Vitamin D and A

I am sorry to bring up this topic again, but I feel I must.

It's about the post headed SHOW A LITTLE KINDNESS, and my reply to is right at the bottom of the tread so maybe not everyone will read that far.

I have read and reread that reply of helenann, and it says I am sure that Pat takes Vit D as well as A....please check to see if I am right.

Research has been done on Vitamin D and its effect on COPD patients....I found an article on the Lancet Respiratory Medicine ...February 2015.

D 3 was found to be effective in trials in reducing exacerbations. But please look for yourself in case I am mistaken.

Thanks ( I meant thread not tread) sorry.

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  • ha ha your a brave person x p=0·42) or time to first upper respiratory infection (0·95, 0·69–1·31, p=0·75). Prespecified subgroup analysis showed that vitamin D3 was protective against moderate or severe exacerbation in participants with baseline serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations of less than 50 nmol/L (0·57, 0·35–0·92, p=0·021), but not in those with baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels of at least 50 nmol/L (1·45, 0·81–2·62, p=0·21; p=0·021 for interaction between allocation and baseline serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D status). Baseline vitamin D status did not modify the effect of the intervention on risk of upper respiratory infection (pinteraction=0·41).


    Vitamin D3 supplementation protected against moderate or severe exacerbation, but not upper respiratory infection, in patients with COPD with baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels of less than 50 nmol/L. Our findings suggest that correction of vitamin D deficiency in patients with COPD reduces the risk of moderate or severe exacerbation.

  • Hi Mandy, I am not feeling brave but I thought I should point it out....hope it's not my mistake in misreading

  • no it does say that ...and sorry for teasing x x

  • Don't mind the teasing at all, I am glad I read that she was taking both Vit D And A.

    And it was not my failing eyesight!

  • Oooh Mandy,love it when you talk dirty technicals.Hee Hee!D.😳

  • ha ha ha......:)

  • Could you please repeat that in plain English?

  • Repeat what

  • I should have said please can you translate you long detailed post about vitamins A and D into plain English?

  • Its saying that if your low on vitamin D correcting it reduces moderate or severe exacerbation for people with COPD

    I only meant to copy and paste the second paragraph as the first reduces my brain to mush x

  • Thank you very much.

  • You shouldnt have been worried that you may have mis read which you didnt......

    I read the vit d thing in the lancet and posted some of it x x

  • So at last I found vitamin A in our country - now I must find D as well - Life's complicated.

  • Go to www.vitamindcouncil Pietba for up to date doses and illnesses that low Vitamin D or vitamin D deficiency affects.

    80% + of us in Uk are apparently D Deficient, most don't realize they are

  • I doubt it if we got a similar problem over here as our biggest problem is getting out of the sun. In the area I live in the average temperature is around 28 DEGREES C for 8- 9 months in the year. The other 3 - 4 Months the average mid day temperatures are about 22 degrees centigrade although it can got to about 5 or 6 degrees at night. We always find it very amusing when the Europeans come here in winter sunning themselves while we feel like wearing jerseys. I suppose our build in thermometers went all haywire. We for example had temperatures for the whole January and February of 36-40 degrees centigrade with the highest 46 degrees in my house mid Feb. About 8% of our days annually will be cloudy so I doubt it if we will easily get a big vitamin d deficiency - However we are officially now no 1 with Melanoma passing the Australians amongst the white population. The reason for this being that Melanoma is not caused by yesterday's sun but when one were young. I firmly believe that the Ozone layer has got sweet blue buggerall to do with it as we in the 70's covered ourselves with used motor oil to tan faster (How stupid can one be?) The people getting Melanoma are all around ages 50 - 70 and surely got the damage when we were young.

    I guess one must still be careful of the sun but doubt if damage done now will still have an influence in the years I got left. I'm retiring in 2 years God willing and will move down to the coast in the Knysna area. Then I will be in the sun a lot as one of my hobbies are ski boat fishing - No more vitamin d deficiency lol

  • Sounds a lovely place to live Pietba, bet you are counting down the days to your retirement :)

    Apparently, (I have been reading,) darker skinned people are more prone to D deficiency than lighter/fair skinned people would you believe?

