go back to the caveman days! Ck. It out.


  • Good morning Fred, Thank goodness your daughter has insurance that will cover everything, still very horrid tho, Hope the mist clears, good luck with Bella, Best wishes Bulpit

  • Thanks, it will all come right in the end :)

  • Best wishes with Bella and hope everybody will be well. Woof, woof!

  • Cheers mic all well on the West country front. :)

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