    I know someone who has a dark complexion, lives in crete and has to take 10,000iu of Vitamin D3 just to keep their levels up. So not all black and white ;)

    Yes I do remember back in the 70's people putting on the coconut oil, just as daft as covering ourselves all over in factor 50 sun protection as we do now. ;) :)

  • Yes I will believe that. The black people in our country are protected against the sun due to their skin colour so they do not protect themselves against the sun at all. When they however go to Europe the sun is way to weak to penetrate their skin therefore they will be more prone to vit D deficiency. My friend (a MD) made the remark that when a black person gets Melanoma, which almost never happens, it will start under the soles of their feet which is .... white. That's why without any doubt the medical research proved that the only known reason for Melanoma is the Sun.

    Let me give you another example of how the human race adapted to their living conditions. We work in a office block that's is totally climate controlled. The comfortable room temperature for an European is 21 degree Centigrade where for a black African, the comfortable room temp is 25. So we are a whole mixed bunch here so we agreed to set the aircon temp on 23. (I see myself as an African as I was born and bred here by the way)

    Interesting chatting to you - I must get in a little stab in with the cricket world cup though: They say the South African team are carried by the batting of A.B. de Villiers - The English team are carried by British Airways

  • Interesting how researchers worked out melanoma is caused by the sun. Getting melanoma is unlucky, but getting it on the bottom of your foot!! well that is something else.

    I lived abroad for several years as a child and remember the unbearable heat, can't remember much about air conditioning back then, but I do remember coming back to a cold wet UK.

    Apologies Pietba, I am not into Cricket, but I did enjoy your cheeky joke. :)

  • By the way we keep our grandchildren out of the sun nowadays now that we know the dangers, and guess what - the young generation now suddenly sometimes have a vitamin D deficiency.

  • Yep! By curing one problem we bring on another.

  • Hi, one of the reasons I mentioned that hellanann had put on their post that Pat was taking Vit D as well as Vit A is how do they know which vitamin has helped....the D or A.

  • My guess is the Vitamin A as we have the same rate of emphysema than Europe but hardly ever a vitamin D deficiency in our country.

  • both

  • That's exactly what the person from Nottingham said. So if people cannot agree my policy is to not criticise another for their findings ,it causes bad feeling.

  • Oh dear never thought of that, do we think it's not right ,here's me taking this Vit A and the D hope it's not harmful .?

  • This link might help - it is about making decisions on taking supplements.

    I don't think it is bias so may be helpful

  • Maybe that's why I haven't had a really bad chest infection for 2-3 years? ? I was put on vit ď3 for osteoporosis around that time.

  • Hi Knitter, I did not read the post you are referring to, however, I too was considering taking Vit D and A until I read they can cause heart failure if the wrong dosage is taken. So I went to the docs and I have had the blood test to see if I am short on Vit D and B12. I shall let you all know what happens next. Take care and don't worry about anyone saying things about your blogs that is what the forum is for. We should all be able to air our views without anyone upsetting us. Maximonkey



    '. . . in 1997 an HSI member named John wrote to us with this question about one of those trials: “A recent study found that retinoic acid cured emphysema in rats. They say that researchers are a long way from human studies, but would there be any harm in trying retinoic acid supplements now?”

    The short answer to John’s question is yes, there could be harm in trying retinoic acid. Here’s how two HSI Panelists responded in the September 1997 Members Alert:

    Martin Milner, N.D.: “The retinoic acid used in the study you mention is manufactured as a relatively new chemotherapy drug. The potential side effects are numerous and common, including headaches (86%), fever (83%), bone pain (77%), and nausea and/or vomiting (57%). Nutritionally oriented physicians have been using vitamin A and mixed carotenoids for years in the treatment of emphysema. Retinoic acid may offer some further benefit in increasing the number of lung sacs (alveoli) but at a big price (the side effects). I would not recommend it.”

    Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.: “I have never used retinoic acid for treating emphysema and wouldn’t advise anyone to experiment with it. I have used vitamin A many times, however, for these reasons: it helps to restore the integrity of the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract; most folks with emphysema are or were smokers. Smoking profoundly depletes Vitamin A; and emphysema patients are prone to serious lung infections. Vitamin A is an immune stimulant par excellence. However, therapeutic doses are well above the RDA [Recommended Daily Allowance] and vary from patient to patient. It is necessary to monitor serum levels.”

    So while you may be barking up the right tree by using vitamin A to address emphysema, it would be wise to consult a doctor before starting a high-dosage vitamin A regimen."

  • knitter Yes, Vit D3 is the one us human make, so having it given to us via a pill is OK, because we just absorb this. Mic

  • how offen should i take vit d3 and how much vit a?

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